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Undercover video recording for indoor and outdoor evidence gathering.

Record video surveillance footage only when movement is detected.

day/ night camera

Weatherproof video recording during the day and even in complete darkness.

Hidden Cameras

Hidden cameras and covert surveillance cameras have various uses within the home, office and vehicle. Our range includes motion activated cameras, body worn cameras and outdoor security cameras.

Whether you use covert cameras as a security CCTV system to monitor your property or for more discreet use as a way of gathering evidential footage, never before have surveillance cameras been in demand – and our range of recording solutions will help provide peace of mind.

Hidden office and home security cameras can come in the form of wall clocks, radios, mains powered electrical plug / adapters, USB chargers, smoke alarms and carbon detectors. Even smaller items such as air fresheners, pens, USB sticks, tissue boxes, drinks and food cartons – objects as small as a button camera can be integrated. Additionally, most of these devices are fully functional and therefore, serve a purpose for being in the environment.

Body worn cameras are integrated into shoulder bags, neck ties, and facial cameras inside a pair of spectacles – an increasing demand by the mystery shopping and private investigator industry both in the UK and abroad.

Additionally, with faster WiFi and 4G / 5G mobile networks being offered, professional surveillance can be integrated into electrical items whereby high quality full colour video & audio footage can be remotely streamed in real-time from such devices to your computer or mobile device. These are great for monitoring holiday homes or your property over long term. With no sky high usage costs, WiFi spy cameras offer exceptional surveillance and security with an array of functionality.

Outdoor spy cameras are very popular for the local and environmental agencies especially for use in remote areas with limited access. With fly tipping, street vandalism, agricultural theft and anti-social behaviour on the rise, outdoor surveillance is the invisible man. Such cameras can maintain incredibly long operational times and automatically adjust the recording imagery depending on the lighting conditions.

There are many good uses for owning and deploying a spy camera and over the years we have helped many clients obtain the evidence needed both in the UK and internationally.

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