WiFi Surveillance IP Cameras

These types of cameras are synced to an existing WiFi in the home or office etc, and just like any remote CCTV surveillance system allow you to view, listen and take video and/or picture snapshots on your smartphone. The difference being the cameras we advertise are a little more subtle for use without announcing that a camera is in the room environment. This allows you to work more confidently and has better capability to obtain video footage evidence.

The setup process is incredibly simple and only a smartphone (Android or iPhone) and the associated app available from the Google Play / Apple Store is required. No more messy wiring, IP configurations or complicated setups. Surveillance technology is now very user friendly.


WiFi IP cameras are widely used in modern homes, and the reason for their popularity is simple. These discreet, user-friendly devices provide peace of mind for an affordable price, helping people to protect their homes as well as recording vital evidence for use by the police at a later date. If someone has broken into your home, the footage from your surveillance camera could be the vital piece of evidence that finds the perpetrator or even secures a conviction.

IP cameras also have a range of uses for small business owners and in workplaces, such as protecting property, ensuring that employee behaviour is up to the required standard and safeguarding confidential data and restricted areas.

How WiFi IP cameras work

WiFi IP cameras are very easy to set up, and you don’t need any technical skill or special software. Once ready, these internet cameras, some HD, stream live colour video and audio straight to your computer or mobile device over a secure connection. Some are motion activated while others start recording as soon as audio is detected – these are both features that help to prolong battery life and save you time when reviewing the footage. These clever devices tend to be very discreet and easy to place out of sight, some being disguised as everyday and household objects. This means they can be placed anywhere without arousing suspicion.

Remote monitoring from any location

The beauty of WiFi IP cameras is that they allow remote monitoring. This not only means that you can check in on your property and view surveillance footage from anywhere in the world, but you can also maintain a safe distance from the property under surveillance. This means no danger and no risk, all while recording what could be valuable evidence and accessing it straight from your smartphone or tablet.


IP cameras provide a simple, affordable way to protect your home or workplace. Once in position, these internet cameras stream directly to your device, accessible remotely from any location at any time.

The best features of WiFi surveillance cameras

Depending on which model you choose, WiFi surveillance cameras offer:

  • Remote viewing and recording from any location
  • Support for a range of devices, including PC, Mac, Android and iPhone
  • A secure connection, with password protected file access
  • Impressive battery life
  • Exceptional quality video and audio
  • Incredibly easy setup and use – no technical skill or special software is required

If you’d like to preserve battery life and also save yourself time when reviewing footage, the ideal option to choose is a WiFi surveillance camera that offers motion-activated or voice activated recording. Some of our cameras even provide you with instant notifications straight to your device when motion is detected, so that you can tune in at just the right moment.

A clever disguise

The best way to keep your WiFi IP camera out of sight is to hide it in plain view. It’s easy to do just that as many of our surveillance cameras are disguised as everyday household objects, from air fresheners and digital radios to carbon monoxide detectors to junction boxes. Some are even fully functional, so these are the devices to choose if you particularly want to prevent the camera being detected.

Uses of WiFi surveillance cameras

Surveillance cameras of this kind are used as home security devices, to record evidence of intruders which the police can use to successfully prosecute. They can also be used to gather evidence in divorce or legal cases, to protect and monitor workplaces and to provide general peace of mind that everything is as it should be.