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Vehicle Tracking Devices

This category highlights satellite GPS tracking devices for the security and surveillance tracking of vehicles, people, children, and valuable assets which utilise the newest A-GPS, GPRS and GSM location technology.

All of our vehicle tracking systems showcase the latest products including real-time street level location with full history and journey reports. SMS vehicle trackers and VIP people tracking are fast becoming popular to provide a fast and reliable way to obtain a location using only a mobile phone – no computer is required.

Good quality car trackers by design should be waterproof, compact in size and magnetic. Newer tracking devices utilise wireless charging technology which eliminates the need for an external USB connection port and can be charged simply by placing the device onto a wireless charging mat.

Most tracker devices are regularly used by the private investigator, the fraud industry, or by bailiffs as a way of monitoring the whereabouts of cars, motorbikes, caravans etc. Other companies such as car rental and container logistics shipping and company car related businesses use trackers from a safety aspect and to monitor fuel usage. As trackers get smaller in dimension and better in performance, the ability to track valuable small parcels across the globe, or ensure a VIP, small child, the elderly and lone workers are safe and well.

More recently, GPS vehicle and car tracking devices are used by private individuals as additional security of their vehicle, boat, agricultural equipment or other valuable asset.

With satellite technology as advanced as ever, such vehicle tracking devices can navigate the globe and provide LIVE and accurate locations immediately to your mobile, tablet or computer screen from anywhere in the world.