Room Recorders

Certain types of digital voice recorders are better suited to a room environment where they can blend in and appear less conspicuous. The reasoning behind this is to gather audio evidence when the atmosphere is relaxed and person/s are less likely to withhold 'proof of pudding'. Audio voice recording can be implemented into many different household items whilst maintaining normal functionality of the product as showcased here.

You may require digital recorders to activate upon sound, or record audio continuously or record by battery power or mains power. You may require a time and date stamp of audio for accurate time line. You may even require audio files are encrypted. We can also custom built upon client request.

Spy Room Recording Devices

Room recorders can be an invaluable tool for gathering important evidence.  They are discreet, self-contained and much easier to set up than some video recording devices.  Once placed in a room, these clever devices record all audible sound, with exceptional recording quality and an impressive recording range.  Many are voice-activated to save battery life and to make playback easier.

You can even use room recording devices remotely if you can’t be in the property, or if it isn’t safe to be there.  These portable, wireless recorders can be attached to or placed on virtually any surface, allowing you to monitor goings-on at a distance.

Record undetected

Spy recording devices come in all shapes and sizes.  Many are disguised as everyday items you may expect to find in a room, such as air fresheners, AC adaptors, carbon monoxide and smoke detectors, pens and calculators and even teddy bears.

This means that if you want to record undetected, these devices are extremely unlikely to be found.  Unless you know they are there, you simply wouldn’t suspect that all is not quite what it seems.  To evade further attempts at detection, many room recorders also perform their apparent function – for example, working normally as a smoke detector while also containing a hidden spy recording device.

Uses for room recorders

These tiny, sophisticated audio recording devices have a wide range of different uses.  Here are just a handful of examples:

  • Home office use, for recording evidence of verbal agreements, calls and other interactions
  • Gather evidence in legal cases such as divorce or financial disagreements
  • Prove suspected criminal activity
  • Monitor childcare providers
  • Monitor suspicious behaviour in the workplace
  • General home or workplace surveillance and security

Here at Online Spy Shop you’ll find a wide range of sophisticated yet user-friendly recording devices to suit virtually every scenario.


Whether for surveillance, gathering evidence or simply for keeping audio records, room recorders are highly useful and discreet devices to have in the home or workplace.

Making discreet recording easy

Choosing the right room recorder all depends on the purpose you need it for.

If you need to record covertly, a good choice is a device disguised as an everyday household or office item such as a calculator or a smoke detector.  These disguises are highly convincing, even down to performing the apparent function of the item.  For example, some work as a normal air freshener or smoke detector while recording at the same time.

The beauty of these covert recorders is that they look completely ordinary and draw no attention.  They look just like items most people will expect to see in a room, so they can record unnoticed.

Room recorder features to look out for

Room recording devices come with a wide range of different features, some more specialist and sophisticated than others.  The range of features on offer includes:

  • Several hundred hours of recording stored on a Micro SD card or flash memory
  • Wireless battery or mains power
  • Highly sensitive microphones with a range of up to 35 feet
  • Voice activation
  • Time and date stamping on recordings

To choose the right recorder with the right features for your needs, consider how long you will need to record and how large the room is.  A smart buy is a voice-activated recorder, which preserves power or vital battery life by only recording when sound is detected.

You’ll also need to think about the quality of recording, the sensitivity of the microphone and of course, your budget.  At Online Spy Shop, we have a wide range of room recorders to suit all price ranges and applications.