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One of the best voice-activated recorders in terms of ease of use and recording time.  The Enduro is a magnetic 'black box' designed for capturing high-quality audio with a time and date for disputes in the home or office or from inside most room environments and vehicles.  The higher capacity 'Enduro Pro' model has incredible battery management to remain on Standby for almost 12 months (waiting to record) and an overall recording time of 340 hours (14 days) on a single charge!  This product is a worthy investment, offering guaranteed reliability and performance when obtaining crucial audio evidence.


Magnetic Enduro Black Box; With 12 Months Standby Time or 360 Hours Voice-Activated Recording

The Enduro Black Box Voice Recorder is hands down one of the smartest room and vehicle recorders for gathering clear audio over long durations.  The small magnetic device is pre-set to voice-activation recording and is operated by a single push-button for incredible ease of use.

The Enduro has a magnetic base which is especially suitable for deployment to metal surfaces, for example: under a table/desk, behind a filing cabinet, cold radiator and even under a car seat etc.  With incredible Standby and Recording times, this professionally UK hand-built product has no lights, noises, beeps, or moving parts while recording.


The Enduro produces clear and crisp MP3 audio recordings @ 64 KBPS and can capture clear audio at distances up to 25 feet.  The higher capacity 'Enduro Pro' produces superior sound @ 128 KBPS.

Recording and Standby times are undoubtedly hard to match:

  • Standby time (waiting to record) = 160 days | 5 months
  • Recording time = 150 hours | 6 days
  • Enduro Pro - Standby time (waiting to record) = 360 days (almost 12 months)
  • Enduro Pro - Recording time = 288 hours | 12 days

With a flash storage capacity of 8 GB, that's enough to store the entire 288-hour recording capacity of the Pro model, and the intelligent 'auto-save' function ensures no data loss of recorded files.

Audio recordings stored in the Enduro can be archived for safekeeping or emailed to other recipients normally.

Please note the original Enduro exceeds most customer expectations and will operate with incredible performance for almost a week on a single charge.  This is more than an adequate timeframe for the majority of customer requirements.  The Pro model was designed for the minority of customers that require longer than a week's operation.


The Enduro can be connected to a Windows and Mac computer with the supplied magnetic USB cable to recharge, and playback recorded audio files. 

Note: To stamp a time and date on audio files, can only be done on a Windows computer using the supplied software that synchronises a Windows computer's time and date to the Enduro device.

An optional genuine Apple USB mains plug can be purchased from the menu above to charge the Enduro via a mains power supply; otherwise, the Enduro can also be charged from a computer, although charging times will be longer.

The Enduro is a super little recorder with a smart design concept and guarantees reliability for customers looking for the very best performance, even for the most demanding room environments.

More Information



Yes.  No technical skill or special software is required to operate the Enduro recorder.


The magnetic underside is ideal when you must deploy the recorder to a metal surface, for example, under a vehicle seat, desk, or table.


The Enduro has voice-activated recording only.  When the microphone detects audio above an average room threshold of 60 dB, a record will begin and automatically save the audio file to its internal flash memory when the sound drops below 60 dB.  The voice-activated recording also preserves a more extended battery performance.


We offer two models of Enduro, with the Pro model being a more suped-up model with longer Standby and Recording times.

  • Enduro - Standby time (waiting to record) = 160 days (5 months)
  • Enduro Pro - Standby time (waiting to record) = 360 days (almost 12 months)
  • Enduro - Recording time = 150 hours (6 days)
  • Enduro Pro - Recording time = 288 hours (12 days)

The storage capacity for both models is eight (8) GB, enough to store 288 hours of recording.


MP3 format.  Many different audio players support this format.




Yes.  We supply easy-to-use software which syncs the time and date from a computer to the Enduro.  Please note that the time and date can only be synchronised using a Windows computer.


The Enduro can be recharged by connecting the device to a computer with the supplied magnetic USB cable or may also be charged through mains power using a USB mains plug (not supplied).

Please note that we can optionally provide a genuine Apple USB mains plug from the menu above.  To play back stored recordings, the Enduro must be connected to a computer to access the audio folder.  No special software or technical skill is required to operate this device.

Technical Info
  • A small magnetic black box with superior audio recording
  • Push-button record mechanism
  • No visible lights | sounds | vibration | moving parts when recording
  • Voice-activated recording
  • Charging time - up to 6 hours | Pro model: 10 hours
  • Standby time - 160 days (5 months) | Pro model: 365 days (12 months)
  • Total recording time - 150 hours (6 days) | Pro model: 288 hours (12 days)
  • Recording distance - 25 feet (under optimal conditions)
  • Time and date stamp
  • Automatic Gain Control - for a better-balanced audio
  • Adjustable microphone sensitivity setting
  • Audio detection level - 60 dB
  • Storage capacity - 8 GB | 288 hours
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Recording bit-rate - 64 KBPS | Pro model: 128 KBPS
  • Fully rechargeable battery
  • LED charging indicator
  • Dimensions - 73 (L) x 30 (W) x 24 (D) mm | Pro model: 70 (L) x 43 (W) x 28 (D) mm
  • Charging temp - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Operating temp - 5 - 40 degrees
  • Operating system - Windows | Mac
  • Windows computer required for setting the time and date function
  • Supplied with Enduro Black Box Voice Recorder, magnetic USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for the home/office environment and deployment to metal areas for gathering audio evidence


Customer Reviews

Very impressed with it.
Review by Customer # 00001161X
Thanks for your help and advice yesterday. I tried the device outside today and it works really well. Very impressed with it. Will leave you a review
Wonderful product and customer service!
Review by Customer # 00001009X
Just wanted to say a big thank you to you and that you sent the package to London. Everything arrived and I had it on time. No damage to the package. Thanks and take care! Wonderful product and customer service!
Brilliantly simple bit of kit
Review by Customer ID: Simba
Clear recordings, but helpful if you can mute TV or radio when trying to record. Strong magnet if you go for that option. Discreet, small, easy to download, store and listen to recordings. Tip - rename all the files if keeping long term for when needed.
Fantastic kit
Review by Customer # 00000943X
I’m pleased to say, a fantastic bit of kit. 
Review by Product ID: 107
Excellent product and excellent service

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