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One of the best voice activated recorders around in terms of audio quality and ease of use.  This top end magnetic 'black box' recorder will easily capture, for example: disputes in a room / vehicle - and with a huge 75 days of standby time, and 45 hours recording time its guaranteed to provide effective performance in the most demanding environments.

Small Magnetic Black Box; with 75 Days Standby Time and 45 Hours Voice Activated Recording

The Enduro Black Box Voice Recorder is hands down, one of the best room / vehicle recorders for audio quality, ease-of-use, and very long standby and recording times.  The small magnetic black box measures just 80 x 30 x 20 mm and incorporated with a voice activated recording mechanism which is ideal for deployment in most indoor room environments.

The magnetic base is especially suitable for attachment to metal areas for example: under a table / desk, behind a filing cabinet, cold radiator etc.  Once fully charged, the Enduro Recorder will remain powered in standby mode for up to 75 days (10 weeks) actively waiting to record when sound is detected.

The Enduro can store an impressive 45 hours of voice activated audio during the standby time.  Professionally hand built and self contained, there are no lights, no noises, no beeps and no moving parts whilst recording.


The Enduro Black Box Voice Recorder is powered by a fully rechargeable lithium battery which draws extremely low power consumption.  The electronic chipset produces crisp MP3 format recordings @ 64 KBPS for a superior audio sound, and a four (4) GB flash memory is enough storage to hold more than double its total recording time, and an intelligent auto-save function ensures you do not lose any audio recording/s due to loss of power supply.


The Enduro works on Windows and Mac operating systems to recharge the device and / or play back recorded audio.  Audio recordings can be archived or emailed to other recipients in the normal manner.

This is a versatile, small magnetic black box offering exceptional audio recording and long standby times with a voice activated mechanism.  Top class engineering.


Please Note: No time & date stamp of audio files is available for this product.

More Information
Is the Enduro recording device easy to use?

Yes.  There is no technical skill or any special software required to operate this Enduro recorder.

Why is the device magnetic?

The magnetic case is ideal for situations where you may need to deploy the recorder firmly for example: a vehicle seat or underneath a desk or table.

How many recording modes does the Enduro have?

Voice activated recording mode only.  This means when the microphone detects audio above 60 dB, the device will record, and automatically save the file to its internal flash memory.  Voice activated recording also preserves a longer battery performance.

What are the standby times & recording times?

A fully charged Enduro can provide up to 75 days standby time.  The voice activated storage capacity is an impressive 45 hours.  This means depending on the amount of audio activity, the Enduro can achieve a battery standby time up to 10 weeks before a recharge is required.  As an example: if there is no audio recording for 74 days and then the device is triggered by sound - it will capture that audio with just enough battery remaining.  If there is approx two (2) hours of voice activated recording per day, then the Enduro could achieve over a week of recording.

What format is each voice activated recording file created?

Recordings are stored in MP3 format which is supported by many different audio players.

Are there any lights or sounds when recording?


Are audio recordings stamped with a time / date?

No.  The Enduro does not support a time & date functionality.

Are audio recordings password protected?


How do I recharge the device and play back recorded audio?

Simply connect the Enduro to your Windows / Mac computer using the supplied USB cable.  Once connected, your computer will begin recharging the device and display the memory storage where the audio files can be viewed.  No special software is required to operate this device.

I need the best audio quality - can I be assured this product will not disappoint?

Yes!  This is a fine quality product which is professionally hand built - prepare to be impressed!

Technical Info
  • A small magnetic black box with superior audio recording quality
  • Push button recording mechanism
  • No visible lights / sounds / vibration / moving parts when recording
  • Voice activated recording
  • Audio detection level - 60 dB
  • Charging time - four (4) hours
  • Standby time - 75 days
  • Total recording time - 45 hours
  • Recording distance - 20 feet (under optimal conditions)
  • Storage capacity - four (4) GB / 144 hours
  • Standby power - 0 watt
  • Recording format - MP3
  • Recording bit-rate - 64 KBPS
  • ALC function - automatic level control for balanced audio
  • LED charging indicator
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • USB transmission speed - USB 2.0 / 960 KBPS
  • Dimensions - 80 x 30 x 20 mm
  • Charging temp - 0 - 40 degrees
  • Operating temp - 5 - 40 degrees
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with Enduro magnetic voice activated recorder, USB cable, genuine Apple USB plug and User Guide
  • Ideal for capturing audio within the home / office or for magnetic deployment to metal areas for evidential purposes
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