People Trackers

These types of tracking devices are much smaller and aimed for the safety of your parents, small children, pets and loved ones. They can also be used for VIP's, lone workers or anybody that values personal location tracking and push notification alerts sent to a specified person/s should the need arise. Convenient to carry, People Trackers can transmit their LIVE location or only by SMS (text message) giving you the flexibility to choose the right model for you.

Most People Trackers have an 'SOS' button, when pressed for a number of seconds will send am SMS to a pre-defined number (a family member for example) alerting them that you are in potential danger or may have become lost. Personal location tracking adds extra security to your personal safety and is a worthy investment.


People tracking devices are a very useful tool for protecting loved ones, vulnerable people or even yourself.  Using the latest GPS technology, people trackers are compact devices which allow you to share your exact location with chosen people – but without having to do anything except carry the device with you.

How do they work?

Personal tracking devices are tiny, lightweight and very compact, but they contain sophisticated GPS tracking technology.  Some use both GPS and GSM satellites, as well as WiFi signals, to provide an exact and precise location.  Some devices allow you to track in real-time, while others can be set to send alerts by SMS or email.

Potentially life-saving applications for people trackers.

There are far more uses for personal tracking devices than you may think.  They can be used in so many different situations, from ensuring the safety of loved ones to improving business productivity.  You can use them to:

• Keep an eye on elderly or vulnerable relatives, particularly if your loved one has dementia and could become disorientated or lost.  With a GPS tracker, they can retain their independence while you get peace of mind that they’re safe and that you know exactly where they are.

• Child safety.  Without invading their privacy, personal trackers which provide SMS updates on location can help you to ‘check in’ on your kids every once in a while, for your peace of mind.

• Looking after VIPs.  Event organisers and personal assistants can make use of people trackers to keep VIP guests safe and on route.

• Lone or night workers.  If you work on your own or have to commute home at night, carrying a GPS tracker can make both you and your family feel safer.

• Improving business productivity.  A great example of this is parcel delivery staff, allowing you to use a personal tracker to keep a close eye on their routes, productivity and efficiency.

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People trackers make use of powerful GPS technology to keep people safe and pinpoint the exact whereabouts of an individual at any given time.  They have many different applications, from protecting vulnerable relatives to looking after VIP guests.

Shopping for personal trackers?

The first question to ask is – what do I need the tracker for?  This will determine which features you need and help you to select the perfect device for your requirements.  This kind of tracker falls into two different categories.

The first is SMS trackers, which require no computer or laptop as they can simply deliver alerts straight to your phone via SMS.  The second is more sophisticated, allowing you to monitor every street-by-street turn as it happens from your phone or laptop should you need to.

People trackers tend to be very compact, making them suitable for all kinds of different applications.  Some devices offer real-time alerting services, ideal for tracking the whereabouts of elderly people, children or other vulnerable relatives.  An SOS button can even make the device a life-saver.

The best tracker features to look out for

Personal trackers come with a range of features depending on their specification and sophistication, including:

• Magnetic, handheld, keyring or fitted varieties

• Low power consumption modes, enabling as much as 10 months uninterrupted tracking (when checking in every four hours)

• Flight modes, allowing the tracker to be remotely switched off to conserve battery

• SOS button for emergencies • Use of GPS, GSM and WiFi technology for pinpoint location accuracy

• A range of real-time and SMS reporting options

• Hard, waterproof exterior shell Of course, what will also affect your choice of personal tracker is the cost.

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