Motion Activated Spy Cameras

Capture high definition video footage when movement is detected. Cameras that trigger to record only when there is movement have beneficial advantages over cameras that record continuously. Firstly, if the camera is battery powered, triggered recording drastically improves overall battery performance. Secondly, the captured film footage is relevant and saves you from trawling through many hours of video that continually records.

The range of motion activated cameras offered are quite diverse and very practical for a variety of uses to suit the environment. From the security conscious to the DIY detective and even the spy gadget enthusiast, these types of surveillance motion movement cameras (battery powered or mains powered) are a wise investment.


For the ultimate in efficient, copper bottomed evidence gathering, motion activated cameras capture data at the right time and save you valuable hours when reviewing the evidence.

Fixed location recording can be a time consuming, boring task with hours of blank footage, but motion activated recording streamlines this otherwise painstaking process.

– Efficient and discreet remote monitoring – Monitor live feeds in real time – Receive alerts when your camera detects movement

– No more trawling through blank footage. Whether you’re monitoring a nanny, employees or suspect you’re in the company of a thief, a motion sensing camera, capable in many cases of impressive standby times for prolonged monitoring, is a winning solution.

Motion Activated Spy Cameras operate from a static position. They can be subtle by design, efficient and very reliable. Such devices can also be used to set up a live feed via WiFi, enabling you to conduct covert monitoring in real time, without sitting around waiting for things to happen.

Our motion detection cameras are sophisticated and robust. All you need to do is set them up in a good vantage point where they are unlikely to be obstructed and then wait for anticipated activity to occur. For long periods of monitoring, you can set up your motion activated camera to notify you when the sensor is activated, typically via email. This enables you to conduct targeted monitoring without putting your life on hold; ideal whether protecting valuable assets in your home or simply assessing a situation in a fixed location.

Our motion sensor spy cameras come in fully functional everyday items and are expertly disguised. Choose from a range of housings, from Wireless Smoke Detectors and Air Fresheners to Digital Clocks for marvellous, effective monitoring and evidence gathering.


Motion-activated cameras are the most effective and time-efficient way of recording video for evidential or security purposes. These devices are able to capture data just at the right time, saving time, money and power.

Monitoring or reviewing footage from fixed location spy cameras can be a time-consuming and tedious process. You could end up trawling through hours of blank footage until you find the particular evidence you want. Constant filming is also a drain on electricity, which could prove costly.

Motion-activated cameras streamline the process of capturing data and gathering evidence, saving you hours of valuable time as well as making the most efficient use of power and equipment. Motion sensors have impressive standby times and activate the camera only when there is movement within the designated area, making the footage more useful and easier to review. All you need to do is to set up the camera in a good vantage point, and let technology do the rest.

Applications for motion sensor cameras

There are many uses for motion-activated cameras, such as:

  • Monitoring childcare or elderly care arrangements to ensure high standards of care are being met
  • Detecting unethical employee behaviour in the workplace
  • Alerting you to an attempted burglary or crime in progress
  • Gathering evidence to support a legal or divorce case
  • Protecting your home or business
  • Improving the efficiency of your business

Some devices are discreet and subtle, being disguised as everyday objects such as smoke alarms and clocks, while others are more obvious. This second type is very useful as a deterrent to unwanted activity such as burglary, shoplifting or unauthorised employee behaviour.

One of the best features of motion-activated cameras is the real-time alert function that some device come with. This feature is very useful from a security and surveillance perspective, as it provides you with email or SMS alerts when something is happening – so no more wasted time staring at blank footage.