Voice Activated Recorders

This category offers various Digital Audio Voice Recorder solutions, including discreet body-worn and room recorders.  Our sophisticated selection offers high-definition voice activation, and with the newly introduced real-time audio monitoring and recording over Wi-Fi, investing in these mini marvels can help gather evidence.

The type of voice recording device you choose should not represent price but greatly depend on your intended use.  You don’t need to be an agent provocateur to find these gadgets useful: a wide range of professional and private individuals will find our products extraordinarily versatile and a worthy investment, either for personal dictaphone note-taking or gathering conversation recordings to protect your side of events.


Online Spy Shop offers a wide array of audio surveillance and digital voice recorders. From affordable and discreet recorders you can use manually to sophisticated, high definition remote recorders capable of voice activated recording from a distance and real-time monitoring.

– Discreetly listen to or record voice audio from a range of distances.
– Capture high quality, evidential voice recordings, remotely or manually.
– Disguise your activity with a range of housings, including air fresheners and modern writing pens.
– Listen remotely and record direct to storage device, with date stamped and encrypted audio files.

Why Might I Need a Voice Acticated Recorder?

Voice recorders – the ultimate in classic spy gear – are useful, sometimes essential, in a range of different situations. Whether you’re gathering evidence to prove suspected criminal activity, monitoring the behaviour and actions of an employee or simply trying to legitimately protect yourself legally from unfounded accusations; the best voice recorders are invaluable.

It may be tempting to use your smartphone for voice recording, but it’s not worth the risk of low quality (often useless) audio data or indeed, the risk of being detected. Our specialist, voice activated recorders capture high quality audio, reliably and for optimum evidence gathering.

What Are The Differences In Audio Surveillance Voice Recorders?

Technical capabilities play a big part in differentiating the various audio recorders we stock. Some are simple, manually operated while others enable you to listen remotely or live stream the audio to a storage device. Microphone range and audio quality are two other key factors; for documenting what gets said in a meeting, a more basic model will work just fine, but for picking up outdoor or long distance voice recordings, a more powerful and sensitive microphone is required.

Whatever your secret voice recorder needs, check out our wide range of hidden voice recorders today.


Whether for espionage or as a simple memory aid, voice recorders ensure you always have the means to gather evidence and information close to hand. Thanks to digital technologies, device sizes have plummeted whilst recording capacities have soared: the days of the cumbersome dictaphone are long gone, and devices are increasingly designed to be hidden in plain sight. Whether you need this functionality as a means to gather information or to simply impress your colleagues, here you’ll find discreet digital recorders in a range of shapes and sizes.

We also stock more traditional, feature-focused devices emphasising digital storage capacity and ease of use. The high quality microphones across our range are appropriate for journalistic use, as well as for capturing audio evidence that will stand up in a court of law. Finally, our audio enhancing service will be there should you need to improve the quality of any of your recordings.

Six (6) great uses:

  • Record interviews, formal meetings and dictate notes
  • Gather evidence of abuse and harassment, at work or at home
  • Go undercover to expose scams or criminal activity
  • Record important telephone calls by placing a device next to your phone
  • Obtain evidence of verbal agreements and promises
  • Monitor activity in your home

With such a large selection of gadgets available, we felt it would be appropriate to produce a guide to buying a voice recorder, covering the types available, their typical uses and the key features that should inform your purchase.

Discreet Audio Recording
Disguised as a wide range of everyday objects, discreet recorders hide in plain sight. From the tried and tested spy pen to calculators, USB sticks, keychains, smoke alarms and even wall sockets. Upon close inspection, these gadgets fail to betray the fact that they contain microphones and enough flash memory for several hours of audio. As a result, they can be taken into or installed in virtually any location without rousing suspicion – perfect for espionage or investigative journalism.

High Performance, Non-Discrete Products
While discreet devices are the height of cool, they’re not necessarily the first choice for ease of use and sound quality. Non-discreet recorders can feature larger buttons and LCD screens, whereas these would compromise the design of a discreet recorder. They can also feature larger – and sometimes, superior quality – microphones, and are likely to have a larger data capacity available. It’s also worth noting the most discrete recorders do not feature integrated speakers, requiring you to transfer files onto your computer in order to listen to them.

The type of device you choose will depend greatly on what you intend to use it for. You don’t need to be an agent provocateur to find these gadgets useful: a wide range of professional and private individuals will find our products useful, either for discreet use or out in the open.