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  • OSS Technology Ltd
    Landmark House, Station Road
    Cheadle Hulme
    Chesire, SK8 7BS, UK.
  • Telephone
    +44 (0)161 537 0550
  • TCSM / Bug Detection Sweeps
    Full Device Checks

    With over 20 years experience in electronic Counter Surveillance procedures, our resources deploy specialist RF equipment to effectively sweep premises from floor to ceiling to locate all kinds of hidden bug from GSM to advanced laser eavesdropping. With an impressive portfolio to date, we operate worldwide and provide an in-depth analysis and report including security advice to improve weak areas.

  • Mobile and Computer Forensics
    Full Software Check

    Our resources have the capability to undertake a wide range of varied digital forensic examinations including Cell Site Analysis, Computer, CCTV, Mobile Phone and Vehicle Data Forensics for Law Enforcement, Defence Solicitors and Private Investigators using techniques to preserve, identify, extract and document evidence.

  • Polygraph / Lie Detection
    3 Stage Test

    Accredited by the APA and with a high success rate, our resources carry out professional Polygraph testing which averagely takes approx three (3) hours and consists of three (3) stages: Pre-Test, In-Test and Post Test to carefully evaluate but not inclusive of medical, physiological and psychological backgrounds, thus providing an effective end result of the truth.

  • Surveillance
    24 Hour Surveillance

    A leading specialist provider of intelligence-led solutions and years of real experience within the surveillance industry, our resources are capable of deploying a wide range of skill set across an international platform. Capable of operating within complex and challenging environments and the security risk arena we provide results when the outcome really matters.

  • Close Protection
    Night & Day

    Incorporating specialisms within maritime, aviation and hostile environments, our military trained and disciplined resources comprise requisite skill sets employed to several nuanced areas including celebrity VIP, family members, executives, and other high net worth assets. CP operatives are risk assigned to the appropriate threat level to ensure a fast and efficient global-wide deployment.