Data Recovery

We take for granted storing data to be easily accessible a couple of clicks away, but what happens when for example: the mobile device becomes locked? Or precious memories have become accidentally erased. Not everybody wants to, or trusts sensitive data stored in a cloud based system. Think about all the years of family pictures, videos, messages from past loved ones - gone! Data Recovery and Forensic extraction of deleted data need not be expensive or a difficult process.
We have great tried and tested software available which not only recovers info, but unlocks and even extracts long lost data. Whether you are a concerned parent, an investigator or just someone who values restoring lost data, then maybe we can help. Have a browse below and see if any suit your requirements.


Although it may seem like that data is impossible to access, or has been deleted or destroyed forever, there is often a way to get it using specialist data recovery devices that are designed to detect and locate specific content types. Never give up on retrieving that music, those photos or those important Chat Logs until you’ve tried one of our easy-to-use forensic data recovery devices.

– Retrieve deleted chat logs from Yahoo, MSN, Skype and other major messaging platforms.
– Recover lost or accidently deleted files, including MP3, jPEG, BMP and other formats.
– Detect specific content quickly and extraction from the device onto a data recovery stick.
– Save lost data from iOS, Android, Mac and PC quickly and easily.

Our devices are designed to perform specific forensic recovery tasks, quickly and easily, reducing the need for the user to input multiple command lines. These devices perform a semi-automated data recovery, taking the stress and hassle out of getting that valuable data back.

Data Recovery Devices

Our USB data recovery devices are robust, portable and very fast. Simply insert the data recovery device into the target device and let it forensically detect the data you are trying to access. We stock a range of devices for different types of data recovery, from chat log detection to porn detection. When you need to quickly extract lost or deleted data, there’s no more convenient and reliable method.


Data recovery devices can help you to recover data that appears impossible to access. These sophisticated but easy to use devices can recover information and files that have been deleted or destroyed, without you having to input multiple command lines or spend hours trying to retrieve lost content.

They can help you to recover:

  • Deleted chat logs from messaging platforms such as MSN, Yahoo! and Skype
  • Lost or accidentally deleted files, including MP3 and jpg formats
  • Specific content such as documents or photos
  • Lost data from all operating systems, including PC, Mac, iPad, iPhone and Android

USB data recovery devices have many different uses, particularly for business owners who’ve been unable to backup important files or data and need access to lost content. If something crucial has been accidentally deleted by yourself or a careless employee, you can use data recovery devices to quickly and conveniently retrieve it.

These devices are also useful outside of the workplace. Concerned parents can use them to keep a close eye on what their children access and save when online, while those needing evidential proof of online conversations (i.e. for divorce cases) can recover chat logs using data recovery devices. If you accidentally delete a family photo album, those treasured memories can now be easily recovered.

How do data recovery devices work?

USB data recovery devices are able to perform specific forensic recovery tasks, meaning they are able to detect specific content types quickly. Many are ‘plug and play’, which means that all you have to do is plug it into your device’s USB port and let it forensically detect and extract the data you’re trying to access. These recovery devices are portable, so you can use them in multiple locations and on many different devices.

Thanks to data recovery technology, it’s now easy and quick to undo the damage done by that delete button.