GPS Trackers

If you have concerns about vehicle security and wish to track your assets LIVE from a smartphone or computer, receive push notifications when movement is detected and view and download simplified tracking routes for each journey, then real time trackers are the way to go. Using the same GPS and GSM technology as SMS trackers, LIVE tracking presents a much more feature packed tracking capability - all remotely controlled from a mobile phone.

Our selection of real time tracker products provide both accurate tracking and ease of use. In the unfortunate event that your vehicle / car is stolen for example, you will know when your vehicle moved, where it went to, and how long it is there with stunning detailed street-by-street turns. Whats more.. its cheaper to run than you think.


These types of trackers are the preferred option for heavy duty users including private investigators, law enforcement and businesses including fleet management companies with a need to monitor employee company vehicles.  Real time trackers are also advantageous for individuals who wish to monitor 24/7 their valuable assets or for situations which require evidential proof of journey movements.  These types of trackers send their data to a server which pushes the information through to the users private online tracking console.

Real time trackers also add valuable functionality of being able to track live from a mobile phone by logging into the private console but also has additional features including being notified if the vehicle moves or moves into or out of a pre-defined area of your choosing, being able to extend the battery performance by remotely switching off the tracker for a pre-determed period or even completely switching the tracker OFF and only to report in at specified intervals.  Without doubt the functionality of a real time tracker is superior but also bear in mind all of this comes with ongoing costs.


Real time GPS trackers are useful in many different ways, providing 24/7 live tracking of goods and vehicles.

These tracking devices are discreet in appearance, some even disguised as everyday objects, so they can be placed out of sight onto the object of your choice.  They are weatherproof, compact and offer impressive battery life. Once positioned, the tracker then sends data to a secure server, which can be accessed by the user on their own private tracking console.

Tracking devices enable you to:

  • Track live from a smartphone or tablet
  • Receive notifications when a vehicle moves in or out of a pre-defined area
  • Maximise battery life and efficiency by remotely switching the tracker off when not in use
  • Schedule trackers to report in at specified intervals
  • Gather evidential proof of journey movements
  • Access a wealth of accurate data via a private online tracking console
  • View and analyse tracking data 24/7 remotely, from anywhere in the world
  • View full journey reports

Easy fleet tracking

One of the most popular uses of real time GPS trackers is tracking fleet vehicles. The information such a device can provide on the speed, direction, route and general management of a vehicle can greatly help companies to improve their fleet’s efficiency. Tracking devices can also help with security, as they allow stolen vehicles to be easily located, as well as monitoring employee behaviour when driving company vehicles.

Advanced real time tracking devices such as these are suitable for heavy duty users, such as fleet managers, law enforcement and private investigators.  However, they are also useful for securing valuable business assets, from goods to vehicles. If you want peace of mind that goods and vehicles are protected, and that your business is secure and running at optimum efficiency, GPS trackers are a worthwhile investment.