Encryption Devices

Encryption is now regarded as normality of use and shouldn't just be considered, but actively applied to every aspect for personal and business use. Whilst there are varying levels of encryption, you really should only employ at the very least 256-bit AES because today's encryption can be broken. Their security derives from the wildly impractical lengths of time it can take to do so, therefore, the higher the encryption the longer it will take to break.

Given the GDPR regulations, every business now employs the services of third parties that are security compliant to help protect data. Likewise, personal data should always be encrypted on for example: a USB or portable drive and stored offline.


Encryption is the process of encoding your data, whether that be voice data transmitted via mobile phone or files taken from your computer, so that only the intended recipient may access them. Without the necessary decryption information, encrypted data is useless in the wrong hands. Encryption enables you to transmit information securely and free from the worry of it being accessed by the wrong people. Even in the unlikely event that a data storage device, such as a USB Stick, is lost or stolen, the data stored thereon is completely secure.

– Protect your privacy and prevent spying.
– Enjoy the peace of mind that keeping your data secure provides.
– Keep sensitive information safe from prying eyes.
– Communicate securely with colleagues and associates.

Why Would I Need An Encryption Device?

In many industries, sophisticated encryption is required as a matter of compliance and failure to comply can often be a breach of the Data Protection Act. You may also wish to encrypt data if it contains sensitive information about a person or business.

Encrypted radio devices are often essential for the health, safety and security of individuals carrying out security and counter surveillance work. Don’t leave things to chance, encryption devices let you protect your valuable information in a simple and cost effective way.

Find out more about encryption devices and how they can help protect the things you value most by browsing our selection of products.


Encrypted / Secure Communications Software is essential if you need to ensure the security of conversations and messages which take place on a mobile handset. Such types of equipment in this area:

  • Secure Handsets
  • Encryption Software
  • White Noise Generators
  • Secure Walkie Talkies / CB Radio

The idea behind encryption software and devices is that you can control the data occurring on any mobile phone – protecting it from being listened or hacked for its data.

Five (5) great uses:

  • To prevent someone from listening into a mobile phone conversation
  • Preventing hacking into a text message service
  • Protecting voicemail messages
  • To disable audio recording taking place on your handset
  • To receive alerts when someone is trying to access your handset remotely

The list of applications is huge, and everybody will have their own reasons behind buying software such as this. Above all, remember that it is perfectly legal to use in order to present to the police if needed, and also for presentation in a Court of Law.

Younger Mobile Users
It is easy to forget that younger mobile phone users may be at threat of having their conversations listened to by people intending to do them harm. From pranksters looking to intercept calls and messages for fun, to more sinister reasons for someone wanting to find out where your child will be meeting their friends, don’t underestimate how this software could help your child.

Professional Mobile Users
There are so many reasons why someone might be wanting to listen in on your mobile phone conversations. From finding out vital business information to trying to uncover who you are talking to and what you are talking about at any given time. Encryption software and secure handsets will prevent this from happening and allow you to conduct your mobile phone usage in complete privacy.

All the above information is only a very general insight as there are so reasons why you might need such equipment.