Recording and Accessories

Here you will find a small selection of quality recording accessories to add to your new product or to an existing arsenal of spy gadgets. Such types of accessories can help improve the overall performance of the product for example: provide better audio clarity, increase the audio distance, fit microphones into tight spaces or within cavities, increase video production, plus much more!

Add-ons for a product are not expensive and will always be budget effective meaning these types of surveillance equipment will not break the bank but will improve the overall productivity of the device's use. From miniature microphones to sophisticated components if it's not listed here it can be custom built.


The beauty of clever spy gadgets like voice recorders and listening bugs is that they can be used in so many different ways – with just a few handy add-ons and accessories.  Whether you need to listen through walls, gather evidence or record telephone calls, here at Online Spy Shop you’ll find a wide range of recording accessories to help you adapt practically any gadget to fit your exact needs.

Types of useful add-ons and accessories

One of the best ways to make use of recording accessories is to extend the storage capacity of your device.  You can do this very affordably with a memory card.  Many listening bugs, video and voice recorders come up the option to increase storage with a Micro SD card, which is always a good option if you need to record for longer.

Another way to increase recording time for wireless listening bugs is to make use of accessories and also in-built functions to extend battery life.  You can turn certain features off to save battery, such as voice activation, or you can purchase upgraded battery packs to increase the power capacity.

Other popular types of recording accessories include:

• Snake, body-worn and other external microphones – these accessories plug into the recording device to offer more flexibility and a wide range

• Voice changers – ideal for call recording

• Cable and adaptors – to enable you to use your recording device in any environment.

Of course, no listening device or voice recorder would be complete without a USB cable – especially those that use ‘Plug & Play’ technology.  This is particularly useful for video playback on a larger screen, and some devices even draw on the power supply of your computer or laptop so that they can continue recording for longer once plugged in.


Recording devices and listening bugs are highly versatile, meaning they can be used for virtually any purpose.  This includes gathering evidence, monitoring your workplace, recording calls and many other applications.

If you need to adapt a device to suit a very particular purpose, you’re in luck.  Here at Online Spy Shop, you’ll find a wide choice of recording accessories to help you to extend recording time, battery life or to record in a challenging environment.

Choosing the right add-on

Which recording accessories you choose largely depends on what you want to do.  If you need to record for longer, the obvious choice is an upgraded battery pack or improved charging solution.  Micro SD cards will also extend the storage capacity of your device, potentially giving you as much as twice the amount of storage space.

Another very useful category of recording accessory is the external microphone.  If a recording device is too bulky, a good option is a slim, discreet body-worn microphone.  If to be used in-room and it isn’t possible to place the device itself, a recording USB cable or a snake microphone are sensible choices for covert filming.

To keep your device charged on the move or in any environment, a cable adaptor and car adaptor are vital purchases.

Checking compatibility

Before buying any accessory or add-on for a listening bug or voice recording device, it’s always recommended to check that they will be compatible with each other.  Most accessories are designed to work with most standard devices, but the savvy spy gadget shopper will always double-check.

If you need advice on compatibility or have any other questions on recording accessories, don’t hesitate to contact the knowledgeable team at Online Spy Shop.