Counter Surveillance

This category showcases a quality range of Counter Surveillance, Encryption Devices and RF (radio frequency) Detectors, commonly referred to as Bug Detectors.

The purpose of an encryption device is to secure the contents of your personal and/or business data from 3rd party access, to guarantee that your sensitive information safe from prying eyes.  Encryption today is unbreakable by using a combination of 256-bit AES, PBKDF2 key strengthening and secure random numbers.  An RF Bug Detector is used to detect and locate a transmitting signal such GSM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, VHF, FM, UHF, 3G, 4G and 5G.  The more advanced RF Detectors are capable of identifying the actual frequency the signal is transmitting for example: if the signal identified operates between 800 - 1900 Mhz this would indicate a possible rogue GSM bug.


This category showcases a quality range of counter surveillance equipment including Encryption Devices and RF (radio frequency) detectors, commonly referred to as Bug Detectors. The purpose of such equipment is to detect if a transmitting signal is present. The more advanced RF’s are capable of identifying the actual frequency for example: if the detected transmission is a GSM, Bluetooth, WiFi, VHF, FM, UHF, 3G, 4G signal etc.

Although the technology is advanced, there is no technical skill required to operate bug sweeping equipment. The device identifies transmitting signals from a distance by acknowledging on a colour bar-graph display. The higher the display the closer you are to a bug. The closer you move towards the signal a vibration and / or audio sound can be omitted. We are never more under surveillance than in the present day.

Electronic eavesdropping, remote bugging, wiretapping etc. Each and every one of us are subject to overt and / or covert surveillance in the form of invading our privacy, and in many cases extortion or extracting personal and / or company information. To counteract such monitoring and maintain integrity, the use of anti-surveillance / counter surveillance measures need not be expensive. Bug sweeping services are available which use professional TCSM bug equipment to thoroughly comb a room, vehicle and telephone lines.

For individuals and businesses looking for a more flexible option, we offer hand held RF bug detection equipment which can be purchased and used on an ad-hoc basis.


Counter surveillance devices are essentially bug detectors, enabling you to uncover transmitting signals and electronic eavesdropping within your home, vehicle or workplace.

If you are concerned that an individual or organisation is invading your privacy, counter surveillance devices are an effective way to put a stop to it. These devices can help you to find and remove the bug, or to gather enough evidence of the activity to take the appropriate action.

Types of counter surveillance devices

Bug detectors, as they are commonly known, use advanced technology to detect transmitting signals within a room, but they are designed to be easy to use and no technical skill is required. They can detect wiretapping, electronic eavesdropping, wireless video cameras and even GPS vehicle tracking devices. There are a range of devices available, with more sophisticated products offering greater sensitivity, range and detail of the frequencies they can detect.

The most commonly used type of counter surveillance device is a radio frequency (RF) detector. These devices can tell you if a transmitting signal is present in a room, and more advanced devices can even tell you what the frequency is – for example, whether it’s Wi-Fi, FM, 3G, 4G, 5G Bluetooth or GSM.

This information enables you to use counter surveillance devices for very specific purposes, such as:

  • Securing a room or building for highly confidential meetings
  • Checking an exam hall for unauthorised mobile phone use
  • Sweeping whole areas of buildings for bugs
  • Securing phone lines used for important calls
  • Keeping personal or business information private
  • Preventing unauthorised recording
  • Protecting yourself or your business from litigation, where damaging evidence has been acquired through surveillance

These counter surveillance devices can simply be used to put your mind at ease, if you have suspicions that surveillance equipment is being used to invade your privacy.