WAM-108t Wideband 4G Bug Detector

WAM-108t Wideband 4G Bug Detector

Pro 1206i RF Bug Detector

Pro 1206i RF Bug Detector

Pro M10-FX RF Bug Detector

This high sensitivity handheld RF bug detector made of aircraft grade material, is a real professional sweeper for commercial and corporate use, and ideal for quick location of unwanted signals from within your office, home or any other environment.  With accurate detection of GSM, GPS, UHF, VHF and FM signals between 0 - 10.0 GHz, this robust bug finder can help you sleep easy at night. 

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Professional Sweep 10.0 GHz Bug Finder; with Accurate Transmitting Detection

The Pro M10-FX is a high end professional hand held RF detector which will effectively locate hidden bugs operating between frequencies 0 - 10.0 GHz.  Using advanced digital technology, this device sweeps for specific transmitters including GSM audio, GPS tracking devices, UHF / VHF and FM carriers, and other types of covert transmitting devices which can harm your privacy.

The unit incorporates ten (10) LED bar-graph display which indicates a transmitters signal strength and then omits an audio tone - thus enabling you to locate the transmitter.  Once you have located a suspect signal then simply attach the supplied headphones to use the Demodulation functionality to identify whether the suspect device is transmitting audio such as from a bugging device microphone or a telephone bug transmitter.


Wideband 0 - 10.0 GHz mode is used to detect various hidden bugs from VHF, UHF and Microwave transmitters.  Such devices include miniature room transmitters or bugs, mains powered transmitters, telephone transmitters, video transmitters, mobile telephones, fixed frequency tracking devices, walkie talkies etc.

Cellular GSM and 3G mode is used to detect various hidden bugs from cellular mobile phone based devices.  Such devices include mobile phones, GPS vehicle trackers, GSM listening devices and covert wireless 3G cameras.

The ProM10-FX also features a digital peak pulse detector.  This enables it to detect signals from devices that only transmit momentarily and to indicate that a signal has been detected.  Such devices include vehicle trackers, GSM devices SMS text messages, or Burst transmitters that accumulate information and transmit in short bursts.

In addition, the Pro M10-FX may be left switched ON within the immediate area of concern and a green LED will automatically come on the moment a transmission happens.  This is good for identifying even the slightest burst transmission.

A low battery indicator will alert you to ensure that you are never searching for bugs without maximum performance.

The detector can be used to scan a room before sensitive meetings or check for unauthorised planted equipment within the grounds of offices, prisons or hospitals for example.

This professional RF detector is a great investment to help protect your premises against unlawful intervention of your personal and business equipment.

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Technical Info
  • Professional dual band RF bug detector
  • Ultra wide frequency response to 10.0 GHz
  • Built-in frequency counter (0 - 2800 MHz)
  • Intelligent analogue and digital signal detection
  • High sensitivity to locate even the weakest bugs
  • 10 LED bar-graph display
  • Back light LCD display
  • Audible signal strength beep
  • Digital signal burst detection for GSM / 3G / GPS devices
  • Audio demodulation
  • Silent vibrate & beep modes
  • Internal Li-Ion battery pack with mains charger
  • Machined aluminum enclosure
  • Detachable semi rigid antenna and flexible types supplied
  • Dimensions - 97 x 55 x 22 mm
  • Supplied with ProM10-FX RF bug detector, semi rigid wide band whip antenna, semi rigid GSM / 3G / whip antenna, earphones, 9 V DCC charger (110 V - 240 V), auto switching AC input with international adapters, smart carry case and User Guide
  • Ideal for protecting your home / office / vehicle and assets from third party vulnerabilities
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