SMS Trackers

There are many types of different trackers on the market, and we have simplified the categories to showcase SMS tracking devices here. In a nutshell, you do not use a computer - only a smartphone. You are not tied to contracts or subscriptions - only 'Pay-As-You-Go' so you top up as and when you want to, and battery performance can be much longer because the tracker is working to obtain a location only when you request it.

The same satellite technology is used for the majority of devices ie: the combination of GPS and GSM signals however, the convenience of an SMS vehicle tracking device can be much more cost effective compared to the running costs associated with LIVE tracking.


Using the same technology as real time trackers, SMS trackers or text message trackers use a much easier functionality whilst providing equally accurate locations but without the ongoing costs associated with real time trackers.

There is no online console required and SMS trackers work directly with your mobile phone.  No computer is needed.  These types of trackers are best suited towards the price conscious user who does not require the all singing all dancing ribbons and streamers of a real time tracker.  Simply put you request the location of the tracker from your mobile phone and within a minute you receive back the current location – job done and all for the cost of a text message.

Whilst SMS trackers do not have the functionality of some fantastic real time trackers, they do have some excellent features including on demand requests for obtaining the current battery level, a notification when the tracker is removed from the vehicle and the capability of listening into the immediate vicinity through the trackers audio microphone.

Whatever your decision for choosing either a real time / live tracker or an SMS / text message tracker, you can be assured when purchasing through Online Spy Shop of the quality and reliability and ongoing support to ensure complete customer satisfaction.


SMS trackers work in a similar way to real-time trackers, providing reliable and accurate tracking of vehicles and property.  However, the process is much more streamlined and simple with these devices, as there is no need for a computer, online console or even a smartphone.  All you really need to do is send one text message to receive accurate location data.

How SMS trackers work

These tracking devices are simple but very effective. They are designed to be compact, with some being very tiny or disguised as everyday objects such as electric torches.  Once the device is discreetly placed on the vehicle, it begins tracking.  To receive the current location of the vehicle, you can simply send a request via text message.  Less than a minute later, the device responds with accurate location information.  No technical skill, software, subscription or sophisticated equipment is needed to accurately and quickly track a vehicle.

Many of our SMS trackers can also offer:

  • A full colour map of the vehicle’s location
  • Accurate address and postcode details
  • On-demand updates of the tracker’s current battery levels
  • Up to 28 days tracking time and up to 1500 days standby time
  • Live audio listening from the device’s in-built microphone
  • Notifications when the tracker is removed from the vehicle
  • Easy, affordable tracking from anywhere in the world

SMS tracking devices are very popular for a number of reasons.  Firstly, they are much more affordable than heavy duty real time trackers, and they are also far easier to use.  Not everyone needs a heavy duty tracker, particularly those simply wanting to keep tabs on a spouse’s car for evidence in a divorce case, or a teenage child's car in order to keep them safe.  Small business owners may also find the user friendliness and affordability of SMS trackers a bonus when checking on the location of company cars and delivery vehicles.