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A very small tracking device which sends its live location direct to your mobile phone.  No computer is needed.  Ideal as a personal tracker with SOS button to ensure elderly relatives are safe and sound, or as a live tracker for monitoring vehicles, bikes and parcels to street level.  WiFi technology means the Bolt tracker is super accurate even when indoors.  30 days standby and approx 7 days of active tracking, this reliable mini GPS tracker is an excellent choice.

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Mini SMS Personal Tracker; with GSM + GPS + WiFi Location Tracking

The Mini Bolt SMS Tracker combines small size with powerful performance and is a sure fire winner for any customer looking for a reliable 'on-demand pay-as-you-go' tracking device without heavy running costs.  This tiny robust tracking device has a hard exterior shell which is waterproof to IPX5 compliance and can be used either as a personal tracker for the elderly or children (with panic button), or can be placed inside small parcels or within a vehicle, motor bike, pedal bike etc for accurate street level tracking.


The Bolt Tracker preliminary uses GSM and GPS satellites so obtain a street level location but also uses WiFi signals to provide a location when the tracker is indoors or has a poor GPS satellite reception.  WiFi tracking technology is a fantastic addition and works automatically without any setup - just track straight out of the box!


A huge advantage to using SMS trackers is no computer is required.  From anywhere and at anytime you can obtain the Bolt's current location either as a readable street name and postcode, or view on a colour map - directly on your mobile phone.  And for such a small size the tracker has an excellent battery standby time of approx 30 days or an actively working performance of seven (7) days+ (per charge).


The Bolt Tracker has a small push button which sends an SOS text message to a relative of your choosing in the event you are in trouble.  This function can be enabled or disabled by sending a coded SMS to the tracker but is a great little feature to enable for elderly relatives or school children to use as a keep safe.

The tracker is very small and is not magnetic therefore, can be comfortably carried in a pocket or using the supplied silicone case can be worn on a belt.  It can also be used to track small parcels or kept in your handbag to locate in the event of misplacing or theft etc.


This is a super handy feature to use.  The Bolt Tracker can automatically send you a low battery SMS notification when the battery level reaches 20% or lower.  Once you receive the notification it is enough time to recover the tracker and recharge back to full battery health.


The Bolt Tracker is controlled entirely from your smartphone by coded SMS messages.  Remotely obtain the location, change settings or get status messages of the trackers health direct to your mobile phone. Remember, the Bolt Tracker requires absolutely no technical skill and is ready to work straight out of the box without any subscriptions or contracts - this is a fantastic little tracker.


No messing around, we've applied £5.00 credit to the SIM card inside the tracker, so you can instantly start obtaining the trackers location directly from your mobile phone - just switch ON and begin tracking!


A superb quality build little tracker which just works!  We provide everything you need so you can concentrate on just tracking.  Highest recommendation.

More Information
How small is the Bolt tracker?

Measuring just 35 x 65 x 15 mm it is small enough that you can place it on the palm of your hand and easily wrap your fingers around it.

How do I get the Bolt trackers location to my mobile phone?

There are two (2) different coded SMS messages you can send to the tracker from your mobile phone.  Depending on the code in the SMS message will determine how the location is sent to you.

  • Get a URL which opens a colour map to pinch and zoom on surrounding streets
  • Get a readable street name and postcode
The Bolt tracker uses in-built WiFi - what does that mean?

In addition to GSM and GPS satellite tracking, the Bolt tracker can also obtain a location by scanning for nearby WiFi router signals to obtain a location from Google's database.  This provides the ability to obtain a location to within approx 50 meters even when the tracker is indoors!  This is very clever tracking and just works automatically.

Is the tracker waterproof?

Yes.  The tracker is compliant to IPX5 which will withstand normal weather conditions and light water spray.

My parent has alzheimer's - is this tracker suitable?

Yes.  It makes an excellent personal tracker for the elderly or children due to its very small size.  It can be carried in a pocket or a bag and the tracker can also be inserted into the supplied silicone case and threaded onto a belt.  The tracker has a button which can be pressed to send a text message SOS alert to your mobile phone so you can instantly begin tracking for peace of mind.

What about vehicle tracking or tracking my pedal bike?

Yes.  The bolt tracker is perfect for locating many assets because it is not magnetic it can be placed inside a small parcel, vehicle, motorbike, boat, car trailer, caravan or under the seat of a push bike.

Do I need a computer to operate the Bolt tracker?

No computer.  You only need a mobile phone that can send and receive text messages and open a web page.  The Bolt tracker is controlled entirely from your smartphone for convenience.

What is the battery life before a recharge is needed?

The Bolt tracker can hold its power for 30 days when not being used (standby time) or for approx seven (7) days+ when being actively used.  It should be noted that the overall battery performance (per charge) depends on how many times you request the trackers location each day because this is when battery juice is used more than in standby.

What is the cost to receive each tracking location?

Every time you request the Bolts location, the network SIM card will deduct the cost of an SMS message (approx 10p).  To get the best value we recommend inserting a SIM card which offers lots of text messages or unlimited text messages for a fixed monthly fee.  There are many good deals for text messages on the market for example: The Vodafone network have 'Freedom Freebie' which gives unlimited text messages for just £10 per month.

Can I use the Bolt tracker in a different country?

Yes.  The bolt tracker is fitted with a quad band GSM modem which accepts any nano SIM card on any network for use in any country worldwide.

Technical Info
  • Very small tracker device sends location by text message
  • Real time location received directly on your mobile phone
  • Uses GSM and GPS satellites for accurate tracking
  • In-built WiFi technology for assisted tracking indoors
  • Waterproof compliant to IPX5 level
  • Obtain the trackers location by sending a coded SMS message
  • Obtain street name and postcode
  • Obtain full colour street level map
  • No computer needed - fully controlled by mobile phone text messages
  • SOS panic button
  • Standby time - 30 days
  • Seven (7) days+ active tracking (per charge)
  • Fully rechargeable 700 mAh lithium battery
  • No sight of sky required
  • Accuracy - 2.5 meters
  • Quad band GSM modem for worldwide operation
  • Network frequency - 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • GPS channels - 50
  • GPS antenna built inside casing for a tidy design
  • GPS cold start - 27 seconds
  • GPS hot start - one (1) second
  • Working temperature - -10c - +55 C
  • Absolute temperature - -35c - +70 C
  • Storage temperature - -40 - +85 C
  • Dimensions - 35 x 65 x 15 mm
  • Supplied with Bolt SMS WiFi tracker, silicone case, USB charging cable, FREE genuine Apple USB plug, SIM card and User Guide
  • Great personal tracker with SOS button or for security management of your vehicle, bike, trailer or other assets in the event of theft
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