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A super robust and powerful SMS tracker with a stunning battery performance with over 400 days standby time and approx 28 days active tracking (per charge). The Lynx tracker is easy to use and controlled by simple text messages from any mobile phone to receive street level mapping with postcode.  No computer is required.  A strong magnetic base makes for easy attachment to larger vehicles, motorbikes, motorhome etc.


Magnetic Text Message Tracker; with Street Name, Postcode & Colour Map Location

If you are looking for a hard wearing tracker with a superior battery life then look no further than the Lynx SMS Tracking Device.  This heavy duty 'beast' of a tracker does not require a computer - only a mobile phone is used to recieve locations and control the tracker.  As with all our SMS tracking devices, the Lynx tracker requires no subscriptions or contracts, nor does it require any software to be installed.  Just open the box and its ready to track.


The Lynx is fitted with an industrial strength magnetic base and is also waterproof to IPX7 compliant.  And due to its internal 8'800 mAh fully rechargeable lithium battery, the Lynx tracker can operate for around 1500 hours of standby time or 28 days+ of 'on demand' active tracking (per charge).


The Lynx tracker is under your control entirely from your mobile phone.  There is no computer needed.  Whenever you want to know the trackers current location simply send a coded text message to the tracker and you will receive back a readable street name with postcode or a URL which opens a full colour map depending on the code you send.  You can be anywhere from a coffee shop to travelling by train and still get the trackers immediate location.  An absolutely stunning performing tracker.


Low battery notifications are not a new function, however, it is a super handy feature to use.  The Lynx tracker will send a low battery notification to your mobile phone when the current battery level reaches 20% or lower, thus giving you ample time to recover and recharge the Lynx tracker back to full battery strength.


The Lynx tracker is ready to operate from opening the box with £5.00 credit applied - just switch the Lynx tracker ON and begin tracking!


The Lynx tracker a meaty and highly robust tracking device with a modern build and solid casing design. The GPS omni directional antennas are internally fitted to minimise any additional size to provide a fast location acquisition using a quad band GSM modem for worldwide operation.

Remember, there is no technical skill required, no subscriptions, no contracts, and is ready to work straight out of the box and comes pre-fitted with a standard Pay-As-You-Go SIM card.

More Information

Im not very technical, is the lynx tracker difficult to use?

Not at all!  In fact, there is No computer required to operate this tracker, and everything is controlled remotely from your mobile phone by simple coded SMS commands.  At any time you can request the trackers current location to return its street name & postcode or by full colour map.  Depending on how many satellites are active and available at the time of your location request will give a more faster and accurate level of tracking to within 2.5 meters.

Do I need to install any special software onto my phone to operate the tracker?

No. You only require an Android or iPhone smartphone (or any mobile phone that can send and receive messages and open a colour map display).

Is the lynx tracker completely water tight?

It is waterproof to IPX7 compliance which basically means it can withstand harsh weather conditions and being submerged temporally in one (1) meter for approx half an hour.

How powerful is the lynx tracker magnet?

The base of the Lynx tracker uses an industrial strength magnet ensuring the tracker will not fall off to metal areas of your car, caravan, lorry, truck, container, agricultural equipment etc

How long does the SMS location take to arrive to my phone?

In real terms, the speed and accuracy is reflected by the GSM and GPS signals.  As an example: a very good GSM signal will ensure a fast return of the SMS message and a very good GPS signal will give a super accurate location.  However, if any of the GSM or GPS signals are poor (and this will inevitably happen at some point) then the speed or accuracy or both will be reflected accordingly.

Is there anything I can do to give best GSM and GPS performance?

You only need to ensure the associated SIM card fitted inside the tracker is topped up with credit.  If the network is always slow to return the location try changing the SIM card for a different network.  The GSM and GPS signals are automatically balanced based on factors outside of your control.

How will I know to recharge the lynx tracking device?

Depending on usage you should be able to get a decent amount of tracking before a recharge is required.  Every time you request the current location the returned text message will show the battery level as a percentage indicator, however, you can also enable the Low Battery alerts so you are informed whenever the trackers battery drops to 20%.  This is a nifty feature to use and gives you ample time to retrieve and recharge the tracker.

How much does it cost to operate the lynx tracking?

Every time you obtain a location the cost of the network for sending a text message will be deducted - this is 10p.  So, as an example: if you request a location 15 times a day it will cost £1.50.  Each time you instruct the tracker to do something for example: report its current health status, a further 10p will be deducted.  We highly recommend using a SIM card which offers many, if not unlimited text messages as part of a monthly bundle - usually for £10 per month which offers fantastic value for money.

Can I use the lynx tracking device abroad?

Yes.  The GSM modem fitted inside the Lynx tracker is quad band for operation in any country worldwide.  It is advised to use a SIM card representative of the country in which the tracker is going to be operated in.


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Used in my camper van. I would recommend the product to friends and family (have already done so). Very robust item.......

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