Mobile Call Recording

The ability to instantly record your incoming or outgoing smartphone calls is now even easier than ever. Some products are attached to the mobile phone whilst others use Bluetooth technology and nothing is connected. Its a preference of how you wish to record your calls for personal or business use. How many times have you been the victim of car accident sales calls, other cold callers, or even ex-partners who find it amusing to waste your time.

Mobile phone call recording is both inexpensive and a wise investment. Such devices are lightweight and easy to carry, making them a great digital recording accessory for those times when you just wished you had the caller recorded.


If you need to record calls made to and from your mobile phone, technology has the answer. It is now easy and affordable to keep a record of your calls, and there are many reasons why you might want to. For example:

  • To store records of business conversations
  • To keep track of what was said during other transactions (i.e. verbal agreements with tradespeople)
  • Evidence for legal cases, such as divorce or financial disputes
  • To put a stop to malicious calls
  • A memory aid, to help you make notes on phone meetings

The most useful application for mobile phone recorders is to prove that something was said during a phone call. If you know that something was agreed by phone but the other party denies it, your phone records will provide concrete evidence. You may not even need to involve lawyers, as your irrefutable evidence will convince the other party to honour the original agreement.

Recording your own phone calls is perfectly legal provided you don't share or sell the recording and only use it for a specific purpose, such as strengthening your case or protecting your integrity.

How mobile call recording works

It couldn't be simpler to record your mobile phone calls, and you don't need a special type of smartphone or app either. Many call recording devices plug into the 3.5 mm jack socket of your phone and record straight to a compact recording device. The recording is safely stored on a USB or flash memory drive, offering exceptional audio quality.

These mobile recording devices tend to be very lightweight and compact, so you can carry one in your pocket with your phone. If you need to record at a moment's notice, these devices make it easy.

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There are many reasons to start recording your mobile phone calls, from proving what was said in a conversation to stopping nuisance calls. A call recorder is a great tool for collecting evidence, for both individual or business purposes.

To choose the right device for you, think carefully about what you need it for. The reason for recording will determine the features you need. For example, those recording notes of calls to be written up later only need a basic device, while those requiring evidence for a legal case will need far higher audio quality.

What to look out for in a mobile call recorder

By far the best feature that call recording devices offer is simplicity. Look for devices that plug into the headphone jack of your phone and start recording straight away. These are very user-friendly, so you don't need any technical skill or extra equipment to operate them.

Mobile recording devices also offer features including:

  • Compact, lightweight size for maximum portability, essential for recording on the move when a call could come in at any time
  • Audio recordings in MP3 format, up to 64 KBPS audio quality
  • Compatibility with most iPhone, Android and other phones
  • Battery life offering up to 20 hours of telephone recording per charge
  • Extra storage in the form of a flash drive for an additional 144 hours recording

Recording evidence

If you need to record calls which could potentially be used as evidence, you'll need to be sure that the recording is high quality enough. In these cases, it's worth spending a little more to be 100% sure that the audio quality is up to scratch. After all, you wont get the chance to record the same call a second time!

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