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A great value GSM movement sensor ideal for ensuring the security of your car or other property.  This clever sensor sends an instant text message alert to your phone if movement is detected on one of 3 sensitivity settings, whether it's your car boot or a private drawer - offering up to 14 days standby time per charge.  


Magnetic Movement Sensor; with SMS Mobile Phone Notification Alerts

This small Movement Sensor can be used for a multitude of uses including attachment or placement amongst valuable possessions to notify your mobile phone by text message in the event the device is moved by vibration.

  • Attach to the inside of your car boot and get notified when tampered with
  • Attach to the back of your door and receive notification when the door is opened
  • Stick on your fridge and catch out the person fridge raiding
  • Place inside your drawer and get notified if someone rummages through your personal stuff
  • Take on holiday and obtain notification in the event your luggage of moved

This handy little product has a standby time of approx 10 days but you can also obtain the current battery level by sending a coded SMS message from your mobile phone to the device.  There is no technical skill required - just attach, activate, and your ready to go!


Each GSM movement sensor is ready to work out of the box and has £5.00 applied for instant use.


This is an excellent little anti theft device with lots of uses for the security conscious.

More Information

I can see the device can also be used as a torch?

There is a button on the top of the movement sensor so it can also function as a small pocket torch for use in dimly lit areas.

How small is the sensor device?

The movement sensor will fit on the palm of your hand and measures just 80 x 45 x 10 mm.

What does 14 days Standby Time mean?

Standby time equals the total amount of time the sensor will remain powered without using additional power to send notifications to your mobile phone.  14 days is very reasonable and should cover the majority of uses.

How much does it cost to run?

The only cost involved is when the device sends an SMS message to your mobile phone.  This can either be for notifying you of movement, or if you request the current battery level status.  Each notification or request costs 10 pence.  This will be deducted from your remaining top up SIM card credit.

How do I top up the SIM card inside the movement sensor?

This is very easy without even touching the device.  The SIM card network top up service number is provided - simply call from any landline or mobile phone and top up instantly with a £5, £10, £20 credit using either your credit / debit card or voucher purchased from any newsagent.  We add £5 of credit so you are operational immediately from opening the box.

Technical Info
  • Small movement sensor with SMS alert notification
  • Magnetic base
  • Attaches to any object when moved will send you a text message notification
  • LED torchlight
  • Battery standby time - approx 14 days
  • Fully rechargeable lithium battery
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • Network frequency - 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • Battery - 3.7 V / 1100 mAh
  • Charging time - approx 2-3 hours
  • Working temperature - -20c - 55 C
  • Storage temperature - -40 - 80 C
  • Dimensions - 80 x 45 x 10 mm
  • Weight - 65 grams
  • Supplied with GSM movement sensor, genuine Apple USB plug, USB cable, SIM card and User Guide
  • Ideal for monitoring your valuable assets for anti-theft purposes or being notified of unauthorised access


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