Phone and Tablet Security

We all should have anti-virus/malware detection software installed on our computers, but protecting our mobile devices is just as essential.  Not everyone realises that connecting to public Wi-Fi or enabling Bluetooth when outside can leave your device vulnerable to an attack.

Once your mobile device is given a clean bill of health, it’s time to protect it for the future.  If you store anything sensitive or private on your smartphone or use it for sending and receiving sensitive data, create a backup or move the data to an encrypted, military-grade USB storage device.  There are plenty of affordable and user-friendly products available to help make your data more secure and provide strong protection against modern-age technologies.


We all have anti-virus and anti-malware software on our computers, but it’s just as important to protect our mobile devices.  Not everyone realises that connecting to public Wi-Fi or using Bluetooth when out and about can leave your device vulnerable to attack.

Why is phone and tablet security so important?

Neglecting the security of your smartphone or tablet can be extremely costly for both individuals and businesses.  If you are worried about any of the following, it is essential to take steps to get your device fully protected:

  • Identity theft
  • Theft from your bank account
  • Hacking into your phone and other networked devices
  • Eavesdropping on personal calls, gathering evidence that could be used against you in any pending legal cases
  • Unauthorised access into business phones and networks, potentially leading to costly loss of sensitive and essential data
  • The installation of malware and spyware

How to protect your device

Luckily, there are lots of things you can do to protect your phone or tablet from unauthorised access.  Here at Online Spy Shop we have a range of sophisticated devices to keep your phone completely safe, including:

  • Bug detectors. If someone is trying to remotely eavesdrop on your calls, access your phone or activate spyware, a good bug detector will stop it.  Many detectors block your phone from unauthorised Wi-Fi & GSM signals, as well as letting you know that signals have been detected via an automatic alert.
  • Deep level cyber analysis. One of the only ways to be sure your device is completely clean of spyware, malware and bugs is to get a deep-level cyber analysis performed on it by a professional service.
  • Data encryption. Do you use your smartphone or tablet to store highly sensitive information?  This can be very risky, so it’s recommended to store it on a tamper-resistant, fully encrypted USB stick instead.


You really can’t be too careful these days when it comes to protecting the private data stored on or accessed through your smartphone.  If you suspect eavesdropping, hacking or other suspicious behaviour, you may not be being paranoid.

The best and only way to know for sure is to invest in phone and tablet security.  You’ll find a wide range of useful devices and systems here at Online Spy Shop, with a choice to suit all budgets and requirements.

To select the right phone and tablet security solution for you, the first step is to pinpoint your main reason for concern.  Do you think someone is listening to your calls, or perhaps that your phone is infected with malware or spyware?  The nature of the problem should point you directly towards the right product, one that offers peace of mind within minutes.

Choosing a bug detector

If you suspect that unauthorised Wi-Fi & GSM signals are affecting your device, there’s an easy way to check.  Simply choose a bug detector from our selection here at Online Spy Shop.  They come in a few different types depending on your need.  For example, you can choose a simple, smart box which checks for unauthorised signals once the device is placed inside.  If you need protection on the move, opt for a credit card-sized RF detector to keep in your pocket with your phone.

Deep-level analysis and future data protection

To be 100% sure that your phone is bug-free, the best option is a deep-level check from a cyber analysis expert.  This iPhone / Android mobile defence check is a unique professional service offered by Online Spy Shop.

Once your device is given a clean bill of health, it’s time to protect it for the future.  If you store anything sensitive or private on your phone, create a back-up or move the data to an encrypted, military-grade USB storage device.  There are plenty of affordable, lightweight and user-friendly products available to make data protection easy.