Landline Call Recording

There are many good reasons for recording your landline telephone conversations and it is not a legal requirement for personal use to inform the other party you are recording the call. It could a sensitive matter that you need to prove or a dispute which you cannot act upon without audio evidence. You may even be the victim of cold callers or verbal abuse by a person you know and need to provide accurate accounts of such menaces.

The small but excellent range of telephone recording products below are simple to setup, simple in operation and require minimum maintenance. They do not need to be discreet as the Caller ID Telephone Recorder demonstrates however, is a high quality recording system for most personal and business use.


As society becomes more and more litigious, many of us choose to simply document the conversations we have with third parties and businesses for our own peace of mind. Call recording is also very useful during disputes with suppliers, businesses or even personal contacts. The important thing is that the recording is high quality and sufficiently evidential.

– Protect yourself from rogue traders.
– Document all business and commercial conversations; never worry again about inadvertently committing to an agreement.
– Monitor employees and discourage unethical activity.
– Improve business processes and reduce chances of litigation.

Why Bother Recording My Calls?

Too many times people have had to invest their own time and money proving they didn’t say something to someone when a recording of the alleged call would have made the matter crystal clear. So whether you’re protecting your own customers, documenting business calls or making a record of nuisance, threatening or incriminating phone calls, recording telephone calls is efficient and very easy to set up.

How Does It Work?

Whether you want to manually record phone call audio to a separate device, or wish to set up a robust system of call monitoring and recording where pre-selected numbers automatically trigger the recording device, we’ve got a product to meet your requirements; from simple ancillary devices that record the audio as it comes out of the phone to integrated solutions that take a direct feed of the call, delivering crystal clear audio. Whatever meets your needs.

Call recordings can settle disputes quickly and without the need for further litigation. They can also protect you from unfounded allegations and can be used to monitor and disclose unethical or illegal behaviour. Browse our wide selection of call recording equipment today and enjoy the peace of mind that a phone call recorder can bring.


Telephone Recording have so many invaluable uses not least for prosperity of personal calls, business management and collection of audio from malicious or verbal callers. Different call recording equipment can be in the form of:

  • Leads
  • Splitters
  • Standalone Recorders

By purchasing any such device, you will be able to record incoming / outgoing calls either automatically or at the touch of a button (depending on the model).

Five (5) great uses:

  • Recording nuisance calls and gathering evidence to report to police
  • Monitoring a business line to ensure no personal calls are made
  • Listening into your partner’s calls to prevent unfair financial gain throughout a divorce
  • Monitoring your children’s phone calls for safety and peace of mind
  • Having a recorded account of business transactions conducted over the telephone

There is a big list of applications for such equipment, and many reasons why someone would feel the need to record calls. Above all, this equipment is perfectly legal to use to represent to the Police and for presentation in a Court of Law.

Recording Leads / Cables
Usually these leads will replace your existing telephone cable and plug into an external recording device such as a dictaphone or any other voice recorder. It’s a case of ‘plug and play’ and this type of gadget is perfect for the homeowner who is experiencing nuisance phone calls. Relatively cheap to buy, this is a good cheap solution – and perfect if you already own a recorder.

Automatic Recorders
These will consist of a cable which is linked to a voice recorder and will simply plug into your existing phone and record the details of all incoming / outgoing calls. These devices are ideally suited to an office environment where you have a high volume of calls which you can sift through at a later date. We would also recommend these products to someone getting a high level of nuisance phone calls at home.

Most of our products are also hand-built to offer far superior quality.
All the above information is only a general insight as there are so many to choose from, each with their own benefits and uses.