Outdoor Security Cameras

Finding the right type of camera to sit outdoors in all weathers and record can be difficult mainly because there are not many decent outdoor surveillance cameras that can do an effective job.  However, the outdoor hidden security cameras on offer here will do exactly that and what’s more, if a client has a particular requirement for a custom built outdoor camera for day and night recording capabilities and long battery life we can almost certainly accommodate that.

Video footage for outdoor surveillance use are mainly motion detected or scheduled to record between certain times.  The advantages are preserved battery performance and captured footage which is relevant rather than continuous recording throughout the day.  Night vision also usually comes as standard.


Protect your home, business or property with a high quality Outdoor hidden Security Camera with Night Vision capability. Recording outdoors poses a number of challenges; differing light, weather and atmospheric conditions demand your outdoor camera be robust, versatile and capable of capturing high quality (often HD) imagery in a variety of conditions. This is not a job for an average piece of equipment.

– Gather evidence without lifting a finger
– Deter thieves, vandals and anti-social behaviour
– Protect your property and reduce insurance premiums
– Make your home and neighbourhood safer

Our outdoor security cameras have motion sensing technology coupled with an impressive standby time of up to six months, enabling you to save time and energy when reviewing your footage. You can also set your Outdoor Surveillance Camera for scheduled recording, gathering evidence when you know you’ll need it.

Outdoor security camera systems are either discreet or highly visible, depending on your needs. The benefits of low key outdoor recording include crime detection, evidence gathering and unobtrusive monitoring. Highly visible cameras also offer a range of benefits, including crime reduction and anti-social behaviour reduction. People behave differently when they know their behaviour may be being recorded.

Our outdoor hidden security cameras are capable of the highest quality video resolution and can capture crystal clear audio, essential for gathering gathering robust evidence. All recording data is time stamped for evidential purposes and is stored to an external SD card which can be easily used with Mac or Windows PC. Just insert the card into the SD slot and upload your footage.


Standard and night vision cameras are specialist devices for recording high quality footage in outdoor environments. Using sophisticated technology, they can help to protect your business, home and even your neighbourhood, either recording discreetly or acting as a visible deterrent.

The only solution for outdoor surveillance

Outdoor night vision cameras have a number of unique features. The first and most obvious is that they can overcome the challenge of filming outdoors at night-time, in low or no light. They are highly robust and durable, so that they can withstand changes in atmosphere, weather and light and still produce high quality HD footage.

Another standout feature is motion sensing technology, where the camera is only activated when movement is detected. This can save a great deal of power, particularly when coupled with impressive standby time of up to 6 months, as well as extending the life of the device and saving you valuable hours when reviewing the footage. You can also schedule recording, to gather evidence when you know you’ll need it.

Uses for night vision cameras

Low-key cameras, where the device is out of sight, are commonly used for:

  • Low-effort gathering of evidence for divorce or civil cases
  • Unobtrusive monitoring of property, equipment and vehicles
  • General workplace and business surveillance
  • Crime detection – catching a suspected individual ‘in the act’

You may also want people to know that you are using surveillance equipment, to deter certain behaviours. People behave differently when they know they are being monitored. Uses for highly visible cameras include:

  • Deterring potential thieves or vandals
  • Preventing crime and anti-social behaviour
  • Protecting your property and reducing insurance premiums
  • Raising standards of employee conduct in the workplace

With such a large number of uses, night vision cameras are undoubtedly a versatile, practical solution for gathering evidence and keeping people and property safe.