Spypoint Force-11D HD Outdoor Spy Camera


An ultra compact HD outdoor surveillance cam, in a camouflaged design ideal for blending in with natural surroundings.  This high perfomance spy cam offers motion detection, an unbeatable 0.07 trigger speed, exceptional IR night vision, incredible battery life and even an LCD viewing screen so its perfect for gathering footage during the day and night without detection to perpetrators.

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Ultra Compact HD Camouflaged Outdoor Camera; with Super Low Glow IR

If you are looking for an ultra compact outdoor surveillance camera to discreetly record motion movement day or night then the Spypoint Force-11D HD Outdoor Spy Camera has it all.  With a great flash range up to 100 feet, a super fast 0.07 millisecond trigger speed (the fastest of any outdoor model), LCD viewing screen and a fantastic battery life, the Force 11D camera is a fine choice.

The camera should be placed outside in natural surroundings or tied to a tree overlooking an area you wish to monitor.  The camera has a camouflaged design which blends perfectly to avoid disturbing or spooking activity and a curved PIR sensor improves the detection angle and distance of its five (5) detection zones.

Photos are captured in glorious 11 mega pixel and videos are captured in 720P HD (colour by day, and black and white by night).  And with 42x high power super low glow LEDs (invisible to the human eye) combined with blur reduction technology will provide the best image quality available.

The camera has an incredible battery life powered by six (6) AA batteries (not supplied) but can be powered for up to three (3) times longer than alkaline batteries by using the fully rechargeable lithium battery with mains charger which can be purchased from the drop down menu (£69.95 inc VAT).  The optional lithium battery is designed for use with this camera and can be recharged over and over.

Example for uses:

  • Allotment and farms
  • Outbuildings
  • Fly tipping
  • Plant and agricultural
  • Company premises
  • Home and driveway
  • Gardens and alleyways
  • Caravan home
  • Disruptive neighbours
  • Theft and vandalism
  • Anti social behaviour

With each Spypoint Force-11D outdoor camera you can create a free online management account (optional).  Even with non-cellular cameras like this Force-11D, you can still benefit from the great tools the mySPYPOINT login offers.  Easily organise your photos with the keyword tagging system by applying tags on photos to quickly browse through them.  Take advantage of simplified functions such as the easy drag and drop of files into your account and the automatic organisation of photos by date and time in the calendar.

Your private mySPYPOINT login safely keeps your photos and camera's information on its protected server and never worry about the security and privacy of your data and information.  In addition, you will benefit from a faster support in case of any technical problem with your camera.


The Force-11D trail camera can be set to record photos or video clips whenever movement is detected or at scheduled times you specify.  Photos can be time and date stamped for evidence (video clips can not).  Sensitivity can be adjusted between low, medium and high to filter out false triggers and the detection range be adjusted between 5 - 80 feet for fine tuning at the touch of a button!

The Force 11-D hunting surveillance camera is a very high quality product and a smart investment for gathering covert evidence day or night.

Please note you will need to use your own SD card or purchase a 16 GB or 32 GB from the menu above.

More Information
Is this outdoor camera easy to use?

Yes.  In fact its one of the easiest camo cameras to setup but also, you can download the free app which makes it even easier to view recorded content.

Are the video and picture snapshots of good quality for evidence?

Yes.  This records in excellent high definition 720P resolution so you can assured the images you view are very clear.

I need sound too, can the camera record audio?

Yes.  If you choose video recording then clear audio is accompanied too.  And with a time and date so you can keep a timeline log of events.

At night can the LED's be seen or be reflected?

No.  The 42x LED's emit a super low glow - the camera can see you but you cannot see the camera!  Furthermore, as the mechanism is digital there are no moving parts.

How far can the camera detect movement?

The camera can detect motion movement up to 80 feet away during daylight and uses a powerful 100 feet invisible flash during night time to capture events half that distance.

How fast can the camera take recordings?

The curved PIR motion sensor uses a wide angle monitoring and detection lens combined with the fastest snapshot capture in the industry at just 0.07 of a second, it is highly unlikely any person or animal can evade being caught on camera.

What are the measurements of the ultra compact camera?

The unit can be considered hand held at just 130 x 95 x 80 mm, and small enough to easily blend into the natural outdoors.

Where would be the best place to deploy it?

You can set the camera unit anywhere and perfectly suited to capturing outdoor events but can also be used indoors if you wish.  The camouflaged design will blend into natural surroundings when placed near shrubbery or tie the camera to a tree.

How is the camera powered?

The outdoor camera is powered by six (6)x AA batteries (not supplied) which will give a good battery life - the amount of days will depend on the amount of activity the camera captures.  The battery performance can be increased up to three (3) times by using the lithium battery pack (available from the drop down menu above).

What if I require much longer operational use?

Please view our other SOLAR powered camera.  This is a larger unit because it is fitted with a solar panel however, the advantage means the camera is powered all day by solar energy and then automatically switches to being powered by AA batteries or the lithium power pack (optional) at night.

Where can I change the settings?

The outdoor camera can be opened at the rear to view a colour 2.0" LCD display with touch pad for easy navigation through the settings.

Is the captured video / photos stored to SD card?

Yes.  All recorded footage or picture snapshots are stored to a removable SD card (not supplied) up to a maximum of 32 GB.  The recorded contents on the SD card can be viewed directly on the LCD display, or on Windows and Mac computers without any special software.

Will the recordings stop when the SD card is full?

No.  You can select the Loop Record function from within the settings menu so when the SD card is full, the Force 11-D camera will begin to overwrite the oldest recordings.

What is the free online camera management account?

This is a private login you can create online for your Force-11D camera so that recorded files can be managed and kept online for safe keeping.  All you do is login from anywhere to view your recorded videos and photos in order of time & date.  Never worry about backups or storage space.

Technical Info
  • Ultra compact HD outdoor surveillance camera
  • 11 mega pixel pictures / HD (720P) 1280 x 720 video res
  • In-built 2” viewing screen with zoom & pan functions
  • Super fast 0.07 second trigger speed
  • Time lapse mode adjustable between 30 seconds - one (1) hour
  • Night modes - optimal, IR boost & Blur reduction
  • Up to 30.5 meters (100 feet) flash range
  • 42x low glow LEDs
  • Colour photos by day / black & white by night
  • Date, time, moon phase and temperature (°C/°F) stamp on photos
  • Multi shot mode up to six (6) photos per detection
  • Continuous mode - will overwrite oldest files when SD card is full
  • Selectable delay between photo detection
  • Photo first - takes a photo before recording video
  • HD video recording from 10 to 90s (720P)
  • Requires an SD / SDHC card up to 32 GB (16 GB SD card supplied)
  • Requires six (6)x AA batteries (supplied)
  • Optional rechargeable lithium battery pack (powers up to three (3) times longer than alkaline batteries)
  • Adjustable detection range - five (5) - 80 feet
  • One (1)x sensor for a total of five (5) detection zones
  • Automatic infra red level adjustment
  • Free online camera management system for storing & viewing recorded activity
  • Operating temperature - -30 - 70 degrees
  • Dimensions - 130 x 95 x 80 mm
  • Supplied with Spypoint Force-11D outdoor HD camera, mounting bracket, strap and User Guide
  • Ideal for gathering photo and video evidence during daylight and total darkness
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