Security Software

Today's technological advances in unlawful smartphone interception can be worrying. Unfortunately, being the target of a sustained assault is difficult to deter, in fact, the perpetrator/s can not only cause personal upset but business damage especially if sensitive data is erased. Mobile Defence for Android and iPhone is a complete peace of mind software solution which is not available on any commercial platform, and use real-time monitoring by security specialists in cyber security.

Mobile Defence provides a hardcore steel ringed continuous analysis and alert system for your smartphone and is unjustifiably one of the best live protection services available bar none. Protect your smartphone, protect your data. Be secure.


We all go to great lengths tom protect our laptops and computers with anti-virus and anti-malware software, but what about our mobile devices? In many ways, smartphones and tablets can be even more vulnerable to hacks and other malicious attacks.

Security software for phones and tablets can stop unwanted activity and protect your essential data as well as your privacy. It can root out spyware and malware, and alert you if anyone is attempting to snoop or spy on your phone. Finally, security software can be an effective anti-theft solution, helping you to track and monitor your phone if it is stolen or missing.

Uses of security software

Our phones face a number of threats but luckily, there is a security software solution available to minimise each and every risk. Popular uses of security software include:

  • Anti-theft tracking – if your phone is stolen, this software allows you to track its location instantly and in real time, helping you to recover the device.
  • Surveillance and monitoring – if you need to keep a close eye on user activity on a particular device, you can install discreet surveillance software that works quietly in the background of the phone’s normal operation. This is useful for employers monitoring company phones and for parents wanting to keep tabs on their child’s phone use.
  • Stopping snooping – if you’re worried that someone is spying on your phone, gaining access to your messages, calls or your confidential information, there’s a simple way to stop it. Mobile defence software for Android and iPhones keeps devices protected from threats at all times, carrying out deep root scans for malware and alerting you to any malicious attempts.  

When you’re on the move and your phone is using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and other networks, it becomes vulnerable to attack. This is why security software is so essential, and not just for your laptop.


It’s just as important to protect your phone from hackers, spyware, malware and snooping as it is for your other devices. There are lots of security programs and apps to choose from, all specially designed to protect smartphones and tablets from a range of threats. But which one is right for your phone?

The software you choose depends on what you need it for. If you’re concerned about losing your phone or it being stolen, a mobile surveillance app is the perfect choice. If you believe that someone is spying on your phone or it could be vulnerable to such attacks in the future, a full mobile defence system is highly recommended. If you use your device for mobile banking or the storage or entry of any other confidential information, installing this software is a smart choice.

Checking for compatibility

When shopping for security software, one of the most crucial things to check is compatibility. Not all software and apps are suitable for all phones or operating systems. Some only work with Android devices, while others cover both Android devices and iPhones.

Other features to look out for include:

  • Console panels – this is how you’ll monitor your phone’s activity or whereabouts. Some console panels are more user-friendly than others, and you should also look out for a feature which allows you to download relevant information easily.
  • Battery and memory usage – phone and tablet security software is only useful if it runs quietly in the background, using little memory or battery. Our security apps are unobtrusive, not even showing up as a running or system app, and they guarantee never to slow your phone down or drain its battery.
  • Internet access – some software works with the fact that you won’t always have internet access, so it downloads activity when next connected for your convenience.