Audio Surveillance

This category showcases a variety of Digital Voice Recorders, Landline Telephone Recorders and Smartphone Recording Devices that are portable and ideal for personal and business use.

It would be a fair assessment to say that voice recording can provide adequate proof of evidence, whether in a covert or overt capacity.  We are sure there have been many times that you had wished an important conversation was captured, or perhaps in situations of a delicate matter, audio evidence could have been produced to represent your side of events.  Today, digital voice recording is not only on budget for most clients but is an excellent investment for body-worn miniaturised recording equipment that should not be overlooked.


This category showcases a variety of self-contained portable Digital Voice Recorders and Telephone Recording suitable for a multitude of uses. Some may argue that carrying something as simple as a covert voice recorder is an invaluable tool – and we tend to agree. How many times have you wished that you had the evidence of what was verbally agreed either face to face or over a telephone conversation? Proof of evidence by video footage can be a misconception.

Of course it would be great to obtain viewable footage as there is no other rock solid proof, however, audio recording devices are equally submissible but do not require the same element of intricate placement due to their smaller size and incredible sound detection range. By contrast, audio recorders can be placed out of sight. Sound recording equipment can be integrated within a variety of everyday objects for gathering verbal within a room or car environment as well as for body-worn use.

Functional air fresheners, calculators, carbon and smoke alarms, wall plugs and sockets all provide excellent opportunity for room recording. Functional writing pens, USB flash storage sticks, key fobs and even a teddy bear make discreet wearable voice recorders. For the more professional market such equipment can permit remote, and real-time audio surveillance and recording from another location – and then obtain the voice recording over-the-air without even being present.

Whatever your situation, we have a comprehensible range of top audio recording equipment for your requirements.


Audio surveillance devices enable the discreet recording of voices and conversation in two main ways. The first is room recording, either through a device placed within the room or worn on the body. The second is telephone recording, where conversations on mobile and landline phones can be recorded.

What are voice recorders used for?

Voice recorders are ideal for situations where submissible evidence is needed but it is too difficult to obtain video footage. Video recorders can be larger and harder to conceal, while audio surveillance devices are compact, easily placed out of sight and have a considerable sound detection range. They also offer far better audio quality than a smartphone recording, as well as reducing the risk of detection.

Voice recorders have a multitude of different uses, such as:

  • Providing evidence of verbal agreements in business deals or private contracts
  • Protecting yourself from rogue traders
  • Monitoring unethical employee activity
  • Documenting business conversations and reducing the chances of litigation
  • Providing evidence in divorce cases
  • Reassurance for parents concerned about teenage children
  • Recording threatening or incriminating phone calls

Voice recorders – hiding in plain sight

One of the best features of audio surveillance devices is their appearance as everyday objects. For in-room recording, spy voice recorders can be disguised as everything from air fresheners to smoke alarms. Meanwhile, discreet devices carried about your person include pens, USB sticks and even car key fobs for recording audio in cars. For telephone recording, options range from simple ancillary devices that record the audio as it comes out of the phone to more integrated and sophisticated solutions.

Ultimately, voice recorders can help to make confused and complicated situations crystal clear. With an audio record of what was said, by whom and when – difficult matters can be easily resolved without the need for more conflict or litigation.