Bugging Devices (GSM)

Technology has advanced considerably over the years and a fair assessment would be to say the GSM communication channels that are currently used perform exceptionally well. Using the GSM networks, an everyday product found around the home or office can also function as an audio listening device allowing you monitor audio remotely from your smartphone.

Such products are well received for safety applications and instant push notifications in the event of sound which could be unauthorised access to your property, give you that edge. Other uses include pet audio monitoring, baby sitting, knowing if your elderly relatives are safe and sound, and of course, gathering audio for evidential purposes.


How do you listen to a conversation when you’re on the other side of the world? With GSM audio bugging devices. Cleverly integrated as a regular household fixture, such as a Plug Adapter, Plug Socket or an iDock Station. These devices let you monitor audio remotely regardless of where you happen to be. Just dial in and listen.

– Listen in on conversations on the other side of the world.
– Keep a safe distance from your target during real time monitoring.
– Get an alert when the device detects voices and listen in live.
– Reliable and convenient listening devices delivering high quality audio.

How Do GSM Bugging Devices Work?

These invaluable devices operate on the same network as your mobile phone, enabling you to literally dial in to a room or space and hear what’s going on. All you need to do is call the SIM card located inside the device; safe, reliable and cost effective.

Why Use A Listening Bug?

When it isn’t safe, convenient or possible to manually record or monitor a room, a listening bug enables you to hear what’s going on from elsewhere. Due to the nature of low key audio monitoring, our devices have extra-long operational life spans and standby times.

Some of our more sophisticated spy bugs have voice activated recording, further prolonging their already impressive operational life. If you need to listen in live, select a device that alerts you when it starts recording. Check out our superb range of GSM audio bugs today.


GSM Listening Bugs have taken a leap forward in recent advancement, and they have so many positive applications. Listed under this category include:

  • Ultra Small GSM Devices
  • Covert AC Adapters
  • Hidden Extension Leads
  • Discreet Wall Sockets
  • Spy Alarm Clocks
  • Recording Calculators

The idea behind such devices is that you can utilise the integrated SIM card to dial into the device and listen to everything that is happening in the vicinity. Just imagine, you could be listening to any room you choose and not be anywhere near the place…

Five (5) great uses:

  • To listen in to a specific area after you have left the premises for safeguarding
  • Monitor your home for intruders whilst you are away
  • Protect your office against after hours untoward activity
  • As the boss, to listen to what your employees are saying about you behind your back or disclosing company affairs
  • When you are leaving someone in charge of caring for your young child or an elderly relative and want to monitor the environment
  • To listen into an important meeting when you can’t be there in person

The list of applications for audio monitoring are many, and people have their own reasons for purchasing such equipment. Above all, they are perfectly legal to use to represent to the Police and for presentation in a Court of Law.

Plain GSM Devices
GSM bugs which are not disguised to look like everyday objects are often small in size, so that they are able to be easily hidden from view. They are usually small and light enough to be carried about on your person, and will be available in a plain dark casing with very little to indicate what it’s purpose is. They will also be silent – again to avoid detection – and with no visible lights or moving parts.

This range of gadgets is perfect for when you need to record audio on-the-go or for leaving the device in areas where space is tight.

Camoflagued GSM Devices
The covert bugs are all designed to blend into their environment and not draw attention to themselves. Many of our range function as fully working electrical appliances – such as sockets and adapters. This has the added benefit of proving to someone that it is just a normal piece of electrical equipment should they question it’s positioning or sudden appearance. These are suitable for office environments or home use as nothing will look out of place.

Our listening devices are designed with precision and are hi-tech pieces of equipment. Most of our products are also hand-built and the build quality is far superior to the cheaper versions which are currently on the market.

All the above information is only a general insight as there are so many to choose from, each with their own benefits and uses.