GSM iDock Charger Listening Bug

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A fully functional iDock charger for undercover audio surveillance in any room environment.  Mains powered operation means it maintains and recharges an iPhone and iPod as normal, whilst the GSM SIM card and audio microphone provides unlimited listening from a landline or smartphone.  An excellent security product for home and business use.

Functional iDock iPhone Charger; with LIVE GSM Audio Listening & Optional Sound Detection

Another functional and hand built audio listening product, the GSM iDock Charger Listening Bug can be used to charge an iPhone or iPod in the normal fashion, but also allows you to call the iDock's pre fitted SIM card from any mobile phone or landline to monitor sound events in real time for the security of your premises.

The iDock can be visually examined and simply plugs into a mains wall socket or computer USB port for unlimited power (no batteries or recharging required), thus providing long term working operation of audio surveillance.  The iDock is fitted with a very sensitive microphone allowing you to listen into the room environment from anywhere in the world.  Audio quality is very clear without humming, cackling or mains interference which can be found with inferior cheap products.


When this feature is activated, the GSM Listening iDock will notify your mobile phone by an SMS message.  You can then dial the associated SIM card number (inside the iDock) and the microphone will open, thus able to listen into the vicinity.  Using sound detection enhances security monitoring when you are away from your home or office but wish to be notified in the event of unauthorised activity taking place.

The sound detection mode can be enabled / disabled by a simple SMS code sent from your mobile phone to the iDock.  In addition, the sensitivity of the microphone can be changed to suit the environment by adjusting three (3)x threshold levels to help negate false triggers.


Take advantage of recording the surrounding audio for evidential purposes by connecting the iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder to your mobile phone.  This smart little device will record all sounds and conversations that you are listening to when you call the GSM iDock.

Additionally, the iPhone / Smartphone device can be used to record your mobile phone calls too.  The iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder can be purchased separately from our Call Recording category.


The GSM Listening iDock Charger is an ideal accessory for monitoring the room audio environment of your home / office / caravan / holiday home as additional security in your absence.

More Information
What models of iPhone & iPod can the iDock recharge?

All models of are supported.  iPad is not supported.

Is it possible to tell the iDock has been modified?

No.  And because the iDock is also fully functional as a normal iDock station its a superb product.

How is the iDock powered?

Simply plug the iDock into your computer or plug into the mains wall socket via the genuine Apple USB mains plug we supply.

Does the iDock light up or buzz in any way?


How far away can I listen?

You can call the iDock from anywhere in the world from your mobile or landline phone - there are no distance restrictions (unless the associated SIM card does not permit overseas calling).  Your connected call to the iDock opens the audio microphone which will allow you to hear approx 25 feet away from where the iDock is situated.

Can I receive notifications upon sound detection so it saves me calling in to check?

Yes.  You will need to purchase the sound detection model for just £5.00 which can be purchased from the drop down menu.  The sound detection mode can be enabled / disabled remotely from your mobile phone by sending a simple coded message to the iDock.

Can I take the iDock anywhere with me?

Yes.  The iDock is integrated with a quad band modem for worldwide operation on GSM bands: 900 / 1800 / 1850 / 1900 MHz.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional mains powered iDock charger
  • Recharges all models of iPhone & iPod devices
  • Professionally hand built
  • Powers from the electrical mains supply
  • No batteries required
  • Unlimited standby & operation time
  • Dial in and listen from anywhere in the world
  • Optional sound detection mode
  • Power supply - computer USB or mains wall socket
  • Record audio - using the iPhone / smartphone mobile call recorder
  • No LED's / sounds / vibrations / moving parts
  • Operates on the communication frequencies - 900 / 1800 / 1850 / 1900 MHz
  • Audio microphone - approx 25 feet
  • Supplied with GSM iDock, pre-inserted SIM card, genuine Apple USB plug, and User Guide
  • Ideal to monitor the audio environment of your home / office for security purposes
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