Spark Magnetic GSM Audio Listening Bug

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A professional GSM listening device available in both 550 and 1300 mAh sizes, and with special features including an omni directional audio antenna, heightened voice amplification and acoustic harmoniser for perfect audio clarity even in low GSM signal areas.  This battery powered, magnetic security product offers up to 30 days standby time and a 25+ feet microphone range.  This product is without doubt, one of the best audio monitoring devices ever built. 

Magnetic GSM Audio Listening Bug; with LIVE listening

Encore a fantastic new range of professional custom designed GSM security products.  The GSM Spark is a truly outstanding surveillance device built from the ground upwards to provide unparalleled performance and audio listening quality.  With up to 30 days standby time and 14 hours call time, the GSM Spark is one of the best audio listening products in its class.


Perhaps you need to know who is entering your premises when you are absent, or maybe you need to keep tabs that your baby is sleeping soundly, then simply dial the associated SIM card (supplied) fitted inside the little GSM unit from anywhere in the world to clearly listen in real time the surrounding room environment wherever the GSM device is situated.


Fitted with the one of the finest microphones in the world, a special harmony buffer fades specific acoustic sounds for example: TV and radio, whilst enhancing spoken words to the foreground.  The GSM Spark has been rigorously bench tested and combined with three (3)x amplification, its a fair assessment to say the audio can be clearly heard from 25 - 30 feet away and is unrivalled by any other GSM product on the market.


Because the GSM Spark is designed from scratch, the engineers were able to successfully isolate the thin layer of magnetic strip from causing any internal electronic interference which provides the opportunity to deploy the GSM Spark to magnetic surfaces.


Certainly one of the longest performances you will find in a standalone device, the engineers were able to maximise performance by a combination of the high quality, fully rechargeable lithium battery with an extremely low power consumption.  Achieving up to 30 days of standby time (switched ON but not called into by your mobile phone over this period) and a call time of approx 14 hours (overall call time will vary depending on how often and for how long the GSM Spark uses standby time and call time combined) it far outperforms any similar product on the market.


Generally, GSM technology is very stable however, in some cases especially when the device may not always be in a static location for example: whilst travelling in a moving vehicle, can make the GSM signal susceptible to 'drifting' which can cause the network to temporally drop and the product to lose the ability to operate properly.  For this reason, the GSM Spark is fitted with a shortened antenna which can be extended by screwing the external high gain antenna to provide increased network stability.  In addition, for the professional user we can supply a range of custom designed antenna at various fixed angles.


We offer a smaller model which measures 60 x 35 x 15 mm and integrated with a 550 mAh fully rechargeable lithium battery and a larger model which measures 80 x 40 x 15 mm and integrated with a 1300 mAh battery.  Both models are equal in reliability and performance with only the model size to be a consideration as outlined below:

  • 550 mAh = up to 10 days standby time / 6 hours call time
  • 1300 mAh = up to 30 days standby time / 14 hours call time

Please bear in mind that when calling the GSM Spark to listen, this is classed as 'talk time' and will inevitably reduce the overall standby time.  Further details on battery vs performance can be found in the FAQ section.  Simply select your preferred model from the drop down menu above.


Yes we can.  We appreciate that whilst the GSM Spark is an exceptional product, your requirement may be slightly different ie: a different antenna, a sightly different design, a bigger battery capacity etc, therefore, we can re-model and build ‘one-off’ variations to best suit your requirements.  If you do not see an alternative ‘off the shelf’ product on the website please contact us and we will try to accommodate your needs.


You may need to record the audio evidence you hear therefore, consider the iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder.  This little device simply plugs directly into the Mic socket of your mobile phone - then whenever you wish to record the conversation simply slide the record switch to ON.  Audio is captured very clearly and stored to the internal memory of the iPhone / Smartphone device.  The smartphone device can be used to record your normal mobile phone calls too!


The GSM Spark is a brilliant little surveillance product for multiple uses around the home and office either as a security product to monitor audio activity or for gathering much needed audio evidence.

More Information
Which model size is suitable for me?

We offer a smaller model fitted with a 550 mAh battery and the larger model fitted with a 1300 mAh battery.  If you only require short time use up a maximum 10 days standby time  / six (6) hours of call time (before a recharge is required) then go for the 550 mAh model.  If you think you'll require a little longer then consider the 1300 mAh model which will provide approx 30 days standby / 14 hours of call time.

Do I need to use the magnetic side of the GSM Spark?

No.  You can place the GSM device anywhere, but in some cases having a metal surface to attach the product makes it easier to deploy.

How easy is it to listen into my personal room space?

There are no complicated setups or any technical skill required to use this product.  Simply leave the GSM Spark in your room and when you feel there may be activity and need to identify the person/s voice, simply call the associated SIM card inside the unit to activate the microphone and listen into the environment in real time.  The audio will be fantastic quality.

How far away can I monitor audio events from?

There are no range restrictions therefore, you can call the GSM Spark from your mobile phone on the other side of the world providing there is a good GSM signal on your phone.  When you call the device, the microphone is automatically opened to provide you with an exceptionally good distance within the room environment the GSM Spark is placed.

Is there interference noise or buzzing background when listening?

No.  We offer only high quality products which use excellent components and materials to eliminate the downfalls associated with inferior products.

Do I need to use the external high gain antenna?

No.  The GSM Spark will operate just fine because an internal antenna is fitted however, by screwing on the high gain antenna will help increase and stabilise the GSM signal and provide a better overall coverage especially if the device is moving around.

Technical Info
  • Magnetic GSM audio security listening device
  • Remote real time audio monitoring from your mobile phone
  • Professionally hand built
  • Two model sizes available
  • Standby time - eight (8) days (550 mAh) / 14 days (1300 mAh)
  • Call time - Six (6) hours (550 mAh) / 12 hours (1300 mAh)
  • High gain antenna for increased signal strength
  • High sensitive microphone
  • Three (3)x amplification with noise buffer filter
  • 25+ feet audio distance
  • LED indicator
  • GSM operating frequency - 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 1950 MHz
  • Connector - 2.5 mm
  • External Mic socket
  • Dimensions - 60 x 35 x 15 mm (550 mAh) / 80 x 40 x 15 mm (1300 mAh)
  • Supplied with GSM Spark Security Listening Device, USB Cable, Apple USB plug, SIM card and User Guide
  • Remote security audio monitoring of your home / office premises whilst you are absent
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