Listen Through Walls

Such types of listening devices have very good uses from pest control to gain knowledge where vermin are residing behind walls, leakages of drains and piping, to the more sophisticated surveillance uses for example: knowing where exactly behind a wall a person is standing or what they are speaking about. Listen through walls range in price and the technically advanced devices allow for wall attachment and remote audio monitoring and listening.

The listen through wall unit we offer has been modified to provide a much clearer sound quality and is perfect for general use. If you should require a higher end model and budget is not a consideration then drop us an email and we can hopefully accommodate your audio needs.


Listening and recording audio through a wall is a tricky, but sometimes essential process. When it’s important to know what’s going on behind closed doors, you need reliable, accurate equipment.

– Monitor and record conversations undetected.
– Capture high quality evidential recordings.
– Hear what’s going on from a distance, even from across the road.
– Penetrate walls up to 20 inches thick and still get crystal clear audio.

Our Listen Through Walls Devices

We offer a range of products, from affordable contact recording devices to high spec, infrared and laser recording equipment that enables you to monitor indoor audio from distances of up to half a kilometer with pinpoint accuracy.

How Do You Listen Through Walls?

There are two main ways you can listen through walls; using a Contact Microphone or by using a remote source of audio capture, such as infared or laser. A contact device will convert the vibrations that hit the other side of the wall (essentially any conversation that or sound that occurs inside the target room) into clear audio, giving you a robust evidential recording. A non-contact device will enable you to listen or monitor a room or environment remotely, honing in on a specific location with to-the-millimetre accuracy.

The key factor when listening through walls is the clarity of the audio output. All of our devices have sophisticated audio filtering functions that enable you to get rid of any sounds that you don’t want to hear, enabling you to focus on the target audio, such as conversations or phone calls. The filtering functions also let you enhance the quality of the recording, amplifying the target sounds and minimising distractions. Browse our selection today.


Listen through wall devices are every gadget lover’s dream device. They are professionally known as ‘Contact Wall Microphones’ and can be used for the following wall depths:

  • 12 inches
  • 20 inches
  • 23 inches
  • 36 inches

The idea behind such a device is that you can hear what’s happening in the next room while remaining in the comfort of your own house or room and have many positive applications.

Five (5) great uses:

  • Listen for animal vermin in the home
  • Locate loose piping or knocking
  • Keep an eye on the domestic violence going on next door and contact the police as soon as it starts to escalate
  • You have a dodgy lodger and want to monitor their behaviour
  • Check out what’s going on behind a door before entering a premises or room – great for Police forces

The list of applications are many, and each person will have their own reasons behind purchasing these. Above all, remember that they are perfectly legal to use in order to present to the police if needed, and also for presentation in a Court of Law.

Devices Under £200
Entry level devices will pick up audio sounds and conversations through solid walls which are up to 12 inches thick. To operate, simply place the stethoscope against the wall surface and gently turn the volume control to best suit your ears sensitivity. This will convert inaudible vibrations into clear audio sounds that can be listened through earphones.

Devices £201 – £500
For little more money, you will gain advanced volume and sensitivity controls. They may also be some additional extras included with the higher priced models such as comfort straps.

Devices Over £500
Paying top dollar for your device means that you gain hands-free capability often coming with equipment to attach it to the wall that you want to monitor. Sound quality on this devices is superb with the best filtering technology that money can buy. Infa-red is also utilised in many of these higher-end products which can cut the mustard up to 36 inches thick.

All the above information is only a very general insight as there are so many to choose from, each with their own benefits and uses.