Password Recovery

We might think its impossible, but forgetting passwords is easy to do. Even the most simple passwords can be forgotten and the more we try to remember, the less success of inputting the correct password. Then of course the mobile device could become 'locked'. Apart from using a reputable password manager there may come a time when professional password recovery is the only way to go. Thankfully we have some solid, tried and tested reputable software just in case.

Lost or forgotten passwords can become a thing of the past and whats more, each software license provides unlimited use so you never need to worry about forgetting all those long digits and numbers again. Great for use on smartphones and even SD cards, please check out our small select range below.


There’s never a good time to lose your password, but it’s something we’ve all probably done at least once. More often than not we can reset the password ourselves, but when we can’t, it can cause a real headache.

– Access your files and vital information without the password.
– Portable devices with integrated technology for quick, hassle free access to your machine.
– Unlimited licenses mean you can gain access to your machine, no matter how many times you lose or forget your password.
– No complex commands to enter or processes to follow.

Increased concern around security means most of us typically use complex, hard-to-remember passwords and sometimes those passwords simply elude us. But that doesn’t mean you’ve lost access to your machine and all the files it holds forever.

Our portable USB based password recovery devices feature integrated forensic technology, so the majority of the password recovery work is automated. Simply insert the USB device and follow the instructions to gain access to your machine, without the password, in a few very simple steps. Password-protected files become accessible and you gain access to the machine in order to recover that all important password. You’ve got your life back!


Password recovery devices can help you to easily and quickly recover lost or forgotten passwords, so that you can access password-protected files and systems at home or in your business.

We’ve all forgotten important passwords at one time or another. It’s no wonder, with so many different passwords to remember. Our passwords are also more complicated than ever before, due to increased concerns about security. This can make it virtually impossible to keep track of every single one, and you could end up losing access to something crucial.

In some cases, you can easily reset the password using an email reset link, but it isn’t always so simple. For times when password reset is impossible or requires you to contact a call centre, or it simply takes too much time, make sure you have a USB password recovery device on hand.

Benefits include:

  • Unlimited access, no matter how many times you lose or forget your password
  • Easy to use with no complex processes to follow
  • No technical skill needed to operate
  • Access to files and vital information without the password
  • Portability, so you can access any device anywhere
  • Integrated technology within a compact, handy device

How USB password recovery devices work

Password recovery devices use automated forensic technology to recover lost information, so that you regain access to your files and even your computer if you’ve been locked out. You simply plug the device into a USB port and follow a few simple steps to recover the data.

If you’ve forgotten that all-important Windows administrator password, a master key is the ideal product to bypass the need to enter a password and access your device.

Business owners and IT professionals find password recovery devices to be absolutely crucial when it comes to recovering important information which has not been backed up, but they can also be a lifesaver for accessing private computers and devices too.