Body Worn Spy Cameras

Recording HD video when walking around can yield excellent evidential results and preliminary such types of covert cameras are used by law enforcement, trading standards, council authorities and TV journalists to name a few. Realistically, these hidden cameras secreted about your person will also provide indisputable proof of evidence for anti-social behaviour, neighbour disputes, mystery shoppers and so forth.

Video recording is stored either to the devices internal memory or to a removable Micro SD card and the working mechanism is child's play. Almost all body-worn cameras are operated by a subtle recording switch and can be enabled under natural movement.


Want to record discreetly while on the move? Body worn spy cameras provide the perfect spy solution for a wide range of different applications.  Thanks to sophisticated technology and clever design, you can now record conversations, gather evidence and even provide yourself with a handy memory aid - all with just one tiny recording device.

Types of body worn recorders

Body worn spy cameras fall broadly into two different categories.  The first is for covert recording, as these devices are discreetly disguised as normal items you may have on your person.  For example, a credit card, car key or pen tucked into your pocket.  This may seem unbelievable, but you really can fit a high quality recording device inside something as small as a credit card and have no one suspect that it isn’t the genuine article.

The other type of body worn recorder is for when you don’t need to hide the device.  It can simply be carried with you in the form of a compact device or a USB stick - although the latter can also be used for hidden recording if needed.  These devices are very handy for recording conversations, meetings and for making verbal notes to act as a memory aid.

How do they work?

The smallest devices use sophisticated and powerful digital recorders to capture high quality sound. In fact, the audio quality offered by many devices may surprise you, especially when you consider the tiny size of the recorder.

A handy tool for all situations

The wide range of body worn recorders here at Online Spy Shop means that there’s a suitable device for every purpose, such as:

  • Gathering evidence
  • Conducting surveillance
  • Record important conversations
  • Simplifying office work
  • Memory aid
  • Note taking in lectures, seminars and meetings

Body worn recording devices are also an excellent tool for private detectives, law enforcement or anyone else conducting surveillance work.


A body worn recording device can be a very handy tool indeed, helping you to gather evidence or take verbal notes in any situation.  It’s easy to hide one on your person, making it unnecessary to install a recorder in a room.  

There are a wide range of body worn recorders available here at Online Spy Shop, with technologically advanced new devices coming in all the time.

To choose the right one, you firstly need to decide whether you need to record covertly.  Many body worn devices wear clever disguises, such as a seemingly normal pen in your shirt pocket which can record exceptional quality audio while also functioning perfectly for writing.  

Other types of body worn devices are not so cunning.  They appear as USB sticks, car keys or more obvious audio recording devices, for those times when it’s very useful to record conversations or take verbal notes without the need for cloak and dagger measures.

The best body worn recorder features

The very latest devices feature some incredibly clever features, such as:

  • Highly sensitive microphones to record even whispered conversations in most environments
  • Manual and voice activation recording modes
  • Hours of recording time, with the option to adjust audio quality to preserve battery life
  • Outstanding PCD audio quality
  • Recording range of up to 30 feet
  • Digital OLED displays (option to switch off for subtlety) for easy menu access
  • Ample storage for many hours of recordings

Each device differs in terms of features, and it’s important to choose the one that suits your needs and budget.  Online Spy Shop has everything from simple, affordable devices for note taking and recording conversations, all the way through to specialist grade technology for businesses, law enforcement and private detective work.  Whatever your budget and whatever spec you need, you’ll find it here.