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There are a number of reasons why you may legitimately wish to record and gather information or data using a body camera. For example, body worn cameras are an excellent means of gathering information without alerting people to this fact – ideal for mystery shoppers or private detectives, both in the UK and oversees. – Protect yourself legally – Gather evidence discreetly and safety – Discourage anti-social or aggressive behaviour in others – Record hands free while going about your daily business Covert body cameras, where those around you will be aware that you are recording, can discourage dangerous or illegal behaviour in others too, much like the way closed circuit TV can do. Body worn video can also enable you to record while carrying on with your daily tasks.

The key thing to decide before exploring body worn systems further is whether you want to be discreet or covert; the former will enable you to gather and record information without those around you knowing, while the latter will typically make clear the fact that you are recording and cause a desired change in behaviour in those who are aware that you’re wearing a body camera, for example if dealing with a conflict situation. Whether your goal is to covertly collect evidence or to discourage anti-social and potentially aggressive behaviour by wearing a conspicuous recording device, body worn cameras offer a versatile and practical solution. They can be integrated into clothes and accessories easily and safely or simply worn around the neck, depending on your goals.

Record in high quality using a subtle device, such as reading glasses and hidden camera spectacles, a necktie or watch with integrated camera, to gather data without arousing suspicion. Or use a body worn video recorder as a means of influencing the behaviour of those around you, protecting yourself legally and discouraging people from making unfounded allegations. Our body cameras are versatile, convenient and may increase your safety, protect you from legal problems and assist in evidence gathering. Our hidden camera devices offer a robust solution for all types of evidence gathering activities.

Find out more about the specific types of body worn cameras we offer. We ship to the UK and internationally.

Buyers Guide

Body worn cameras are compact, discreet devices which enable the gathering of evidence and information without being easily observable, and without interfering with the wearer’s everyday tasks.

These ingenious devices are the real spy cameras, as they are sophisticated pieces of technology that are often cleverly disguised as everyday items. For example, our products include hidden cameras in spectacles, neckties, drinks flasks, car key fobs, coffee cups, pens and wristwatches. Many of these devices can be integrated into clothing, worn around the neck or simply carried. What’s more, many of these seemingly innocuous items are also functional – for example, a wristwatch camera is also a fully functional watch.

These everyday, highly portable objects contain a professional, high quality recording camera, where footage is stored on a removable SD card. Footage is high quality and stamped with dates and times to provide you with credible evidence should you need it. Body worn cameras are designed to be charged at home and their lithium batteries can last up to 180 minutes depending on the product.

Uses of body worn cameras

There are lots of different reasons you may choose to use body cameras, such as:

  • Gathering evidence – for example, for divorce cases and civil proceedings
  • Protecting yourself legally, settle disputes and reduce the chances of litigation
  • Mystery shopping and trading standards complaints
  • Working as a licensed private detective
  • Unhindered, hands-free recording while carrying out daily tasks

These are all ways of using body worn cameras to monitor and record where the device is discreet and out of sight. However, there are occasions when you may want the device to be visible just in the same way as CCTV, to act as a strong deterrent to aggressive and anti-social, or dangerous and even illegal, behaviour in others. This can be very useful in the workplace, or when in a threatening or uncomfortable situation.