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USB memory drives are a common sight in many environments these days, and this marvellous mini USB spy camera can record HD 720P video footage continuously, or when motion is detected for up to 10 hours. Very easy to use, with a rotatable camera lens for best viewing position, and an SD card storage, this reliable spy gadget is hard to beat for body worn or room recording. 

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USB Spy Camera; with HD 720P Surveillance Video Camera

This is a standard sized USB flash stick, fitted with a high definition 720P adjustable / swivel surveillance camera lens.  It is ideal for either body worn recording (clipped to outside pocket) or placed within a room environment to capture clear video and audio footage with a time and date stamp for evidential purposes.

The Mini USB Flash Spy Camera is portable and completely self contained for deployment almost anywhere, and with a 90 degree field-of-view camera lens, ensures a wider scope of the area is captured.


Simply slide a little switch to select your preferred recording mode (motion or continuous recording).  Recordings are stored to a Micro SD card (not supplied) inside the USB Flash Camera.  To play back the recorded video files, and recharge the device, just plug the USB Camera directly into a Windows / Mac computer.  No special software or technical skill required.

Please note you will need to supply your own SD card or purchase a 16 GB or 32 GB from the menu above.


The Mini USB Spy Camera provides two (2) video recording modes:

  • Continuous Recording - this mode is best suited when wearing the camera on your body for example: to record anti social activity outside - or any activity where you do not wish for a break in recording
  • Motion Recording - this mode is best suited if you need to capture movement only activity.  Motion recording helps preserve a longer battery performance and is the preferred option for the majority of customers as recording will only commence when relevant activity is detected

No matter which mode of recording, video files are split in 10 minute lengths.  An hours recording would create six (6)x seperate video files each being 10 minutes long.  The possibilities to gather evidential footage with this little recording gem are endless.


Video footage in recorded in true HD 1280 x 720 HD resolution @ 30 FPS (frames per second), and accompanied with very clear 128 KBPS audio.


The Mini USB Flash Spy Camera is fitted with a fully rechargeable lithium battery which provides sufficient power to record:

  • Two (2) hours of continuous video, or five (5) hours using the supplied battery pack
  • Four (4) hours of motion video, or 10 hours using the supplied battery pack

For much longer standby and recording times, the USB spy cam can be plugged into an external power source for example: a computer, to remain constantly powered without using its own internal battery.

The USB surveillance camera can be used as a standalone video recorder or for placement within / or amongst other items: living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, caravan, out buildings etc.. to capture high quality video footage for evidence.

More Information
How small is the spy surveillance camera?

It is a USB sized flash stick which incorporates a fitted high quality camera lens.  The device is one of the smallest in our product range.

Can it be used as a flash drive too?

The device does not have any internal memory and records to a removable Micro SD card (not supplied) up to 128 GB in storage, therefore, technically you can store pictures, files and other documents to the SD card.

Please Note: Using memory space to store other data will take valuable storage used to record video footage.

Where is best to place the USB camera?

As the device is very versatile, you can clip it to your pocket and use as a video camcorder to gather footage outdoors, or you can use the device to gather undercover video footage by placing the device amongst everyday objects, or customise your own hideout.

Are there any noises the camera makes when recording?

No.  Due to the absence of moving parts, there are no noises, beeps, sounds, or any other alerts that would draw attention to the device should you be using to capture evidence.

Does the camera have an adjustable / rotating camera head?

Yes.  This allows you to wear the USB by clipping to an outside pocket and position the camera lens facing outwards in order to get a better viewing / recording position.  For indoor surveillance place the device high up on a shelf and adjust the camera lens downwards overlooking the area, or perhaps low to the floor and adjust the camera lens upwards.

What is the video quality like?

Fantastic!  This model provides an excellent 90 degree field-of-view with true 720P video resolution @ 30 FPS (frames per second) and without any video upscaling.  The more natural light the pinhole camera can absorb the more vivid and colour rich the picture quality will also look.

Is it possible to record audio only?

No.  Each recording is captured in HD video which is accompanied with fantastic clear audio.

If the USB camera is in motion activated recording mode, what is the distance it will detect movement and begin recording?

The trigger distance is approx 15 feet from where movement is made in front of the camera lens.

How long does each motion activated recording last?

Each time movement is detected, the USB device will record for 10 minutes.  If movement is triggered again, then the device will record again for 10 minutes.  This cycle will continue until either the SD card is full or the battery performance is drained and requires recharging.

Is it possible to record in the dark?

No!  There is no invisible infa-red facility with this model.

How many hours can this USB camera record for?

Using the devices internal battery power, the device can record continuously for two (2) hours, which can be increased to five (5) hours by connecting the supplied battery pack into the device.  Using motion activated recording the device can achieve four (4) hours, which can be increased to 10 hours using the battery pack.

Alternatively, by plugging the device into an external power source, for example: a computer or mains power supply, then unlimited standby time is achieved with only the storage capacity being a limitation.

How much storage capacity will the device hold?

The USB camera has a slot to accommodate a removable Micro SD card with a maximum capacity of 128 GB.  This is enough storage to hold 16 hours of recordable footage - more than enough to cover the devices battery performance.

The SD card can be removed from the device and played on any Windows or Mac computer.

Can I change the time / date settings?

Yes.  Setting the correct time / date is explained within the User Guide.

Technical Info
  • USB mini flash stick with surveillance video / audio camera
  • Portable and self contained
  • Lightweight design
  • Plug and play technology
  • Direct USB connection to computer - no messy cables
  • No software to install / No technical skill to operate
  • 90 degree manually adjustable / swivel camera lens for better positioning
  • Continuous and motion activated recording modes
  • Discreet operation - No LEDs, vibration, moving parts during recording process
  • High definition (HD) 1280 x 720 video resolution @ 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • Video format - MJPG AVI
  • Audio format - 128 KBPS
  • Battery charging time - approx two (2) hours
  • Recording in continuous mode - two (2) hours internal battery / five (5) hours using supplied battery pack
  • Recording in motion activated mode - four (4) hours internal battery / 10 hours using supplied battery pack
  • Recording format - Micro SD card
  • Maximum storage capacity - 128 GB / approx 16 hours of total recordable footage
  • Split file recording time - 10 minutes
  • Time and date stamp
  • Internal battery - 3.7 V / xx mAh
  • Connect to an external power source for unlimited standby time
  • Dimensions - 85 x 25 x 15 mm
  • Weight - 22 grams
  • Operating system - Windows / Mac
  • Supplied with USB mini flash drive spy camera and User Guide
  • Ideal for use within the home / office / vehicle / caravan for gathering video evidence
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