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A smart gentlemans Spy Camera Tie perfect for any casual event, which superbly conceals an invisible pinhole camera lens and an in-built AGC audio microphone.  This body worn surveillance package is ideal for mystery shopping, or gathering evidence and undercover recording in almost any environment. 


Gentleman's Tie; with Miniature Body Worn Pinhole Camera

This modern gents Spy Camera Tie has a neutral design to superbly conceal a tiny surveillance camera.  There is no bulk to the tie, making it one of the very best body worn hands free recorders for smart wear occasions.  A thin cable runs from the rear the tie straight into your shirt and then plugs directly into a DVR (digital video recorder) which is secreted about your person.  From all viewing angles, the concealment is superb.

Recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card which can be played, archived or emailed to recipients on any Windows and Mac computer.  All the necessary cables for watching recorded footage on your computer or play back on a TV monitor are included.  This Tie Camera Recorder is ideal for use by mystery shoppers, private investigators, law enforcement or individuals who may wish to record vandalism, disputes or any other undercover recording in complete confidence.


Please choose the digital video recorder to accompany your tie camera.


This matchbox size digital video recorder measures just 73 x 39 x 15 mm.  The cable from the tie plugs directly into the DVR to provide sufficient power for approx 90 minutes recording time (per charge).  Video footage is stored to a Micro SD card which can be removed from the DVR and the files played on any Windows and Mac computer.  All necessary cables are supplied for viewing the recorded footage on your computer or TV monitor.

Please Note: Due to the small dimensions of this DVR there is no screen display.


A solid performer and without doubt one of the best DVR's on the market.  The EVO2 is the very latest 3" colour touchscreen DVR.

  • 960 x 240 TFT LCD display with easy user interface.  Provides super image quality with true HD resolution
  • Three (3) hours recording time (per charge).  This is an increase of 90 minutes compared to the matchbox DVR for operations which may require longer working times
  • Selectable recording modes including: motion detection / continuous / scheduled
  • Password protection access.  Unauthorised access to the recorded content or functions of the DVR are restricted
  • 32 GB SD card storage.  Capable of storing hours of recorded footage
  • DVR size: 85 x 55 x 15 mm / 70 grams
  • Lightweight and compact design with brushed aluminium casing
  • Supplied with all accessories

This is a very high end recording package for gathering HD definition video footage for evidential purposes.

More Information

We must obtain only the highest quality tie camera possible!

You have found the right equipment.  Everything about this tie camera and the selection of digital video recorders oozes quality.  This equipment is preliminary designed for law enforcement surveillance but has now become available to the commercial market.  The tie is a neutral design and colour and the pinhole camera lens is a 550 TVL 1/3" CCD sensor which is professionally fitted within the pattern design.

Does the tie camera capture a wide angled view?

Yes.  The tie camera has a 78 degree field-of-view therefore, the lens will capture both indoor / outdoor with a good scope viewing.

Are there any visible wires and is it possible to tell there is a camera fitted?

No.  The tie sits flush against your chest and not possible to notice anything unusual.  A thin cable runs from the tie into your shirt which plugs directly into any of the body-worn DVR recorders which is secreted about your person.

How is the tie camera and DVR provided with power?

The DVR uses a fully rechargeable lithium battery which powers for approx 90 minutes (matchbox DVR) or three (3) hours (HD 1080P DVR) per charge.

Is the tie camera hard to setup?

No.  The cable from the tie camera simply plugs directly into the DVR, then the DVR screen (HD model) displays what the tie is looking towards.  It really is super easy to operate.

Which DVR should be recommended?

Both the matchbox DVR and the HD EVO2 1080P touchscreen DVR are of the highest quality.  If you require a touchscreen with a powerful display and in-built features plus a longer battery performance of three (3) hours then the EVO2 DVR is the best option.

Is audio and a time / date supported?

Yes.  All recorded video footage is accompanied with clear audio and a time & date stamp of each recording.  The time & date can be turned OFF if you wish.

How is the video footage stored and how do I play back the footage?

Recordings are stored to a removable SD card inside the DVR.  Both DVR's support 32 GB SD card capacity.  The recorded footage can be played on the HD 1080P DVR via the in-built 3" TFT colour display or the SD card can be removed and the video footage played on your Windows / Mac computer.

Please Note: The matchbox DVR does not support a TFT screen display.

Technical Info
  • High quality neutral design tie with surveillance pinhole camera
  • 550 TVL
  • 795 x 596 resolution
  • 1/3 CCD sensor
  • Integrated audio
  • Automatic gain control (AGC)
  • Camera lens angle - 78 degrees
  • Illumination sensitivity - 0.2 lux
  • Lens F/No - 2.0
  • Lens diameter - 4.3 mm
  • Dimensions - xx x xx mm
  • Weight - xx grams
  • Very small DVR
  • Brushed black casing
  • Two button operation (start / stop recording)
  • Resolution - 720 x 576 D1
  • Frame rate - 25 FPS (frames per second)
  • 32 GB SD card storage capacity - four (4) GB SD card supplied
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • Recording time - approx 90 minutes (per charge)
  • Analogue camera input
  • LED indicator
  • Vibration mode
  • Direct connection wire controller
  • Time & date stamp
  • Video file format - AVI
  • LED status
  • Charging time - approx three (3) hours
  • Power type - DC 3.7 V / 800 mA lithium
  • Power consumption - 290 mA - 370 mA
  • Storage temperature - -20 C - 80 C
  • Working temperature - 0 C - 60 C
  • Operating system - Windows XP, Windows 2000, Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Mac
  • Dimensions - 73 x 39 x 15 mm
  • Weight - 48 grams
  • Supplied with smart gents tie camera, matchbox DVR, DVR shirt clip, wired remote controller, protective case, USB cable, and User Guide
  • Ideal for mystery shoppers, private investigators, police, reporters, or businesses and individuals for evidential purposes


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