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A high performing undercover surveillance Spy Watch Camera disguised as a fully functioning gentleman's watch, with a range of impressive features including motion detection recording, snapshot mode and audio recording.  Enjoy amazing ultra HD 1296P colour video resolution with this affordable smart spy cam watch, along with up to an hour's filming per charge. 

Functional Modern Wrist Watch; with Ultra HD Video Camera Recorder

To add to our select range of body worn cameras we are proud to introduce the Spy Watch Camera - a modern and fully functional wrist watch with outstanding video and audio recording footage.  Leaping boundaries and pushing the highest 1296P image resolution ensures the video is extremely clear and fluid in motion.  In addition, the supported audio is extremely clear and is hard to believe such amazing footage can be achieved from an almost invisible camera lens.

This watch looks and feels sturdy whilst the black coloured silicone wrist strap compliments the stainless steel watch fascia.  Cosmetic appearance aside, whilst recording there are no visible LED's thus making this device the perfect hands free surveillance video recorder when you are out and about.


A fully charged watch can record Ultra HD video resolution for approx 50 minutes accompanied with audio and a time & date stamp for evidential purposes.  You can also switch recording modes at the touch of a button between continuous recording to motion detection recording, or record only audio or take picture snapshots.


With just a single push button the watch goes from being switched OFF into video recording mode.  This is extremely easy to do without fuss and no messing around with silly button sequences.


The surveillance camera is capable of detecting visual reference between close up and far away, and automatically retains focus.  This ensures when you view the recorded footage on your computer, the picture remains in focus at all times regardless if you are recording close up or from a reasonable distance.


Should you forget to stop recording before the internal lithium battery has discharged, the watch will save the video files to its internal eight (8) GB SD card memory so any important recordings are not corrupted or lost forever.


Any computer running Windows or Mac operating system is compatible with this watch.  As a bonus for Windows, the watch is supplied with a Widget software which allows you to set the time & date through a smart app.


This is easily one of the best hands-free body worn video recorders for gathering undercover footage in both indoor & outdoor environments in super high format.

More Information
Can I wear the watch as a normal timepiece?

Yes.  The watch can be set to display and maintain the correct time.

Is it possible to tell if the watch has a recording function?

No.  This looks and feels just like a sturdy wrist watch.

Does the watch look big and bulky?

Not at all.  Watches are made in many different sizes and styles and this watch looks nothing out of the ordinary.

How many recording modes are there?

The watch has four (4) recording modes:

  • Ultra HD video recording (with audio)
  • Ultra HD motion activated recording (with audio)
  • Audio only
  • Picture snapshot
Are the recording modes easy to operate?

Yes.  For example: ultra HD video recording is enabled with just a single push button.

Is the recording quality of good standard?

It is exceptionally good.  The watch is integrated with an auto focus camera which records 2034 x 1296 full HD with H.264 video compression and a maximum 60 FPS (frames per second).  The film footage is excellent and sufficient to gather clear evidence of any number of situations either indoors or outdoors.

How do I film so the camera is a correct way up?

The camera is built upside down so that when your arms are crossed for example: filming across a table the camera is the correct way up.

Will the angle of the spy camera record a large room?

The watch has a 65 degree field-of-view camera to capture footage with excellent scope and detail.  It is recommended to practice with how far back you need to stand in order to get the correct viewing.

How long is the recording time?

The internal lithium battery powers the watch camera for approx 50 minutes recording (per charge).  Video files are saved in one (1) minute split files.

How do I charge the watch?

You can connect the watch to your computer via the supplied USB cable, or connect the watch to a mains wall socket via the supplied Apple mains charger.  By connecting the watch to your computer also opens the drive which contains the recorded video files so you can play the footage whilst the watch is recharging.

How much memory storage does the watch have?

An eight (8) GB Micro SD card is fitted, which is more than enough to store a few hours of recordings before you need to transfer files to your computer for safe keeping.  You can switch the supplied Micro SD card for a higher capacity by removing the rear plate cover.

How do I play back the recorded footage?

Simply connect the watch to your Windows or Mac computer via the supplied USB cable.  Connection to a computer recharges the watch’s internal battery whilst permitting access to the folder which contains the recorded video files.

The time and date is not correctly showing.  How do I change it?

The time & date must be set on a Windows computer using the supplied Widget software.  A simple click of the widget menu and the time & date is set automatically.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional wrist watch with video recording camera
  • HD 720P camera resolution
  • Low light IR mode - enhances video recording under lower lighting conditions
  • Automatic flip camera - auto uprights the video camera should the watch be turned upside down
  • Automatic pan focus - auto corrects the camera lens focus if filming at a distance or close up
  • Water resistant design (using waterproof screw over the MIC hole)
  • Black coloured stainless steel fascia & black coloured rubberised strap
  • Recording modes - video with audio / picture snapshot
  • Recording format - MOV / AVI / JPG
  • Recording time - one (1) hour / 60 minutes (per charge)
  • Recording storage - eight (8) GB internal flash memory
  • Video resolution - 2034 x 1296
  • Picture resolution - 4032 x 3024
  • Frame rate - 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • Viewing angle - 62 degrees
  • Time & date stamp (must be set on Windows computer)
  • Widget software for easy setup
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • LED indicator status (not visible when recording)
  • Can also be used as a Mass Storage for keeping documents, files and images
  • Voltage - DC 5 V
  • Charging time - 2 - 3 hours
  • Storage temperature - -20 - -80 degrees
  • Operating temperature - 0 - 60 degrees
  • Operating system - Windows and Mac
  • Dimensions - 50 x 45 x 15 mm (watch face)
  • Supplied with HD surveillance watch, USB cable, genuine Apple USB plug and User Guide
  • Ideal for recording hands free video footage for evidential purposes
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