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For discreet video capture surveillance on the move, this digital Android style digital spy watch is the ideal choice.  It functions as a normal, stylish watch but contains a hidden colour camera capable of producing 80 minutes of HD 720P picture resolution, with super clear audio on a single charge.  This is excellent body worn, and hands free surveillance at its best.


Functional Digital Spy Watch; with 720P HD Video Spy Camera

This is a stunning body worn Digital Spy Watch and one of the most reliable undercover HD video recorders for use by either a man or a woman with an extremely lightweight design. The watch looks smart and modern with an almost Android like appearance.

Comfortable to wear with a black coloured rubberised adjustable wrist strap, and the watch casing ensures dust and general elements are deterred by neatly flush rubber stoppers.  You can commence recording very quickly under natural movement and no LED's or other indicators are visible.


Touch button recording that works every time - guaranteed.  The workmanship stands head and shoulders above all other watch recorders providing HD 720P video resolution @ 30 FPS (frames per second) and the integrated microphone syncs perfectly to produce excellent audio quality.  You can expect a total of 80 minutes of HD video stored to a removable Micro SD card (8GB supplied) within the watch before you need to recharge.

Please Note: Once the watch is fully charged the internal battery remains in 'active mode' ready to record at any time during its 80 minutes charged battery duration therefore, you will use battery power even if recording or not.  In this case please consider the iSmart Power Bank to inject a battery charge when travelling or if you do not have access to a power supply (further details below).


No technical skill is required to operate this watch - it really is super easy to start & stop recording under natural movement.  Very neat icons will show on the screen display to indicate to you the status of the watch including the current battery level, and if a Micro SD card is full or has not been inserted.  This watch is beautifully designed from concept to finished article and will proudly sit amongst your elite range body worn surveillance recorders.


Recorded video files can be played on any computer running the Windows or Mac operating system.  No special software is needed.


The iSmart is a small, portable power bank (measuring just 90 x 20 x 40 mm) and provides instant 'on-demand' charging for the watch or any other external device including smartphones and tablets.  Simply carry the iSmart device in a pocket or leave in a car glove compartment and you will always have available battery juice when needed.  The iSmart power bank is a great addition for when your surveillance battery levels hit critical or whilst travelling and can be purchased from the drop down menu.

Without doubt, this digital watch recorder is brilliantly designed and outperforms any other watch for quality build, reliability and performance.  Designed for simplicity of use, there is no special software required and whilst recording there are no flashing lights, beeps or moving parts.

It is perfect for body worn evidence gathering by male / female operatives including private investigators, police, trading standards, journalists, mystery shoppers or for persons who need to gather evidential footage of anti-social behaviour, bad neighbours, verbal or physical abuse from ex-partners etc.

More Information

Does the watch tell the time as normal?

Yes.  A single button at the side of the watch can be pressed to display the time and date in bright yellow digital format.  This adds authentication should anybody ask you the current time.

Can anybody know by looking at the watch it has a recording camera?

No.  it is not possible to tell the watch can record high definition colour video and audio.

Is the watch bulky and would standout?

No.  The design of the watch is very lightweight and comfortable to wear, and could be compared to a modern Android style.  In fact, the thickness of the watch is just 15 mm.  There are so many size and shape variations of normal watches this would not look out of place when worn by either a man or a woman.

Is the recording camera easy to operate?

Yes.  This is easily hands down the most simple of all watch recorders we have tested.  Just a single push button controls the ON / OFF recording mechanism.  Superb workmanship.

How reliable is the watch?  Im after a robust and excellent performing body camera.

This watch is absolutely reliable each and every time.  You will be pleasantly surprised just how good the design and the working performance is.  Very simple to use, the watches screen display even shows little icons which only you will know the status of the watch without the guesswork normally associated with other watch recorders.

What is the video quality like?  Will the spy camera capture a room?

The watch is fitted with a HD 720P colour surveillance camera with H.264 video compression and 30 FPS (frames per second) for fluid movement and clear video & audio recording.  The hidden camera has an auto focus 67 degree field-of-view capable of easily capturing anything you are pointing the camera towards, and unlike all other watch recorders the camera is cleverly integrated at the top of the watch rather than on the face.  In addition to naturally recording activities from your wrist, the watch can also be placed on a flat surface so the camera is pointing directly ahead.

How do I charge the watch and what is the recording time?

The watch has a USB charging port which is nicely tucked away behind a secure flap at the side of the watch.  A green LED indicates charging when connected to a computer or mains wall socket.  Once fully charged the green LED will go out after approx two (2) hours.  Recording time is approx 80 minutes (split into 10 minute length video files) before a recharge is required.

Please Note: Once the watch is fully charged it will remain in an 'active mode' ready to record at any point during its 80 minutes charge therefore, battery power is being used even if not recording therefore, please consider the iSmart power bank to carry with you - and always ready to top up battery juice when watch battery is critical especially when travelling or without access to a power supply.

Where are the video files stored and how do I play back footage?

The watch accepts Micro SD cards (hidden behind a secure flap) up to 32 GB capacity.  This means you can choose which memory card size to use and simply remove the card to play the recorded content on any Windows or Mac computer without the need of any special software.

Technical Info
  • Fully functional watch with hidden video recording camera
  • High definition 720P footage resolution
  • Lightweight design with comfortable rubberised strap
  • Single button recording operation
  • Subtle screen icons to indicate operation status
  • Recording time – approx 80 minutes recording time (per charge)
  • Recording format – MOV / AVI / JPG
  • Recording storage – micro SD card up to 32 GB capacity
  • Video resolution – 1280 x 720
  • Frame rate – 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • In-built image sensor – 1/4″ progressive CMOS
  • Sensor sensitivity – 3.3 Lux
  • Viewing angle – 67 degrees
  • Lens F/No – F 2.8
  • Focal Length – 3.7 mm
  • Algorithm – H.264
  • Time and date stamp
  • USB 2.0 connection
  • Fully rechargeable in-built lithium battery
  • LED charging indicator
  • Voltage – DC 5 V
  • Power consumption – 210 – 250 mA
  • Charging time – approx two (2) hours
  • Storage temperature - -20 – -80 degrees
  • Operating temperature -  0 – 60 degrees
  • Operating system – Windows and Mac
  • Dimensions - 45 x 45 x 15 mm (watch face)
  • Weight - 37 grams
  • Optional iSmart power bank
  • Supplied with digital spy watch xtreme, USB cable, eight (8) GB SD card and User Guide
  • Ideal for body worn video recording footage for evidential purposes



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