iPhone HD Spy Camera Case

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If filming on your normal iPhone is too easily detected, simply pop your iPhone into this slick looking iPhone HD Spy Camera case for discreet and natural recording in almost any environment.  Capture pin-sharp 1080P video footage with this expertly designed spy gadget offering up to 170 minutes recording time on a single charge - and even has a handy digital zoom function.  

iPhone HD Spy Camera Case; with 1080P HD Video Recording + Zoom Function

A professional video recording camera cleverly incorporated into an modern iPhone Case.  The iPhone HD Camera Case is extremely well designed, and film footage produced is truly class leading with pin sharp 1080P high defintion video resolution, accompanied with clear audio and a time and date stamp for evidential purposes.

The iPhone HD Camera Case represents new forward thinking surveillance technology built into an everyday item that many people carry with them.  It should be noted that the case does NOT require an iPhone to operate as a digital spy recorder therefore, casually leave the empty case behind on a desk or a shelf to capture events in your absence.  The iPhone HD Camera Case is also an ideal accessory for use between surveillance operatives.


The iPhone Case uses a FREE software app which can be downloaded from the Apple iTunes / Google Play Stores.  The app is designed to connect your smartphone with the iPhone Case over WiFI to set the time and date and other recording features on your mobile phone.   Incredibly easy to use, the app negates the cumbersome process of messy wires.  The app is a brilliant concept and most definitely the future of newer emerging spy technology.


At the flick of a switch, the internet camera can zoom up to four (4)x to bring the footage closer.  This feature works well for situations when you are positioned some distance away from the target.


Through the software app you can navigate to the Video Files menu and at the touch of a button, back up recorded files from the iPhone HD Camera Case to your smartphone for safekeeping.


Whenever gathering undercover body worn video footage, there is always a possibility that extra battery juice is required but no reasonable way to recharge the iPhone Case when you are out.  The iSmart Power Bank simply connects to the iPhone Case via the supplied USB cable to recharge the iPhone Case to full capacity.  The iSmart measures a compact 90 x 40 x 30 mm and has a huge 6’700 mAh of battery capacity - thats enough juice to recharge the iPhone Case four (4) times.

The Power Bank uses intelligent iSmart technology to automatically detect the correct current to safely charge devices fast and efficiently.


Designed for law enforcement, private investigators, journalists or anybody who expects high quality secret video footage for example: presentation of anti-social behaviour, vandalism, animal or child or partner abuse.

Please Note: The iPhone Case can not actually power an iPhone.

iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple Inc.  This product is not made by Apple and OSS Technology Ltd is not affiliated with Apple in any way.

More Information
Does the iPhone case look and feel normal?

Yes.  This is an extremely well designed case that cradles your iPhone in the same way as a normal case would do.

Do I need to insert my real iPhone for the case to work?

No.  The case operates independently as a surveillance recorder whether or not your iPhone is placed in the case.

Which models of iPhone does the case support?

iPhone 6.

Does the case actually recharge my iPhone?

No.  This is not a functioning case.  Remember, this is actually a high quality DVR (digital video recorder) cleverly integrated inside a modern iPhone case.

Is it possible to recharge the case without a power supply?

With the optional iSmart power bank you can simply connect the iPhone case to the power bank to fully recharge in the possible event you are without a nearby mains supply or computer to recharge.

Where is the recording camera situated?

The video camera is situated at the top of the case so when walking around or using your iPhone as normal you can be capturing video footage.  The case can also be placed on a table, desk or shelf to capture events whilst you are absent from the room.

Can the camera record in darkness?

No.  The more natural light the case is recording in then the better the brightness of the footage.  The case will, however, work superb in a pub or club or other low lighting establishment.

Is the video resolution quality good?

Better than good - the video quality is outstanding!  This camera records in true HD 1080P @ 30 FPS (frames per second).

How long is the recording time?

A fully charged iPhone case will provide approx 170 minutes of HD video or approx 120 minutes if WiFi connectivity is left switched ON.

What is the FREE app I have to install to my phone?

Using forward thinking technology the app removes the need to connect the iPhone case to your computer by cable to set up the time & date etc.  Instead, the app communicates directly with your mobile device over WiFi at the touch of a button.  Basically, it removes the otherwise messy setup procedure normally found with surveillance equipment using cables and a computer.

Does it record with audio?

Yes.  All recorded video footage has an integrated AGC (automatic gain control) and a noise filtering buffer for super clear audio.

Technical Info
  • iPhone 6 case with stunning HD video recording camera
  • Natural camera placement for recording whilst looking at your iPhone (no actual iPhone needed)
  • High definition 1080P video footage
  • Back up video files to your smartphone
  • Operating switches - ON / OFF / Record / Digital zoom (x4)
  • Vibration alert - ON / OFF / Recording / Low battery
  • In-built WiFi module (IEEE 802.11b/g/n)
  • FREE WiFi app for setting the time and date + other recording features
  • Frame rate - 30 FPS (frames per second)
  • In-built image sensor - 1/3" progressive CMOS sensor
  • Sensor resolution - 2592 x 1944
  • Lens F/No. F.3.2
  • Focal length - four (4) mm
  • Angle of view - 66 degrees
  • Algorithm - H.264, JPEG
  • File format - MOV, JPG
  • Recording time - 170 minutes (per charge) / 120 minutes with WiFi + LED ON
  • Optional iSmart power bank
  • Recording mode - continuous
  • Storage capacity - SD card
  • Maximum capacity - 32 GB
  • Integrated audio with AGC noise cancelling function
  • Data interface - USB connection
  • Power supply - in-built fully rechargeable 1200 mA / 3.7 V
  • Charging time - approx three (3) hours
  • Dimensions - 140 x 70 x 20 mm
  • Weight - 95 grams
  • Supplied with iPhone case, USB cable, genuine Apple USB plug, 16 GB SD card and User Guide
  • Ideal for mystery shoppers, investigators, police, reporters, or businesses & individuals for evidential purposes

Please Note: This iPhone case cannot actually provide battery power to an iPhone.

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