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This versatile, hard-wearing small shoulder Hidden Camera Spy Bag conceals a high resolution colour pinhole camera, making it the ideal spy cam gadget for anyone needing to conduct covert surveillance.  You can even open the bag to show empty contents thanks to is discreet velcro compartment.  Carry this body worn camera casually under your arm and take with you wherever you go for hands-free filming.

Shoulder / Carry Bag; with Pinhole Video Spy Camera

This small black coloured carry / shoulder bag is integrated with a miniature video camera cleverly fitted within the lining and suitable for gathering body worn surveillance by either a man or woman.  The Hidden Camera Spy Bag is made to a very high quality standard and finished in a rugged nylon material.  The bag can also be opened to allow any persons to view inside to show normal contents.

The bag cam measures just 280 x 80 x 190 mm - small enough to carry under your arm, and perfect for hands free filming, or can be placed on a floor or table recording in the direction you wish.  Video footage is captured in full colour with audio and time / date stamp for evidential purposes.


This bag can now be supplied with a HD 700 TVL resolution camera with low light ability down to 0.005 Lux @ F1.2.  This upgrade is best suited for use with the EVO2U DVR which also has full HD capabilities.

Recordings are stored to a removable Micro SD card inside the DVR and concealed behind a velcro lining.  The Hidden Bag Camera is ideal for mystery shoppers, private investigators, law enforcement or individuals who wish to capture undercover video footage to provide evidence of disputes, anti-social behaviour etc


This DVR is best suited for use with the non-HD version of the bag camera.  Possibly one of the smallest DVR's measuring just 73 x 39 x 15 mm.  The cable from the Bag Camera plugs directly into the DVR providing sufficient power to the camera for approx 90 minutes recording time (per charge).

Video footage stored to a Micro SD card can be played on a Windows and Mac computer and all necessary cables are supplied for viewing the recorded footage on a computer or TV monitor.

Due to the very small dimensions of the Matchbox DVR there is no screen display.


This DVR is best suited for use with the HD version of the bag camera.  The EVO2U is a very high quality digital video recorder and compliments a touchscreen a 3" colour display.

  • 960 x 240 TFT LCD display with easy user interface.  Provides super image quality with true HD resolution
  • Three (3) hours recording time (per charge).  This is an increase of 90 minutes compared to the matchbox DVR for operations which may require longer working times
  • Selectable recording modes including: motion detection / continuous / scheduled
  • Password protection access.  Unauthorised access to the recorded content or functions of the DVR are restricted 32 GB SD card storage.  Capable of storing hours of recorded footage
  • DVR size: 85 x 55 x 15 mm
  • Lightweight and compact design with brushed aluminium casing
  • Supplied with all accessories

This is a very high end recording package for gathering high definition video footage for evidential purposes.

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