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The highest calibre body-worn button camera on the market, designed for professional operators and individuals who must obtain law-enforcement grade video evidence with the utmost quality.  The Button Camera HD Ultimate is a combined lightweight digital video recorder (DVR) with a 3" touchscreen display connected by a single flexible cable to a true HD button camera.  The camera setup and recording can be made through the DVR screen or via the secure smartphone app.  The video footage is outstanding and accompanied by clear audio, which can be time and date-stamped.  Gathering hands-free undercover footage doesn't get any better than this!


Button Camera HD Ultimate: With Touchscreen and Smartphone WiFi Connectivity

This premium body-worn Button Camera with a combined DVR (digital video recorder) separates the wheat from the chaff.  Designed for professional users, TV companies, Law Enforcement or individuals who wish to obtain secret video evidence at the highest calibre.  No Button Camera system on the market guarantees reliability, performance and quality at this level.

It would be a fair assessment to say the Button Camera HD Ultimate should be part of your 'ready to go' covert surveillance recording kit.  It is ideal for unisex operational use by either a man or woman.


The Button Camera HD Ultimate is designed to remove the bulkiness found with other similar body-worn cameras.  The DVR and button camera have a new single flexible cable with a locking DIN plug to ensure a firm connection.  The setup procedure before active deployment is easy, thanks to the 3" navigational touchscreen display.  For the more adventurous, the same setup can be achieved on your smartphone via the secure app, available to download from the Apple | Google Play Store.

All recorded video footage looks stunning, with pin-sharp high-definition 1080P colour resolution, clear audio, and a time/date stamp for evidential purposes.

You are supplied with three black-coloured buttons (small | medium | large) that screw onto the slimline camera head to blend with a casual shirt or blouse.  Included are silver and black coloured screw heads to deploy the camera in the piece of wood or wall surface etc.


The Button Camera HD Ultimate has a 3" colour TFT screen display, so you can easily scroll and navigate through the menu settings and see live camera images before deployment.  This is especially useful if you deploy the camera as a motion-activated recorder in a room.  The DVR also has built-in WiFi capability to sync with your smartphone via the secure app, making it less conspicuous to access the camera menu settings on a smartphone than on the touchscreen DVR.

The Button Camera has a 78-degree field of view with 0.03 Lux @ F2.0 50IRE to ensure smooth picture fluidity and sharp video resolution and fluidity even in low light environments like pubs and clubs.

For TV production companies, the frame rate can be reduced to 25 FPS upon request.  You can disable the time and date stamp via the DVR touchscreen or the smartphone app.


Video footage is stored on a removable Micro SD card inside the Digital Video Recorder.  Video files can be played on a Windows or Mac computer without special software.  Video files can be backed up at the touch of a button.  Another smart function of the DVR includes motion-detection recording, which is best used when the DVR and Button Camera are deployed for room surveillance - the best of body-worn recording AND room recording.


The DVR is powered by the supplied 2'200 mAh fully rechargeable lithium battery, which provides approx. 180 minutes of continuous recording.  For professional operators, we offer the option to purchase a spare 2'200 mAh and higher capacity 4'400 mAh batteries - allowing you to interchange a drained battery for a fully charged battery, eliminating any situation where you may potentially miss the opportunity to capture video evidence.


Included is a 16 GB SD card to get you up and running.  The option to upgrade the storage capacity to 32 GB is available from the menu above.

The Button Camera HD Ultimate is an outstanding body-worn camera package that provides exceptional video and audio recording quality, ideal for police, mystery shoppers, trading standards, TV reporters, and journalists.  It is also a valuable recording camera for individuals to gather undercover video footage of anti-social behaviour or any other untoward activity, including room deployment capability for evidential purposes.

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Enabling WiFi on the DVR (Digital Video Recorder) allows you to access the camera settings and view the live camera feed on your smartphone.  The DVR has an in-built 3" touchscreen display that mirrors the actions that can be made on your smartphone, so you get the best of both.


No.  Once you have inputted the settings through the app on your smartphone, the WiFi aspect can then be disabled, and the settings will be saved.


You can install the secure app from the Apple | Google Play Store on an iPhone or Android smartphone.


Yes.  A single flexible cable with a new locking DIN plug connects the button head camera to the digital video recorder.  The button camera blends with your shirt/blouse's normal buttons (black), and the DVR is concealed under your clothing for hands-free video recording.  The package is lightweight, so you will hardly notice wearing it.


The DVR is equipped with a 2’200 mAh fully rechargeable lithium battery, which provides power for approx. 160 minutes of full 1080P HD recording.  You may optionally purchase an additional 2’200 mAh or a higher capacity 4’400 mAh battery to switch over and continue recording.  For professional operators, we recommend carrying a spare fully charged battery as backup.


Yes.  This combined Digital Video Recorder and Button Camera produces razor-sharp, true HD footage with clear audio @ 30 FPS (frames per second); for TV producers, the FPS can be changed from 30 to 25 per second upon request.


A Micro SD card inside the Digital Video Recorder stores all video files.  The contents of the SD card can be played on the touchscreen display, or the card can be removed from the DVR, and the footage can be played through a Windows | Mac computer without any special software.


Yes.  From within the app settings, go into 'Video Files' and select the recorded files to download to your smartphone's camera roll.


Yes.  The Button Camera can be deployed as a standalone motion-activated video recorder whereby the DVR body would be placed out of sight, and the connected camera head would 'peek' through or over objects within the home | office environment.

Technical Info
  • Button camera kit with 3.0" touchscreen DVR (digital video recorder)
  • Small and lightweight with full HD 1080P video quality
  • 30 FPS (frames per second) | 25 FPS for TV producers
  • Clear, integrated audio sound
  • Built-in WiFi technology for easy setup, viewing, and downloading of video files to a smartphone
  • LED indicators for WiFi | power | charging | recording
  • The thinnest flexible cable with brand new locking DIN plug to ensure a firm connection
  • Slimline camera head with 1/2.9” SONY CMOS image sensor
  • Time Date - YYYY | MMMM | HH | MM | SS
  • File format - AVI | JPG
  • Algorithm - H.264 JPEG
  • Recording mode - Standard | motion detection
  • Snapshot - available through the smartphone app
  • Storage - Memory card (32 GB max)
  • Data interface - mini USB 2.0
  • Power consumption - 380 mA - 440 mA (WiFi OFF) | WiFi ON + 80 mA
  • Battery input - DC 3.7 V | 2'200 mA Lithium battery
  • Battery performance - continuous recording 180 minutes (WiFi OFF | LED ON)
  • Recording time - 160 minutes @ 1920 x 1080 resolution (16 GB card)
  • Optional 4’400 mAh Lithium battery (circa 360 minutes)
  • Charging time - approx. 3 hours
  • Camera digital resolution - 1920 (H) x 1080 (V)
  • Camera pixel size - 2.8 um (H) | 2.8 um (V)
  • Camera sensor sensitivity - 0.03 Lux @ F2.0 50 IRE
  • Lens diameter - 4.3 mm
  • Electronic shutter - 1/8 - 1/30'000
  • Camera angle - 78 degrees
  • Camera depth of view - 50 cm
  • Video output - 12 C data
  • Power supply - DC 3.3 V | 220 mAh
  • Camera Dimensions - 25 x 25 x 17 mm
  • Camera weight - 18 grams
  • DVR dimensions - 50 x 54 x 21 mm
  • DVR weight - 104 grams
  • Operating temperature - -10 - 60 C
  • Operating humidity - 20 - 90 %
  • Storage temperature - -30 - 80 degrees
  • Supplied with HD Button Camera Ultimate, protective pouch, 16 GB SD card, DC 5V charger, USB cable, cable controller, 1x large, medium, small buttons + 1x silver and black screws and User Guide
  • Ideal for mystery shoppers, journalists, private investigators, businesses, and individuals for gathering the highest quality video for evidential purposes


Customer Reviews

Recommended to anyone who wants peace of mind and security.
Review by Customer: 00000437XXX
I will use this product in my garage, in order to catch people dumping rubbish behind my property. About the quality, I haven't used it yet but in quick tests, it looks and works well.
Fantastic, Genuine and Professional
Review by Customer: 00000384XXX
Fantastic company and one that genuinely cares about the level of service they provide to their customers. Can't praise them enough and I'm a serious stickler for professionalism and great service too. Well done team.
Great product and quick delivery
Review by Customer: 00000343XXX
Great product, couple of minor glitches to start where the device powered off during initial recording, but soon fixed this. Image quality looks good on the test runs so all good too. Delivery was incredibly quick too (next day and on a weekend too). Well done team we will definitely use you again and again and recommend you HIGHLY!
Excellent Button Camera
Review by Order 54**5
We upgraded to the touchscreen but the software app for your phone acts as the touchscreen so maybe not required unless you want to touch the screen too. Overall this is an excellent quality item.
Review by Frank Te****Y
Yes, its a professional button camera product, well received.
Review by Amy of one
We use these to film animal hunts as evidence and it is the best covert recording video we have used. Even in low light it produces great recordings. If you care about things in life then don't skimp on other cheap imitations.
Is it good?
Review by David Trenbus
My expectations have been assured, this is a super bit of camera kit. Amazing video and audio and the setup by wi-fi makes this incredibly easy to navigate on my iPhone. Probably one of the best purchases Ive made in 2017.

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