GSM Audio Listening Black Box Bug

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A tiny, portable black box GSM audio listening device tailor made for undercover surveillance and security monitoring.  Its compact size means you can take it anywhere, with worldwide operation and the ability to listen in live from your smartphone. This battery powered audio bug offers up to 10 days standby time per charge and a 25+ foot microphone range. 

GSM Audio Listening Black Box Bug; with Real Time Audio Listening

This is a great little listening product - simply dial the SIM card (supplied) from your mobile phone to the little black box to clearly listen into the surrounding environment with the same super audio clarity as our other professional GSM items.  The powerful microphone is one of the best in the industry allowing you to monitor audio in real time some 25-30 feet away from where the device is place - and from anywhere in the world you may be!


In addition to the fantastic audio listening quality, the sound activated feature of the Mini Black Box Pro will text message your mobile phone in the event of detecting sound, so you can then dial in and monitor the situation.  The microphone has three (3) microphone sensitivity settings which can be adjusted by sending a coded SMS.


As with all our GSM audio surveillance products, this Mini Black Box Pro is a cut above the mustard offering exceptional audio clarity without the humming and cackling noises associated with other inferior products.

The device can be placed within almost any room or vehicle environment and with a decent standby time up to 10 days before a recharge is required.  Obviously, please bear in mind that when calling the device to listen, this is classed as 'talk time' and will inevitably reduce the overall standby time.


Why not record the audio you hear with the fantastic iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder.  Simply plug this little device into your iPhone or Android mobile phone and slide the record switch to ON.  Whatever you hear when listening in will now be recorded onto the memory of the smartphone call recorder for evidential purposes.  In addition, the smartphone device can be used to record your mobile phone calls too!

The iPhone / Smartphone Recorder can be purchased from the drop down menu.


In addition to the pre-fitted SIM card we include an additional Vodafone SIM card with a free £5.00 credit voucher for convenience.

More Information
How small is the black box?

This little portable GSM black box measures just 45 x 30 x 15 mm, therefore, can be easily placed within the room environment you wish you monitor for audio.

How is the black box powered?

The internal lithium battery combined with the low consumption GSM module will provide up to 10 days standby time.  This means it can remain ready for you to call in and listen for up to 10 days.  Please bear in mind each time you do call in this is classed as 'talk time' and will reduce the overall battery performance.  Likewise, when the device notifies you of sound, more battery consumption is being used.

How do I listen into my personal room?

Simply switch the device ON and place on a shelf behind a book etc.. Whenever you need to hear, simply call the associated SIM card inside the black box and your call will be automatically connected.

How far can I monitor events?

You can call the black box from the other side of there world if you wish - there are no range restrictions as long as the GSM coverage of your mobile phone is good.  When you are listening in, the microphone of the black box is capable of picking up audio some 25 feet away from where it is placed.

Are there any interference fuzzing noises when listening in?

No.  Unlike other inferior products, our GSM black box provides unquestionably excellent clear audio.

What is the sound detection feature?

This is a great security feature which you can activate ON / OFF by sending a simple coded text message from your mobile phone to the black box.  Once enabled, the microphone will actively monitor the environment for audio and then send you an SMS to your mobile phone once audio is detected.  This is ideal for using as a security device if you wish to be alerted when somebody enters your premises for example.  In addition, you can also change the sensitivity level from Low / Medium  / High to match the environment in which the device is placed.

Please note that activating the sound detection feature will use around 50% more battery performance die to the microphone constantly monitoring audio levels.

Can I record the audio too?

We offer the option to purchase the iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder from the drop down menu above.  This little marvel of a device simply slots into the MIC socket of your mobile phone and when the recording switch is enabled it will record both sides of the call.  Its great for recording your mobile phone calls for prosperity too!

Technical Info
  • Tiny black box with fitted GSM audio module
  • Professionally hand built
  • Highly sensitive audio microphone
  • 25 feet audio pick up range
  • Up to 10 days standby time
  • Dial the black box to listen from anywhere in the world
  • Sound activation feature will notify your mobile phone by SMS
  • Record audio - using the iPhone / smartphone mobile call recorder
  • No moving parts or LED's
  • Operates on the communication frequencies - 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 1950 MHz
  • Dimensions - 45 x 30 x 15 mm
  • Supplied with GSM sound activated mini black box, FREE Apple USB mains plug, USB cable, FREE SIM card with £5.00 credit and User Guide
  • Ideal for security monitoring your home / office whilst you are absent or gathering audio evidence using the smartphone call recorder
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