GSM 6 Gang European Extension Plug

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This is a mains powered audio listening extension lead for use in Europe.  This portable extension lead bug is the perfect choice for audio surveillance when in Europe.  This fully functional and ordinary looking European socket lead with a quad-band GSM microphone, provides live listening from your smartphone at a range of over 25 feet where the extension lead is plugged.  Ideal for monitoring your room premises when you are absent to ensure nobody has entered without consent and provides peace of mind.

European Mains Socket Lead; with GSM LIVE Audio Listening

This fully functional GSM 6 Gang European Extension Plug works normally as you would expect from an electrical power supply however, the electronics board fitted inside the Socket Lead allow you to dial the SIM card (please use your own European SIM) to listen into the surrounding environment up to 25 feet away from where the lead is plugged.  The call connection is automatic and provides very long term audio monitoring without recharging or batteries required.

The listening quality is very clear, without any humming, cackling or mains feedback.

Please Note: We will supply a pre-fitted SIM card however, if you purchase the optional Sound Detection feature which notifys your mobile phone when sound is detected then you will need to top-up the SIM card with credit (or any SIM card you use) in order to use the Sound Detection feature.


If you wish to record the audio that you hear through the Extension Plug then please consider the iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder.

This product syncs with any mobile phone using Bluetooth so that the room environment that you are listening can be recorded onto the device.  It can also record and store both sides of a mobile phone conversation to the devices internal memory.

Simply enable Bluetooth on the Smartphone Call Recorder and enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone and sync both devices together.  Now, when you call the GSM Extension Plug the call can be recorded.  Likewise, if you wish to make or receive any mobile phone call and record the call/s it is now possible.

The iPhone / Smartphone Recorder can be optionally purchased from the drop down menu above.

Our GSM European Listening Socket Lead provides peace of mind as a security product for your home / office / caravan / holiday home etc.

Please Note: The actual cable is one (1) meter length for this product.  If you require a longer cable for example two (2) meters please contact us prior to purchase.

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Technical Info
  • Fully functional mains powered Euro socket lead with LIVE audio listening
  • Professionally hand built
  • Powers from the electrical mains supply
  • Dial in to listen from anywhere in the world
  • No recharging or batteries required
  • Operates on all European communications frequency
  • No LED's / sounds / vibrations / moving parts
  • Audio microphone - approx 25 feet
  • Optional Smartphone Call Recorder
  • Suppled with GSM Euro socket lead and User Guide
  • Ideal for monitoring the audio environment of your home / office for security or evidential purposes
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