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A functional home and office desktop Calculator incorporated with a GSM listening capability with sound detection.  From a smartphone or landline, call the SIM card fitted inside the Calculator to clearly hear the surrounding environment, enabling close-quarter audio evidence gathering.  A rechargeable battery powers the GSM monitoring for 7 days standby and listening time (per charge).  The microphone sensitivity level can be remotely adjusted by coded SMS messages to accommodate the sound detection function.


GSM Calculator Audio Listening; with GSM Sound Detection

A smart, functional and modern home and office Calculator integrated with GSM audio listening.  A unique way to hear the room environment on your smartphone when you are absent and hundreds of miles away.  Besides, you may receive a notification to your smartphone when the Calculator detects sound to confirm if your premises have been accessed without permission.

The Calculator is fitted with a standard Micro SIM card and ready to call anytime to hear the vicinity.  The embedded microphone is one of the best in the industry to monitor live audio up to 25 feet away from where the device is situated; for example, at home, it could be left in plain sight on a desk or out of view on top of a cupboard.

The audio sound is boosted further with superior clarity if you insert a pair of Apple AirPods. You will hear a big difference between listening on your smartphone and listening through a pair of Apple AirPods. Conversations are easily picked up at distances exceeding 25 feet, depending on the room ambience. Other brand earphones may be equally as good.


In addition to real-time audio listening, the sound-activation feature can be enabled/disabled by remote SMS command from your smartphone and will then send a notification alerting you to potential intrusion should the sound level rise above a normal 50 dB threshold.

Note: A pre-fitted SIM card is supplied; however, the Sound Detection feature will require top-up credit on the SIM card to use this feature.


As with all our GSM surveillance, there is no humming or static noise associated with inferior GSM products, and the Calculator may be visually examined and used as normal without arousing suspicion.


The GSM mechanism is powered separately from the normal untouched functionality of the Calculator and has the capacity to provide approx 7 days of standby and call time per charge.  Standby time equals the time when the device is actively switched ON but not receiving a call to listen in.  When calling the Calculator, this is classed as 'talk time' and will inevitably reduce the overall battery performance meaning that you will get a combination of the two figures depending on how often you call in and for how long.

To recharge the GSM Calculator, connect the supplied magnetic USB cable to the device and the other end to a computer or mains power.  If you do not have a USB mains plug, the option to purchase a genuine Apple USB plug is available from the menu above.


You may wish to record the audio you hear for evidential purposes.  Please consider the iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Call Recorder.  The Smartphone Call Recorder is a separate product and pairs with any smartphone via Bluetooth, so the room environment in which you are listening can be recorded onto the Call Recorder device.  The Call Recorder can also clearly record both sides of a normal mobile phone conversation too.

The iPhone / Smartphone Recorder can be optionally purchased from the menu above.

More Information


The normal functionality of the Calculator is untouched, and is dual powered by solar cells and L1131 button cells as per the supplied user Guide.


An internal 550 mAh battery is rechargeable by connecting the Calculator to a computer or, mains power will provide up to 7 days of standby and 7 hours of listening time.  Standby time means the device is switched ON and available over that duration to call in from a smartphone.  Each time you call the device, this is classed as 'talk time' and will reduce the overall battery performance meaning that you will get a combination of the two figures dependant on how often you call in and for how long.


Switch ON the GSM mechanism and place the Calculator in the area you wish to monitor audio.  Call the associated fitted SIM card from a smartphone or landline, and your call will automatically open the Calculator's microphone to hear the surrounding area clearly.


No.  Unlike other inferior products, the GSM Calculator provides clear listening.


Yes. This security feature can be enabled or disabled by sending a coded SMS message from your smartphone.  When enabled, the Calculator's microphone will actively monitor the room environment for sound levels above 50 dB, and notify your smartphone that sound has been detected.  This feature is ideal for activating when you are absent and wish to be notified should somebody enter your room etc.

Please note enabling the sound detection feature will consume more battery performance due to the Calculator's microphone constantly monitoring audio levels and will reduce the overall standby time.


Only 2G SIM cards can be used with this product, which does not make it suitable for the USA market or other countries that do not use 2G.


Optionally, the iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Phone Recorder can be used in conjunction with the GSM Calculator to allow you to record what you hear on your smartphone.  The Call Recorder product uses Bluetooth to pair with your smartphone so the room environment can be recorded onto the device.  The Call Recorder is preliminarily designed to record and store both sides of a mobile phone conversation.

For further details, please navigate to the Smartphone Call Recorder found under Audio Surveillance ---> Call Recording.

The iPhone / Smartphone Mobile Phone Recorder can optionally be purchased from the menu above.

Technical Info
  • Functional Calculator with GSM audio listening
  • Professionally hand-built
  • Call the device from a smartphone or landline
  • Clear microphone with adjustable sound sensitivity level
  • 20-25 feet audio pick up
  • No LED's, beeps or moving parts
  • Internal rechargeable battery (550 mAh)
  • Recharge from a computer or mains power
  • 7 days standby time
  • 7 hours listening call time
  • Subtle ON / OFF button
  • Quad-band GSM modem for worldwide use
  • Operates on the GSM networks - 900 / 1800 / 1900 / 1950 MHz
  • Dimensions - 145 (L) x 100 (W) x 25 H) mm
  • Optional Smartphone Call Recorder
  • Supplied with GSM Calculator Audio Listening, Magnetic USB cable, pin tack, screwdriver, pre-fitted SIM card and User Guide
  • Ideal for home/office remote audio monitoring while you are absent


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