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Need to record mobile phone calls on the move or at a moment's notice?  Slip the world's smallest iPhone call recorder into your pocket for the perfect travel accessory.  Simply plug it into the jack socket of your smartphone to start recording both sides of the call instantly.  This amazing little recording device offers a huge 144 hours of storage, exceptional audio clarity and can even be used as a small hidden voice recorder. 

World's Smallest iPhone / Smartphone Call Recorder; with Voice Activated Recording

This is a very small mobile phone recording device which simply plugs into the 3.5 mm jack socket of your iPhone, Blackberry or other Smartphone to record both sides of your telephone call.  The call will be recorded to the devices flash memory with exceptional audio clarity.  For versatility, telephone calls can be recorded on the fly and at any time and even during the call too!


In addition to being a superb little call recorder, the device can be used as a voice activated digital voice recorder and can be placed within a room or vehicle to record the environment.  The high sensitive microphone is capable of recording audio approx 25 feet away from where the device is placed. Audio files are created in MP3 format @ 64 KBPS audio quality.

Recordings can be played back directly on the device by using the supplied remote controller and earphones or by connection (via supplied USB cable) to your Windows or Mac computer. The device uses an in-built fully rechargeable lithium battery which supports 20 hours of telephone or voice recording (per charge) and a four (4) GB flash memory capacity - enough to store a total of 144 hours of recordable audio.


Without the appropriate audio evidence you simply cannot provide evidence.


How many times have you heard something that was said during a telephone call or made an agreement which you can not prove?  How frustrating is it when you know the other person agreed on something but is now denying?

Whatever your reasons may be, recording your own smartphone and iPhone calls is legal and should be used as a way of providing vital audio evidence to protect your integrity.

The device measures just 28 x 7 x 69 mm - small enough that it can be carried in your pocket or permanently plugged into your mobile phone. This unit works straight out of the box.  There is no technical skill required, no setup and no configuration.

Please Note: This product is not compatible with iPhone 7 due to having no jack socket.

More Information
I'm not very technical.  Do I need to set anything up?

No.  The device uses Plug & Play technology - simply plug the device into the 3.5 mm jack socket of your iPhone, Blackberry or other Smartphone and its ready to record when you flick the switch.

Will it look or feel 'odd' connected to my handset?

No.  The device is incredibly small but also has a rotatable connector so can be plugged to the front or back of your mobile phone - whichever you prefer.  You can either leave it plugged in or simply plug in whenever you need to capture the mobile phone call.

Does it record both incoming AND outgoing mobile phone calls?


Are there any beeps or noises during the mobile call?


Are the mobile phone recordings clear?

Yes.  Calls are recorded in MP3 format @ 64 KBPS.

Can I begin recording when the call is already in progress?

Yes.  Simply slide the ON / OFF recording switch to ON and the rest of the call will be recorded.

I'm being verbally threatened but Im not receiving help and don't know where to turn?

Audio evidence can be used by Police as a valuable aid to act upon.  If you are being bullied, threatened or intimidated over the telephone and have audio proof then the evidence can be acted upon.

Can I use it as a standalone voice recorder too?

Yes.  As the device is very small it can be placed within the target location to record audio.  This device uses a voice activation feature so only the relevant audio is recorded - meaning you do not have to trawl through hours of silent recording.

Do the recordings have a time and date stamp?


How many hours of mobile phone calls will the recorder store?

The four (4) GB memory capacity is enough to store 144 hours of recordable calls before they require offloading to your computer to free memory space.

How do I play back the recorded mobile phone calls?

This can be done directly on the device by using the supplied remote controller and earphones or simply connect the device to your Windows or Mac computer via the supplied USB cable.

Can I play back the telephone recordings on my Apple Mac?

Yes.  The unit is designed for connection to both Windows or Mac computer.

Is it legal to record telephone calls?

Yes.  You may record your own telephone calls whether that is for personal use or business use - but you may not install or use such a device or any other telephone recording hardware / software on a telephone or telephone line that does not belong to you or that you have not being given permission from the owner.

Technical Info
  • Worlds smallest mobile phone recorder
  • Compatible with iPhone, Blackberry and other Smartphones with a 3.5 mm MIC jack socket
  • Small and portable
  • Records both incoming / outgoing calls
  • No setup required
  • Plug & Play technology
  • Rotatable connector to fit any jack socket position
  • ON / OFF recording switch
  • Can be used as a standalone digital voice recorder
  • Voice activation feature
  • Recording distance - approx 25 feet
  • File search - previous / next / intro scan
  • Recording format - MP3 / 64 KBPS
  • Charging time - approx 2.5 hours
  • Fully rechargeable lithium battery
  • Battery life - approx 20 hours recording / 18 hours play back (per charge)
  • Battery indicator - LED display
  • Storage capacity - 144 hours
  • USB 2.0 high speed
  • Dimensions - 28 x 7 x 69 mm
  • Weight - 25 grams
  • Operating system - Windows 2000 / XP / Vista / Windows 7 / Max OS X
  • Supplied with iPhone / smartphone call recorder, USB cable, remote controller, earphones and User Guide
  • Ideal for gathering audio evidence of your mobile phone calls for prosperity

Please Note: This unit does not provide a time / date of telephone recording/s.

Please Note: iPhone 7 is not compatible due to not having a jack socket.

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