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A solar powered HD outdoor security camera ideal for use in back gardens, farms, car parks and many more environments.  Solar power means you'll never have to buy batteries again, while 42x high powered super low glow LED's produce exceptional night time footage without detection to the human eye - all while cleverly camouflaged.  This HD security cam is the perfect surveillance device and deterrent for long term evidence gathering.


Solar Powered Outdoor HD Camouflaged Camera; with 12 MegaPixel Resolution

Never buy batteries again!  During daylight the SpyPoint Solar HD Hunting Camera absorbs the sun's natural rays to power the camera without batteries and automatically switches to back up battery power to continue working operation during night time.  Deploying the SpyPoint Solar HD Hunting Camera provides substantially longer working times beyond any other outdoor model on the market today.  Confidently leave the device over long periods in safe knowledge that movement activity is being captured for evidence.


The Solar model is equipped with a super 'flash' distance up to 100 feet and has one of the fastest trigger speeds at just 0.07 of a second!  A convenient LCD viewing screen is great for reviewing captured footage and also navigating through the menu to adjust recording modes from motion activated to scheduled recording and vice versa.

Deploy the Solar Camera outside in natural surroundings pointing the camera towards the area of concern.  Its camouflaged design will blend to avoid alerting its presence whilst a curved PIR sensor improves the detection angle and distance of five (5) detection zones.  Photo snapshots are captured in glorious 12 mega pixels and videos are captured in HD 720P resolution for gathering evidence in your absence.


For night time operation the Solar unit is integrated with 42x super low glow LED's (invisible to the human eye) and combined with blur reduction technology provides the best snapshot quality available.

Example of uses:

  • Back gardens
  • Driveways
  • Alleyways
  • Allotments
  • Farms
  • Plant and agricultural
  • Outbuildings
  • Car parks
  • Holiday homes
  • Anti social neighbours
  • Vandalism and theft

The Spypoint Solar HD Hunting Camera can be set to capture photos or video clips when motion is detected or at scheduled intervals you specify via the timer settings throughout the day.  Photos can be time and date stamped for evidence (video clips can not).  The trigger sensitivity can be adjusted ( low, medium, high) and the camera detection range be adjusted between 5 - 80 feet at the press of a button.


The Solar Camera can achieve excellent battery performance powered by just six (6)x AA batteries (not supplied) however, the option to supercharge the working operation by up to three (3) times with the fully rechargeable Battery Pack with Mains Charger.  The Battery Pack is designed for use with this Solar Camera.


The Solar Camera can be used with the FREE online mySPYPOINT account.  For example: easily organise your photos with simple drag and drop into your secure account and automatically organise photos by date and time within the Spypoint calendar.

The mySPYPOINT account safely stores your photos and camera information on its protected servers so you never need to worry about privacy of your data and information.  In addition, you will benefit from a faster support for technical issues.

Please note you will need to use your own SD card or purchase a 16 GB or 32 GB from the menu above.

More Information

What is a solar powered camera?

The camera uses power derived directly from the suns rays.  This means as long as there is sufficient daylight outdoors, the camera will absorb energy to power the camera instead of using batteries.

What happens at night to the power?

When there is no daylight available the camera cannot use solar energy to maintain power and batteries will automatically take over until daylight returns again.  The camera accepts up to six (6)x AA batteries (not supplied) or we can supply a fully rechargeable lithium battery pack (available from the drop down menu above) which provides exceptionally longer power than alkaline batteries.

What does the free online camera management do?

This is an account you open for free to create a private login for your Solar camera so that recorded files can be managed and kept online for safe keeping.  All you do is login to your account from anywhere to view your recorded videos and photos.  Never worry about backups or storage space.

Is the quality of footage just as good at night?

Yes.  Video is recorded in high definition (HD) 720P resolution and picture snapshots are captured in 12 mega-pixels.  The camera uses blur reduction technology to maintain a good black and white focus at night.

There are a lot of LED's - can they be seen at night?

No.  The 42x LED's only emit a super low glow so the camera can see you but extremely difficult for you to notice the camera.  In addition, the operating mechanism of the camera is digital so there are no moving parts.

How difficult is the hunting camera to operate?

The in-built 2" screen display provides access to a simple navigational settings menu from which you can pre-set the camera to work how you want.  Additionally, you can download the free app which makes it super easy to view recorded content.

If I need audio can the camera record sound too?

Yes.  Clear audio can be accompanied on the recorded video footage along with a time and date stamp so you can keep a timeline log of events.

At what distance can the camera detect movement?

Up to 80 feet away during daylight and half that distance at night.  The camera uses a powerful 100 feet invisible flash at night to ensure maximum distance is achieved.

How fast can the camera change from standby to image capture?

At an incredible speed of just 0.07 of a second!  The camera has a wide angled curved PIR motion sensor and detection lens which immediately triggers the camera when movement is detected so it is highly unlikely an animal or person can evade being captured on camera.

What is the overall size of the hunting camera?

The unit has a small footprint of just 175 x 95 x 100 mm.

Where would be the best place to deploy it?

The camera is best suited to being placed / secured in a semi-sheltered environment to blend naturally into outdoor surroundings.

Where is the video and audio stored?

All recorded footage or picture snapshots are stored to a removable SD card (not supplied) up to a maximum of 32 GB.  The recorded contents on the SD card can be viewed directly on the LCD display of the camera or on Windows and Mac computers without any special software.

Will detection just stop when the SD card is at full capacity?

No.  You can select to Loop Record from within the cameras settings menu so that once the SD card is full, the Solar camera will start to overwrite oldest recordings.

Technical Info
  • Solar powered HD outdoor hunting camera
  • Unlimited power during daylight hours
  • Auto switching to battery power at night for super long working time
  • 12 mega pixel images / HD (720P) video resolution
  • In-built 2” configuration screen with zoom & pan functions
  • Fastest 0.07 second trigger speed
  • Time lapse mode adjustable between 30 seconds - one (1) hour
  • Night modes - IR boost, Optimal, & Blur reduction
  • Up to 100 feet flash range
  • 42x super low glow LEDs
  • Colour images by day / black & white by night
  • Date, time, moon phase and temperature (°C/°F) stamp on images
  • Multi shot mode up to six (6) images per detection
  • Continuous recording mode - overwrites oldest files when SD card is full
  • Selectable delay between photo detection
  • Photo first - takes an image before recording video
  • HD 720P video recording from 10 - 90 seconds
  • Requires an SD / SDHC card up to 32 GB (16 GB SD card supplied)
  • Requires six (6)x AA batteries (supplied)
  • Optional lithium rechargeable battery pack (powers up to three (3)x longer than alkaline batteries)
  • Adjustable detection range - 5 - 80 feet
  • One (1)x sensor for a total of five (5) detection zones
  • 40 degree detection angle
  • Automatic IR level adjustment
  • Free online camera management system for viewing recorded activity
  • Operating temperature - -30 - 70 degrees
  • Dimensions - 175 x 95 x 100 mm
  • Supplied with Spypoint Solar outdoor HD hunting camera, mounting bracket, strap and User Guide
  • Ideal for gathering video and image evidence during day & night


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