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A mini GPS tracker with impressive accuracy, instant SMS alerting and full location details - including readable address with postcode, and full colour map straight to your smartphone.  No computer is required, so you can track it live, anywhere for up to 14 days 'on demand'.  This is a fantastic little tracker for vehicles and bikes etc.

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Palm Sized Magnetic SMS Tracking Device; with Location by Street Name & Postcode

The BlackOp SMS Tracker is a mini magnetic tracking device which sends an accurate street level location by text message back to your mobile phone.  Robust and built to last, the BlackOp tracker is a fantastic little waterproof (IPX7 compliant) device with an impressive 60 days standby time and up to 14 days of active 'on demand' tracking.


From your mobile handset you can request the current location of the BlackOp tracker anytime and anywhere.  You can receive either a URL which opens a full colour map on your phone to display the street level, or you can receive a readable street name & postcode.  This is a fantastic way to obtain the trackers live location straight to your phone without the need of a computer!


Small in size but powerful in performance, the BlackOp tracker is fitted with an internal 3'000 mAh fully rechargeable lithium battery which is a decent performance for many consumer needs.


The low battery alert notification can be enabled / disabled anytime and is a really a good feature to use.  Whenever the tracker hits a low battery level of 20% or lower, your mobile phone will be notified by SMS thus giving you ample time to retrieve and recharge the device.


We provide each BlackOp tracker ready to work from opening the packaging with £5.00 credit applied - just switch the tracker ON and begin tracking!


As with all our tracking devices, the BlackOp is a quality built and robust modern 'on demand' unit.  Small in size and big on performance, the internal omni directional GPS antennas minimise its overall size whilst maintaining powerful performance.

The BlackOp tracker requires no technical skill to operate and is ready to work straight out of the box and comes supplied pre-fitted with a standard Pay-As-You-Go SIM card without any subscriptions or contracts.

More Information
How easy is the blackop tracker to use?

Very easy!  There is No computer needed to operate this tracker, and everything is remotely controlled from your Android or iPhone smartphone.  Whenever you wish to know the trackers current location simply send a coded text message to the tracker.  Depending on the code you send will determine if you receive a readable street name & postcode or a URL which opens a full colour map.

Do I have to download any software to read the location?

No.  Just use your mobile phone to send / receive standard messages.

How long do I have to wait for a location to my phone?

This really depends on the performance of the SIM network.  A really good signal and the SMS will be sent back to your phone within approx 20-30 seconds.  A relatively poor SIM network or a lull in signal strength will result in a much slower SMS reply.  If the SIM network and the trackers GSM signals are both at optimised conditions, you will receive back an SMS location almost immediately and with exceptional accurately.

Is the blackop tracking device weatherproof?

Yes. The tracker is compliant to IPX7 level which means it can withstand harsh weather conditions and accidental drop in water levels to one (1) meter for approx 30 minutes.

When do I know when to recharge the blackop tracker?

Each time you request the tracker location the SMS message will display the current battery level, however, you can also activate the Low Battery notification so you are informed whenever the battery level drops to 20% or lower.  At this stage you know its time to obtain the tracker and recharge it again.

Is the blackop tracker magnetic?

Yes.  The underside of the tracking device is strongly magnetic for convenient deployment to metal areas of your vehicle, trailer, motorbike, caravan etc.  It can also be deployed inside due to its small dimensions rather than outside.Can I attach to a smaller vehicle?

How much are the running costs to use the blackop tracker?

Each time you send a text message from your Android or iPhone device to the tracker, the SIM network will deduct the cost of an SMS message when it sends back a reply.  This cost is 10p.  As an example: if you request one (1) location every hour for 10 hours it will cost £1.00.  It is highly recommend to use a SIM card which provides lots of text messages, or even unlimited text messages for a low monthly fee - and these can usually be obtained for £10 per month which offers great value.

Can the blackop tracker be used overseas?

Yes.  The modern fitted inside the tracker uses a quad band modem for worldwide operation in any country.  We advise you use a SIM card representative of the country in which the tracker is being used.

Technical Info
  • Mini palm sized GPS tracker with 'on demand' SMS tracking
  • No computer required - only your mobile phone
  • Powerful magnetic base for easy deployment
  • Waterproof compliant to IPX7 level
  • Request the trackers location by sending a coded text message
  • Receive street name and postcode location
  • Receive URL to open full colour street map
  • Excellent battery standby time - up to 60 days
  • 14 days (on average) of active tracking from a single charge
  • Fully rechargeable 3'000 mAh lithium battery
  • No sight of sky required
  • Accuracy - 2.5 meters
  • Quad band GSM modem for worldwide operation
  • Network frequency - 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • GPS channels - 50
  • Internal GPS antenna for a professional design
  • GPS cold start - 27 seconds
  • GPS hot start - one (1) second
  • Working temperature - -10c - +55 C
  • Absolute temperature - -35c - +70 C
  • Storage temperature - -40 - +85 C
  • Dimensions - 90 x 45 x 25 mm
  • Supplied with BlackOp SMS tracker, USB cable, FREE genuine Apple USB plug, SIM card and User Guide
  • Perfect for locating your vehicle or for security and safety of your valuable assets
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