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A live GPS tracking device for all occasions, being waterproof, magnetic and with amazing battery life. Start tracking a vehicle instantly with no software or setup required, and receive instant text message locations straight to your smartphone - no computer is needed.  This heavy duty SMS tracker offers an impressive 12 month standby time, and approx 21 days of active tracking per charge.

Magnetic SMS Tracking Device; with Mobile Phone Street Name & Postcode Display

The Vulcan SMS Tracking Device is a cut above the mustard compared to many similar SMS trackers due to a solid build quality and a powerful magnetic base to really clamp onto your valuable assets.  The Vulcan is also waterproof compliant to IPX7 to withstand abuse from diverse weather conditions.

No computer is needed to operate the Vulcan tracker because you control everything from your mobile phone.  At any time you can instantly receive the trackers real time location straight to your mobile phone as a readable street name or you can request a colour map.

With an impressive battery standby time of approx 365 days or an actively working performance upwards of 21 days (per charge), the Vulcan tracker must be considered standout quality setting the benchmark of SMS tracking devices.


Only your mobile phone (no computer required) can obtain the Vulcan trackers location.  Simply send a coded SMS command from your smartphone and watch as the tracker returns a readable street name and postcode or URL, which opens a colour street level map - its your choice.


Another great function of the Vulcan tracker is its ability to send you a text message notification in the event of being purposely removed from your vehicle or other asset.  In this case, you will know if your vehicle is being tampered with and can make arrangements to get to the scene immediately.


Enable this function from your smartphone and receive a notification when the tracker senses movment.  Ideal for deploying to assets for anti theft purposes.


Although a low battery alert is not a new feature for tracking devices, it is a super handy function to use.  The tracker will send a low battery notification to your mobile phone when the battery level reaches 20% or lower.  This provides ample time to recover the Vulcan tracker and recharge back to full battery performance.

The Vulcan SMS Tracking Device requires no technical skill and is ready to work straight out of the box pre-fitted with a Pay-As-You-Go SIM card without the need of subscriptions or contracts.


To get you off the starting blocks, we've applied £5.00 credit to the SIM card inside the tracker, so you can immediately start obtaining the trackers location directly from your mobile phone - just switch ON and begin instant tracking!


The Vulcan SMS Tracking Device is a superb and robust unit with a modern and solid design.  Internally, the tracker is fitted with an omni directional antenna for super fast acquisition, and a quad band GSM modem for worldwide operation, plus uses the latest chipset technology for powerful performance and effective tracking functionality.

More Information
Is the tracker waterproof?

Yes.  The tracker is compliant to IPX7 which will withstand weather conditions and accidental water submersing to one (1) meter for approx 30 minutes.

Where are the tracker magnets?

The entire under base of the tracker is magnetic for easy deployment to your assets including: vehicle, caravan, boat, trailer, motorbike etc.

Is the vulcan tracker of small size?

Its of medium size for a tracking device measuring just 120 x 60 x 30 mm and will sit nicely on the palm of your hand.

So, I don't even need a computer?

Thats correct.  No computer is needed.  The tracker is remotely controlled from your mobile phone for changing any settings, receiving notifications, listening into the trackers surrounding environment and obtaining real time location.

What about a WiFi connection, does my mobile phone need an internet connection?

No.  Your mobile phone only requires the ability to send and receive SMS messages.

How long does the battery last before I need to recharge the vulcan tracker?

Battery really depends on many factors including how many times you request the trackers location because this is when the most battery juice is used.  On average you can expect approx 365 days standby time or approx three (3) weeks of active use before a recharge is required.

How much does it cost for each location?

Each time you request the vulcans location the cost of an SMS message (approx 10p) is deducted from the top up credit.  Depending on how much you use the tracker, and to get the best value, we recommend fitting a SIM card which offers lots of text messages, or unlimited text messages for a fixed monthly fee.

How do I receive the trackers location?

From your mobile phone send a coded text message to the associated SIM card inside the tracker.  Depending on the code will return either a URL which opens a colour street map or a readable street name and postcode.

Can I take the vulcan tracker overseas?

Yes.  The tracker is fitted with a quad band GSM modem which means any network SIM card can be fitted for use in any country worldwide.

Technical Info
  • GPS vulcan tracking device with SMS location
  • Powerful magnetic base for easy deployment
  • Waterproof compliant to IPX7 level
  • Request the trackers location by sending a coded SMS message
  • Receive street name & postcode AND receive colour street map
  • Real-time locations sent directly to your mobile phone
  • Full control by text message - no computer needed
  • Long battery standby time - approx 365 days
  • 21 days+ active tracking from a single charge
  • Fully rechargeable 5'200 mAh lithium battery
  • No sight of sky required
  • Accuracy - 2.5 meters
  • Quad band GSM modem for worldwide operation
  • Network frequency - 800 / 900 / 1800 / 1900 MHz
  • GPS channels - 50
  • Internal GPS antenna for a tidy design
  • GPS cold start - 27 seconds
  • GPS hot start - one (1) second
  • Working temperature - -10c - +55 C
  • Absolute temperature - -35c - +70 C
  • Storage temperature - -40 - +85 C
  • Dimensions - 120 x 60 x 30 mm
  • Supplied with vulcan SMS tracking device, USB cable, FREE genuine Apple USB plug, SIM card and User Guide
  • Ideal for monitoring your vehicles or other assets in the event of theft or for security management
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