Pro W10GX Wide Band RF Detector

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Boasting a completely new hardware concept, this professional wide band RF bug detector is guaranteed to get the job done.  With precision transmission location, memory logging and a 20 bar graph LCD display, this effective bug detector will root out all types of wired or wireless covert bugging up to 10 GHz.

Bug Detection to 10.0 GHz; with Precision Transmission Location & Memory Logging

A new addition to our professional TSCM range, and a completely new hardware concept never before been applied to a hand held bug detector.  The Pro W10GX is a stunning wide band customised aircraft aluminium grade detector designed to detect and locate signals from the newest covert audio listening bugs, tracking devices, remote GSM / UHF / VHF / FM audio listening equipment and video transmitters up to 10.0 GHz.


Unrivalled sensitivity and performance from this top end unit ensures pinpoint accuracy and detection for even the most concealed hidden devices, and a new intelligent frequency counter design can now display most digital frequencies including analogue signals up to an unprecedented 6.0 GHz.

A detected signal strength is shown on a 20 element bar-graph, enabling the user to precisely locate the source of any detected signal.  The frequency of the detected signal can then be seen simultaneously and the integrated live scan software displays the detected live signal pattern to help identify the signal type.  This can be particularly useful when searching for very sudden bursts or pulses given from advanced and specialised monitoring equipment.

Additionally, the Pro W10GX features an event memory log which stores all detected signal data including any short burst transmissions, their frequency, duration and signal strength which are shown in an easy-to-read scrolling format.  If required, the user can also switch to a live graph mode where up to one (1) hour of detected signal and frequency data is recorded and plotted on a graph.  These memory functions ensure the user does not miss any detected events and are invaluable for determining exactly what type of signal has being detected.

For a more subtle use, the Pro W10GX offers selectable modes including vibration mode for situations where you cannot acknowledge you have detected the presence of a bug.  Any detected signals can also be listened via the in-built speaker using the audio demodulation feature which is useful when detecting conventional analogue bugging equipment that contain microphones.

The unit is supplied with two (2) antennas - a conventional omni directional antenna for general operational use, and a high gain directional antenna for pinpointing higher frequency signals at a greater distance. Powered by an internal fully rechargeable lithium power pack and international mains charger - this is a highly advanced and extremely sensitive RF device ideal for the protection of meetings, special events, hotel rooms or any other sensitive area / situation.

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Technical Info
  • Professional hand held RF bug detector with 2.5" TFT colour display
  • Brand new top end design and improved performance
  • Wide band detection range from 0 - 10 GHz with colour bar-graph display
  • Machined aircraft grade aluminium enclosure for maximum durability
  • Detects the very latest eavesdropping / bugging transmitting devices including GPS trackers, remote audio listening and hidden video etc
  • Detects both digital & analogue signals
  • Wired & wireless transmission detection
  • Frequency counter 0 - 6.0 GHz for analogue and digital signals
  • Ultra sensitive detection - even at very high frequencies
  • Live scan feature shows live detected signal trace
  • 1000 event memory log records all detected burst signals and frequencies
  • Graph mode plots detected signals / frequencies
  • Four (4) operating modes - silent / vibration / visual / beep
  • Audio demodulation through in-built speaker
  • High gain directional antenna and standard whip antenna
  • Dimensions (without antennas) - xx _ xx _ xx mm
  • Weight - xx grams
  • Supplied with Pro W10GX RF bug detector, semi rigid multi band whip antenna, directional high gain antenna, five (5) V DC charger, with international chargers, smart presentation case and User Guide
  • Ideal for protecting your home / office / vehicle / hotel room and assets from third party interrogation
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