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An invisible earpiece is essential when you need to receive confidential information.  Using Bluetooth technology, a call to your smartphone is automatically directed to an induction loop worn around your neck and under your clothing, which sends an electromagnetic signal to the earpiece.

This allows you to hear the information being transmitted.  You can also quietly converse with the caller, enabling two-way communication.  The set-up process is fast and easy, and information is exchanged with your associate in almost magical, hands-free conditions.


Bluetooth Nano Invisible Earpiece; with Wireless 2-Way Communication

The Invisible Nano Earpiece, a type of hidden Bluetooth earpiece, fits snugly inside your ear canal, close to the eardrum, and remains hidden from view.  This earpiece allows for discreet communication between yourself and a connected caller.  The setup process is straightforward, enabling you to hear your partner and whisper back information hands-free, much like the techniques used by top mentalist magicians, actors, TV presenters, and surveillance operatives for secret communication in public spaces to prevent detection.

Our invisible wireless earbuds utilise Jabra and Plantronics technology to provide excellent sound quality and a stable connection.  You can receive information or engage in two-way communication without distance constraints, all while remaining undetected by those around you.


The Nano Earpiece, a type of micro earpiece, measures just 2 mm and sits deep within the ear canal and completely out of sight.  It requires no battery, no recharging, and no maintenance thanks to induction technology.  The wireless earphone has a specific weight and dimension, functioning like an electromagnetic ball bearing.  An extraction magnet is provided to retrieve this invisible wireless earphone from the ear canal.


Setting up the Nano Invisible Earpiece and Bluetooth Neck Loop is straightforward.

1. Place the Nano Invisible Earpiece inside the ear canal.

2. Slip the Bluetooth Neck Loop over your neck and wear it under your clothing.

3. The Neck Loop uses Bluetooth technology to connect with a smartphone that you carry or place within Bluetooth range (approximately 10 metres).

4. When someone calls your smartphone, you answer by pressing the button on the Neck Loop.  The conversation is routed from the smartphone to the Neck Loop via Bluetooth, which then transmits an electromagnetic signal to the Nano Earpiece.  This signal is converted into audible sound so you can hear the caller.

Note: Ideally, communications between you and the caller should take place in a quiet room rather than a noisy one to ensure good hearing sound quality.  If the environment is too loud, it may be difficult to hear your caller's instructions through these invisible ear buds. 


Modern smartphones typically have Bluetooth functionality and connectivity that can be enabled from the phone settings.  When Bluetooth is enabled, wireless calls can be made and received when paired with Bluetooth audio devices like in-car systems and wireless headsets.

The Nano Invisible Earpiece and Neck Loop use this same method, but they are designed for discreet use in counter-surveillance as a spy earpiece.  For instance, a person may need to receive instructions from a remote source secretly where silent communication is essential.  These hidden earphones for work can help with studying or listening to recordings.

Note: A USB mains plug is not required. The Neck Loop's rechargeable battery is recharged from a computer only for long battery life.

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The Nano Earpiece is extremely tiny, measuring just 2mm, and is precisely weighted to resemble a small ball bearing.  You receive 5-6 of these minuscule earpieces.  You can use one in each ear for improved audio clarity if desired.  The earpiece fits deep inside the ear canal, close to the eardrum, and is invisible to anyone looking into your ear.  To remove the earpiece, you need the supplied extraction magnet.

The Nano Earpiece is ideal for those needing an 'invisible' solution, such as performing mind-reading magic tricks under close scrutiny.


The Nano Earpiece is too small to house a battery.  Instead, it receives acoustic vibrations from the Bluetooth neck loop, which converts magnetic waves into sound in your ear.  There are no batteries, no recharging, and no maintenance required.


The neck loop is worn around the neck and under clothing, out of sight.  It connects to your smartphone via Bluetooth.  When someone calls your smartphone, you answer by pressing the button on the neck loop.  The neck loop is a low-frequency amplifier, transmitting magnetic waves to the Nano Earpiece.  Due to the specific size and weight of the earpiece, you can hear the conversation clearly.


Take care of them, and when removing them from your ear, do so in an uncluttered area to avoid dropping them.  Nano earpieces are not easily replaceable, so we provide 5-6.


All modern smartphones come with Bluetooth functionality.


Yes.  The connection trio is Smartphone -> Bluetooth Neck Loop -> Nano Earpiece.  It is recommended to keep your smartphone in a pocket, although it can be anywhere within the Bluetooth range of the neck loop (approximately 10 metres).


No.  Only one live connection is possible at a time.


A fully charged neck loop has approximately 3-4 hours of standby time and around 2-3 hours of operational working time before recharging.  It can be recharged via a computer only; a USB mains plug is not required.


  • Size-wise, the Micro earpiece is 7 x 7 x 6 mm, while the Nano is just 2 mm.  This means you can pop the Micro comfortably in your ear without worrying about going further into the ear canal like the Nano.
  • The Micro earpiece is professionally handmade in flesh and black colours, with a tiny speaker inside.  The Nano, on the other hand, is precision-made and uses sound vibrations.
  • The Micro earpiece runs on an easy-to-find, non-rechargeable AGO 1.5 V battery (we give you 10).  Each battery will last for approx. 2 hours, while the Nano doesn't need any batteries at all.
  • Thanks to its slightly larger size and built-in speaker, the Micro gives you a louder, clearer sound than the Nano.  The Nano is perfect for super-secret missions, as it sits right inside your ear canal, completely hidden.  But it works best in quiet places.

The Micro is better suited for less hush-hush situations than the Nano.  It's small enough to be comfy and not obvious, but you can still hear clearly.  Plus, you can choose black or flesh colours to best suit your skin tone.

Technical Info
  • Incredibly small Nano earpiece with Bluetooth induction neck loop
  • Specially weighted and dimensioned earpiece
  • Acoustic vibrations from the Bluetooth neck loop convert into audible sound through the earpiece
  • Size - 2 mm
  • Easy setup procedure
  • Bluetooth neck loop based on Jabra and Plantronics technology
  • Receive instructions from an accomplice
  • The built-in neck loop microphone allows you to speak back to your accomplice
  • Neck loop standby time - 10 hours
  • Neck loop operation time - 3-4 hours
  • Supplied with Nano Invisible Earpieces, Bluetooth induction neck loop, USB cable, neodymium magnet and User Guide
  • Ideal for investigators, lecturers, magicians, TV presenters and person/s with the need to conduct remote communications


Customer Reviews

It is much better than another seller.
Review by Customer # 00001151X
Just tried this new earpiece and it is much better than another seller. There was a small issue that was resolved swiftly and quickly. I honestly appreciate it.
Earpiece Brilliant
Review by QM
I bought this earpiece, and it was amazing. Totally worth the price.
No problems, thank you
Review by Customer # 00001136X
I received the Bluetooth Invisible Earpiece Nano this morning. Thanks very much for all your help, going above and beyond, it's much appreciated.
First class service!
Review by Customer # 000001125X
I appreciate it, and thank you for the first-class service!
Thank you for the amazing product.
Review by Customer # 00000885X
I just received my earpiece today and have to say thank you for the amazing product. It works very well and setup was easy, the instructions were so clear a 5 year old can understand them. I’m more than satisfied with my purchase.
Great product.
Review by Customer 00000820X
Great product and customer service on the phone.
Great discreet piece of equipment
Review by Sandra
This is a great piece of equipment. The earpiece is not visible at all. Instructions are easy to follow but it's important you practice a few times before use. Also, check the batteries you use in the earpiece, some battery brands seem to cause a vibration.
Very very small
Review by Michael H
Really nice and hadn't realised just how small the earpieces are. Good quality.
Perfect device
Review by Dima
Used a several times. Always helped.

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