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The Tracker Prime is a small tracking device that lets you watch LIVE street-by-street turns on a smartphone/tablet/computer with fast 5-second updates.  The tracker works out of the box throughout the UK, the EU, and most worldwide countries.  The tracker can operate for 7-10 days (per charge), and the in-built motion sensor conserves battery usage even further when the device is stationary.  Your secure tracking console includes motion and geofence alerts and viewing/downloading full journey routes with a time and date.  Elderly persons and lone workers can press the SOS/Panic button to alert family members/colleagues when in trouble.  For fast deployment to metal surfaces, consider the optional magnetic case.


Global Tracking Device; with LIVE 5-Second Updates and Optional Magnetic Case

The Tracker Prime is a palm-sized, weather-proof tracking device that updates its LIVE location as fast as every 5 seconds.  From a smartphone, tablet or computer, you can view real-time street-by-street turns, the speed, start/stop durations, all logged by a time and date.  The tracker has multiple uses, including people tracking, vehicle, machinery, leaflet and parcel tracking.  And to extend its capability even further, an optional magnetic case provides fast deployment to metal surfaces.


Available to download from the Apple | Google Play Store, the smartphone app and separate web tracking console are stunning and well-designed to display live street-by-street tracking with updates as fast as every 5 seconds, plus a raft of convenient, user-friendly features to please the basic user to the savviest user.

View detailed street-by-street routes showing the speed, when the tracker moved, where it had stopped and the duration.  Full tracking reports can be downloaded in Excel, Word, and PDF formats for viewing/printing as evidence.


The device is ready to track straight out of the box.  No setup is required, and you can track the tracker en route from our premises to your door.  The Prime Live Tracker will operate throughout the UK, the EU, and most worldwide countries.

You can use the device in any country we have a roaming agreement with on our SIM cards at no extra cost*

*Fair usage policy applies


The tracker can notify you should it detect movement after being stationary.  You can set a notification through the app or tracking console to alert you by any of the following methods.

  • Push notifications through the app.  The most popular method of receiving instant alerts without any costs.
  • SMS notifications.  If you set this method, an SMS credit will be deducted from your 30x SMS allowance per month.
  • Email notification.  Another popular method of receiving instant alerts without any costs.


You can set an invisible zone from your tracking control panel to receive a push notification, SMS, or email when the tracker enters or leaves an area.  You can add, edit, and delete invisible zones and set as many as required.


When this feature is enabled, by pressing the panic button for 5 seconds, the device will inform the tracking console with an audio/visual alert message, indicating that the panic button has been pressed, and full location updates will display.  Simultaneously, a push notification, an email or an SMS will notify you that the panic button has been activated, providing you with the full location.


To maximise the battery performance, the Live Prime Tracker will automatically go into a deep sleep when stationary (not moving), thus conserving battery usage.  The in-built motion sensor will instantly wake the tracker upon movement, for example, a person getting in the vehicle.  This automated battery-saving cycle will maximise the time needed to recharge the device.

See the ‘More Information’ tab for further details.

Based on 3x 40-minute trips per day, the battery decreased approx. 15% each day.  Our location for each journey was updated on the smartphone app every 30 seconds and with incredible accuracy, recording every street turn we made.


Your tracking console always displays the current battery level of the Prime Live Tracker.  You can enable a battery level percentage; for example, if the battery drops below 20%, you can be notified by push notification, email or SMS.

Live Prime is a super little tracking device at an affordable cost, with a multitude of applicational uses, including children and elderly safety and welfare tracking, VIP tracking, surveillance tracking operations, monitoring company and rental vehicles, plant machinery, trailers, containers, general home vehicle and other valuable assets for insurance purposes.

Note: Most tracking platforms will charge additional costs depending on the speed updates of the tracker.  Our LIVE Prime Tracker has no speed restrictions and can refresh at blazingly fast 5-second updates at no additional costs.  We offer both 6-month and 12-month unlimited tracking from the drop-down menu.

More Information



A small, palm-sized tracking device that can be used for multiple purposes, including people tracking, lone workers, car, motorbike, lorries, caravans, speedboats, houseboats, valuable parcels, company vehicles - just about anything!

Carry the Tracker Prime in a bag or pocket to help family members locate and track your position at any time.  If you are in trouble or feel lost or vulnerable, press the SOS button to send an instant smartphone notification to your chosen contacts, who can immediately locate your position.  Reduce personal car and other valuable asset theft by having Tracker Prime notify your smartphone if the vehicle moves off your drive or road.  Maybe you are going away and want peace of mind knowing the moment your car or other asset moves in the night - you will be in the know.

Businesses can monitor their company vehicles, knowing every street turn by turn - where their vehicles should and shouldn't be.  You can set a geo-fence around any geographical map area to alert you when the vehicle enters or leaves.  You can view all journey routes through the tracking console, download full history routes in an easily readable format, and even visually play back any journey route for both business and personal users.


Yes.  Your tracker is up and running straight away.  There are no messy setups, no SIM cards to buy, no top-ups or vouchers at the newsagents etc.  The tracker is pre-fitted with a multi-data roaming SIM card that automatically hops onto the strongest GSM signal for any specific area to ensure the best possible network coverage.

For example, if tracking in the UK, the tracker will use the EE network for certain areas, then hop onto the Vodafone network for other areas, then hop onto the 02 networks and so forth.  If your tracker crosses into an EU country, for example, France, the tracker will jump onto the Orange, SFR, Bouygues Telecom, and Free networks to ensure strong coverage.

Your pre-paid tracking includes unlimited tracking throughout the UK, the EU and other countries.  If you reside outside the EU, please get in touch with us to double-check that the tracker will work in your country.

*Fair usage policy applies.


Yes.  The tracking console has a unique Username for your tracker; then add a password to protect against unauthorised access.  Please note for your privacy, we do not keep a record of Usernames and do not have any way to access password-protected tracking consoles.  Do not forget or lose the details required to log in.


You can add a notification method through the tracking console of how you would like to be alerted if your tracker detects movement.  Separately to the live tracking updates, should anybody tamper with your asset, the tracker will notify you depending on how you set it to alert you.

  • Push notifications through the app.  This is the most popular method of receiving instant alerts without any costs.
  • SMS notifications.  If you set this method, an SMS credit will be deducted from your 30x SMS allowance per month.
  • Email notification.  Another popular method of receiving instant alerts without any costs.


Geo-fences are pre-determined zones that, once crossed in or out, you can get alerts by smartphone push notification, SMS or email for that crossing.  You can define in the fence settings who would get these alerts.  The Geo-fences you create are tied to your account and not your device, so you can link and unlink the Geo-fences as often as you would like to start and stop receiving alerts when your tracker enters or exits a Geo-fence.


The magnetic case is optional - if you wish to attach the tracker to metal surfaces, for example, the underside of your vehicle.  A magnetic case does not need to be purchased if you intend to carry the tracker for personal safety, for tracking small packages, etc.


It is IPX5 compliant, which can resist continuous water sustained by a low-pressure jet spray and can brush off the harshest weather conditions.


Yes.  Your tracking console has an in-built time and date calendar to navigate and find the tracker's previous journeys.  Each route can be downloaded in Excel, Word, and PDF format, and shows street-by-street turns, start and stop locations, the duration, and of course, the time and date for evidential purposes.


Connect the tracker to a mains power via the supplied USB cable.  A red battery LED indicator will flash on the tracker while charging and turn solid red when fully charged.  The tracking console also indicates the charging status.


The tracker is fitted with a 2’600 mAh battery and will vary in performance with an average of 7-10 days depending on the frequency of your tracking, device movements and the various settings.  For example, tracking every 5 seconds on an eight-hour journey will make the tracker work much harder than tracking every 60 seconds on a two-hour journey.


You can view the battery level on the tracking console or mobile apps.  The console automatically updates the battery level reading every time a position is updated on the console.  You will also receive a low battery warning via email, SMS and/or push notification (if these have been set up) once the charge drops past your custom threshold, e.g. 20%.


You will receive 30x SMS credits per tracker per month with the quantity shown in your tracking console.  Every command you send to the tracker from the console that replies to your smartphone will deduct one of your monthly SMS credits - but email and push notifications are unlimited.  If you run out of SMS credits, we can occasionally top them up free of charge.  However, if this is likely to become a frequent occurrence, speak to us about payment options for an increase in your SMS credit allowance.


Yes.  There are no restrictions on how many screens can be logged in at any time, and you can view as many trackers as you like on the tracking console (as long as you own them, of course!).  There is also an advanced view, which allows you to see an overview of all tracker locations on the same screen.


Any GPS tracking device has its limitations.  For example, if you are inside a room with no windows and a solid concrete or lead roof, the chances of obtaining a valid GPS position are very low.  The trackers, however, have very sensitive GPS receivers, which help the devices obtain a fix very quickly.  The device will generally perform to a very high standard and work in many buildings.


When the panic button is held down for 5 seconds, the following will happen:

1. The tracker will inform the tracking console with an audio/visual alert message, indicating that the panic button has been activated and giving full location details.

2. You can receive an email or SMS informing you that the panic button has been activated and giving you full location details.  To activate this feature, you must enter your email address or mobile number in the Settings section on the tracking console. (please use country code, i.e. +447xxx xxxxxx).

3. Your smartphone can receive a push notification, alerting you of the above.  You will need to set this feature up first, using the settings cog symbol visible at the top right when you initially log in to the app.

Technical Info
  • A small, high-performance tracking device that works straight out of the box
  • Shows the full street address, with blazingly fast 5-second LIVE updates
  • Worldwide network SIM automatically hops onto the best GSM coverage in the area
  • Global 4G LTE CAT 1 provides accurate street-level tracking throughout the UK, EU, and most worldwide countries
  • Smartphone app for iOS and Android
  • Desktop tracking console
  • Set a motion notification to alert you when the tracker detects movement
  • Set an invisible fence (geofencing) to notify you if the tracker enters or leaves an area 
  • Send other commands to the tracker, e.g., change tracking updates and reboot the device etc
  • No sight of sky required (after initial GPS signals are attained)
  • Built-in motion sensor preserves battery by sleeping the tracker when there is no movement
  • Internal memory stores the tracker locations when GPRS is lost - then maps the route/s onto the tracking platform
  • Press the SOS/Panic button to instantly send an email, SMS, or push notification to family/colleagues
  • Operates on the latest GPS and GLONASS technology
  • 7 -10 days battery performance from a single charge (dependent upon live tracking updates and movements
  • Live battery level indicator
  • Live GPS signal indicator
  • Live tracker status indicator
  • Live speed indicator
  • Live direction of travel
  • Time and date
  • Switch between map view and street view
  • In-built calendar for easy navigation to history reports
  • Playback journey routes
  • View/download evidential journey reports in Excel, Word and PDF
  • View multiple trackers on the same screen or select each tracker to view
  • Alert history - shows all the alerts that have been sent out from the tracker
  • Rechargeable 2'600 mAh Li-Polymer battery
  • Charging time - approx. 4x hours
  • Charging process - mains power
  • LED indicators - GPS | Power | Cellular (GSM)
  • Motion detection - based on an internal 3-axis accelerometer
  • LTE Operating bands - Cat M1: LTE FDD: B1 | B2 | B3 | B4 | B5 | B8 | B12 | B13 | B18 | B19 | B20 | B25 | B26 | B27 | B28 | B66 | B85Cat NB2: LTE FDD: B1 | B2 | B3 | B4 | B5 | B8 | B12 | B13 | B18 | B19 | B20 | B25 | B26 |B27 | B28 | B66 | B71 | B85
  • LTE data transmission - eMTC (DL) 588 Kbps | eMTC (UL) 1119 Kbps | NB2 (DL) 127 Kbps | NB2 (UL) 158.5 Kbps | NB1 (DL) 32 Kbps | NB1 (UL) 70 Kbps
  • EGPRS Frequency - 850 | 900 | 1800 | 1900 MHz
  • EGPRS data transmission - EDGE: (DL) 296 Kbps, (UL) 236.8 Kbps
  • GNSS type - u-blox All-in-One GNSS receiver
  • Sensitivity - Autonomous: -147 dBm | Hot start: -156 dBm | Reacquisition: -160 dBm | Tracking: -162 dBm
  • Position accuracy - Autonomous: < 2.5m
  • TTFF open sky - Cold start: 27s average | Warm start: 27s average | Hot start: 1s average
  • Water resistance - IPX5 compliant
  • Charging voltage - 3.7 V | 5V DC
  • Operating temperature - -20° to +60° C
  • Dimensions - 75 (L) x 40 (W) x 27 (D) mm
  • Weight - 95 grams
  • Optional magnetic case
  • Supplied with Magnetic Live Prime Tracker, USB cable and User Guide
  • Ideal for vehicle, asset and people tracking, including monitoring car security/theft, plant machinery, holiday home, caravan, trailers, boats etc


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