MiniMag Real-Time Tracking Device

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When compact size meets maximum performance, the Minimag GPS tracker is an excellent choice.  Small in size, magnetic and completely sealed for all weather terrain, this real time tracker is easy to use, and easy to deploy with up to 14 days use per charge.  Full journey route logging, watch street by street movement from a smartphone or computer - and works throughout the UK and Europe as standard.

A Small Magnetic LIVE Tracking Device; with 14 Days Battery Performance

A very popular real time tracker - the MiniMag is a completely sealed magnetic tracker measuring just 70 x 40 x 45 mm and provides an excellent battery performance exceeding 14 days.  The MiniMag Real-Time Tracking Device is a very wise investment for accurate live location tracking anywhere throughout Europe whist maintaining a small and compact design.


The MiniMag GPS tracking device can report its location at anytime through the secure online tracking console.  Fine tune selections allow you to increase the overall battery performance.

  • Two (2) hours driving per day - approx 14 days battery
  • Little movement - up to 80 days battery
  • Reporting a location every four (4) hours - up to 10 months battery

This clever function allows you to completely switch the tracker OFF for any period of time up to 16 hours.  This new feature helps maximise the overall battery performance considerably.


The MiniMag tracker will operate throughout all Europe and UK as standard.  If you need the tracker to operate throughout USA or other countries please contact us prior to purchase.

See every turn and every stop in real time as the MiniMag tracker is moving.  All tracking journeys are recorded for prosperity and / or evidential purposes to your secure tracking console.  This is ideal if you wish to show proof of movements to a client or provide accurate location movements in the event of theft etc.  Furthermore, using the Geo fencing feature on your secure tracking console - you can be alerted by SMS message to your mobile phone the moment your vehicle moves away or enters an area you know it shouldn't.

The MiniMag Real-Time Tracking Devcie is a powerhouse for the most demanding surveillance operations including monitoring employee company vehicles, rental vehicles, plant machinery, trailers and containers, or for monitoring your vehicle or other valuable assets for security and insurance.

Remember, no software installation, and no complicated setups or other silly nonsense procedures.  Just charge and track.


For owners of an iPhone, you can download the FREE App avaialble from the Apple iTunes Store to quickly login to your secure tracking panel and view real time location, and make adjustments with simple touch button commands.


The MiniMag live tracker will work throughout all mainland UK and Europe and is available to purchase as either a Pay-As-You-Go or Unlimited tracking option. For further information on which tracking option is best for you, please read the FAQ page.

More Information
Unlimited tracking or Pay-As-You-Go tracking?

Unlimited tracking is ideal for customers who do not wish to be concerned about topping up and have 24/7 'around the clock' tracking.  P-A-Y-G tracking is the better option for the low user who may use the tracker for a week then put it away for a few days etc.

How much is unlimited tracking?

Unlimited tracking has a one-off cost of £149.00 per year so you can track as much as you like.  This is available from the drop down menu.

Why use Credits with Pay-As-You-Go?  Why not just top up with a network voucher as normal?

Applying PAYG credits is a much more convenient way to top up by removing the hassle of going to the newsagents, buying a voucher, calling the network service top up number and applying the funds.  Credits also removes the doubt of wondering how much balance is remaining - and if you allow your balance to drop to zero no tracker can function.  This is why we use 'Credits' for PAYG as an alternative way to quickly apply balance to your tracking console so you can monitor exactly how many remaining credits you have visually on your tracking console.  Credits also allow the tracker to work throughout UK, Europe and most of the USA.

Can you explain Position Credits?

For PAYG tracking, your console will display how many Position Credits you have.  A position credit is automatically deducted when the vehicle moves off, at intervals along its journey, and when it stops.  For example: 1x position credit is used when the vehicle begins its journey (in order to report its current location), and another position credit is used when the vehicle comes to a stop (to report the last location).  If you have the tracker set to log its position every 10 minutes of any journey then a position credit is used at each 10 minute interval (so you can live track the vehicle on its route).

Can you explain SMS Credits?

Whether you have PAYG or unlimited tracking, your console will display how many SMS Credits you have.  An SMS credit is automatically deducted whenever you instruct the tracker to change its interval times, or if you set an invisible zone around the tracker so it notifies you when it enters or leaves the vicinity.  Anything you instruct the tracker to do by remote changes from your console will use 1x SMS credit.

What are the costs of PAYG tracking?

Tracking usage varies for each customer, so some customers will not use as much as others.  The PAYG costs are:

  • 2'500x position credits - £25.00
  • 100x SMS credits - £12.50 (these are applicable to both unlimited and PAYG)
How long does the battery last (per charge)?

Actual battery performance for each charge really depends on numerous factors including how often the tracker reports to the console to show its live location, and how often the tracker is being used.  To help maximise the tracking capability, the device is fitted with a 5800 mAh lithium battery.  As a rough guide, based on two (2) hours use per day, the tracker can operate for around 14 days before a recharge is required.

What is the flight mode feature?

When this button is pressed from within the console, you can then specify how long you want to turn the tracker OFF for (up to 16 hours).  This is ideal for situations when you know the vehicle will not be moving for a given period of time, and will also save battery performance too.  You can, if you wish, use the flight mode button again and again, to ensure the tracker remains OFF for as long as you wish.  You can, of course, remotely switch the tracker back ON at any time.

How do I operate the GPS tracker?

The tracker directly communicates with your personal tracking console from which you can login and see the trackers exact location from any Windows, Mac, mobile and tablet devices.  Furthermore, iPhone users  can download the free app for super fast login and visual real-time tracking.

Can anybody else login to my console?

No.  Each tracker has its own unique login and you can add your own password for further security.  We do not have access to any customer passwords, therefore, should you forget it, the console has to be reset by the admin and all associated tracking journey history will be deleted in the process.

How small is the tracking device?

The MiniMag tracker is a compact and completely sealed unit with measurements of only 70 x 40 x 45 mm.  The tracker fits nicely on the palm of your hand, where you can easily wrap your fingers around it as an indication of its size.

Is the tracker dust proof & water proof?

Yes.  The tracking device is sealed with a strong rubberised material for a complete watertight design.  In addition, there is no charging port or any other external slots.

Is it possible the tracker can fall off a moving vehicle?

No.  The MiniMag is fitted with two (2) powerful neodymium magnets with a combined pulling force of 40 KG.  It is highly unlikely the tracker can be dislodged unless physically removed.

In this case, how is the tracker recharged?

Forward thinking wireless charging technology.  Simply place the tracker on the mat, and the tracker will automatically begin to recharge.  This is indicated on the tracking console.

Technical Info
  • A miniature sized real-time tracking device
  • Self contained
  • Sealed & waterproof casing
  • Two (2) powerful fitted magnets - 40 KG pulling power
  • Selectable live tracking intervals responsive to 10 seconds
  • Fully rechargeable in-built 5800 mAh lithium battery
  • Battery charging - wireless charging mat
  • Battery charging time - approx seven (7) hours
  • Battery performance - approx 14 days LIVE tracking (per charge)
  • Low battery power consumption
  • Flight mode feature - Switches the tracker ON / OFF for up to 16 hours so you can save battery power when tracking is not needed
  • Latest UBlox chipset technology with high-gain antenna for super fast A-GPS acquisition
  • Integrated motion sensor - provides the tracker with the ability to know when to power down and wake up to conserve valuable battery life
  • Geo fencing - will alert you via SMS message when the vehicle enters or leaves any defined area you specify
  • Full drive reports - email or print off full detailed reports of every journey via the tracking console calendar
  • Standby time - 10 months
  • Battery status indicator - visually see the battery performance level on the console
  • Multiple tracking platforms including Google street view
  • Accurate tracking - 2.5 meters (to street level)
  • Secure tracking console
  • Automatic screen updates - seamless motion integration
  • No sight of sky required
  • Play back any journey visually on the console
  • Worldwide compatibility
  • Dimensions - 70 x 40 x 45 mm
  • Supplied with A-GPS minimag tracking device, mains charger and User Guide
  • For theft management - ideal for monitoring your assets in real-time including your vehicle, plant machinery, holiday caravan, trailers, small packages and large containers
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